14th October 2000 Archive

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  • Bill Clinton freaks out over G3 wireless

    Yikes! America's falling behind

    Media 14 04:20

  • BT's Genie out of action for three days after technical hitch

    Friday 13th wreaks havoc for telco

    Media 14 08:16

  • Sex and the City: More suits sacked for Net porn

    Merrill Lynch kicks out 15 staff

    Media 14 08:16

  • Gateway to stage universe's biggest computer games contest

    Coming to a Country store near you

    Media 14 08:16

  • Police called to evict dotcom staff

    And other financial scare stories

    Business 14 08:38

  • BT denies chairman to stand down

    Sit down, may be, but not stand down

    Business 14 08:38

  • French ‘want Freeserve’

    Wanadoo push banana shake a tree

    Business 14 08:38

  • Oftel to investigate BT over LLU

    That's if anyone can find the complaint

    Media 14 08:38

  • Oftel starts BT investigation

    Phew! Thank God someone found the complaint

    Media 14 08:38

  • UK's e-minister backs Oftel

    Well at least she's said something ...anything

    Media 14 08:38

  • No verdict in Napster trial – yet

    Napster, RIAA wait while judges deliberate

    Media 14 08:38

  • Napster enabled 1.4bn song swaps in September

    That's a lot of potential copyright theft

    Media 14 08:38

  • $1bn prize in dotcom competition

    One in 2.4 billion chance of winning

    Media 14 08:38

  • ISP to prosecute system ‘abusers’

    You've been warned

    Media 14 08:38

  • Bosses gain email snooping rights

    Where's the harm in that?

    Media 14 08:38

  • BMG damns Napster 'they wouldn't co-operate' claim

    Cat fight continues out of court

    Media 14 08:38

  • Dotcom casino execs convicted of $32m Coutts bank fraud

    GalaxiWorld.com gamble doesn't pay off

    Media 14 08:38

  • UUNet goes titsup.com

    The network, dummy, not the e-outfit

    Media 14 08:38

  • UUNet – it lives again

    Oh, some people are just so clever

    Media 14 08:38

  • Carnivore does more than previously thought

    The FBI's been entirely too modest

    Media 14 08:38

  • Pedagogues get wired

    And why not?

    Media 14 08:38

  • ISPA to rule on LineOne

    And swine might defy gravity

    Media 14 08:38

  • OpenTV says 1-Click this!

    Amazon challenged again over its pride and joy

    Media 14 08:38

  • Net used to help poll the world

    Probably ambitious market research plan

    Media 14 08:38

  • New Yorkers found queuing patiently for bubble economy jobs

    But decent staff can't be found

    Business 14 08:38

  • Swedes go elk-hunting on Net

    After a good sauna, of course...

    Media 14 08:38

  • P4 benchmarks – the real thing?

    Could be - they're anodyne enough...

    Channel 14 08:40

  • P4 launch delay a cunning plan?

    Marchitecture, not architecture

    Channel 14 08:40

  • 1.2 Gig Athlon, 800 Meg Duron launch this month

    Christmas present from Chimpzilla

    Channel 14 08:40

  • Fake Durons tip up in Taiwan

    Come and get, me copper

    Channel 14 08:40

  • Chip sales carry on climbing

    Net, wireless drives growth

    Channel 14 08:40

  • P4 launch now set for end of November

    Week commencing November 28, to be precise

    Channel 14 08:40

  • Celeron gets 100MHz FSB in Q1 2001

    And not before bloody time

    Channel 14 08:40

  • 1.4GHz P4 price slashed

    And it hasn't even gone on sale yet

    Channel 14 08:40

  • Athlon 1.2GHz, Duron 800 to ship this month

    Chimpzilla reasserts megahurts leadership

    Channel 14 08:40

  • Napster, RIAA suit opens today

    There may be troubles ahead, but while there's music...

    Media 14 08:43

  • DTI backs Oftel over BT handling

    Nice to know someone does

    Media 14 08:43

  • Virtual Jackie seeks place in Oval Office

    And not just under the table

    Bootnotes 14 08:43

  • Pentium III to get new core

    Pity it's the same one that caused the 1.13GHz recall

    Channel 14 08:43

  • City porn downloaders caught banking

    Black plastic sacks all round...

    Bootnotes 14 08:43

  • A gag to make your Friday

    It's not side-splitting but it is funny

    Letters 14 08:43

  • Best of the Rest more than you could shake a stick at

    Memory, Carla, Swedish whores and mould

    Letters 14 08:43

  • Apple shares slump

    Market cap less than half what it was Thursday

    Mac Channel 14 08:45

  • Hyundai breaks free from US DRAM tariffs

    But what does it all mean?

    Channel 14 08:45

  • Infineon snaps up Ardent

    Puts its towels down in California

    Channel 14 08:45

  • How much am I bid for this training course?

    Going cheap

    Business 14 08:45

  • Disqualified director? No problem, sir

    Powernet operates relaxed recruitment policy

    Business 14 08:45

  • Viglen buys stake in schools Web site

    RM MKII?

    Business 14 08:45

  • Dell blames stingy Europeans for Q3 droopy sales figures

    Might fail to hit full-year 30 per cent growth target

    Business 14 08:45

  • PST launches Net based inventory shifter

    End-of-line goes online

    Business 14 08:45

  • Europe: Intel down, AMD up

    Lies, damned lies and statistics

    Channel 14 08:45

  • VA Linux gets a Life – in Belgium

    Acquisition time

    Business 14 08:45

  • VIA September sales: not so bad

    What will October bring

    Business 14 08:45

  • Logica buys German group for £370 million

    Critical mass

    Business 14 08:45

  • Computacenter scraps Compel offer

    Whither Compel?

    Business 14 08:45

  • Punters shun online auctions after losing e-bid virginity

    Sword of truth

    Media 14 08:47

  • Europe stays schtum on AOL/Time Warner merger ruling

    Appears to be willing to let EMI/Warner merger go ahead after all

    Business 14 08:47

  • EMI/Time Warner withdraw EU merger application

    But they still want to do it

    Business 14 08:47

  • Amazon biz model flawed, says dotcom guru

    Spreading itself too thin

    Media 14 08:47

  • Fresh suitors eye EMI after Warner merger collapses

    Step forward BMG

    Business 14 08:47

  • Palm retakes ground grabbed by Handspring

    Consumer push rebuilds PDA veteran's marketshare

    Business 14 08:49

  • IBM servers get name change

    Es with everything

    Business 14 08:49

  • IBM's Linux-ready ZzzSeries triples big iron bandwidth

    Wake up. It's a mainframe story.

    Business 14 08:49

  • HWRoundup Rare reviews and the Solano-based AX3SPro

    A rich bounty indeed

    Hardware Roundup 14 08:49

  • Microsoft cans open source NTFS threats

    Merkey story with happy ending

    Software 14 08:52

  • Smoke, mirrors and accounting: MS breakup just got harder

    Windows and Office separate? But we can't do that...

    Software 14 08:52

  • MS + Corel = Office for Linux? In your dreams…

    We've seen enough embrace and extends to know better

    Software 14 08:52

  • H1-B visa bill sails through US Senate

    Passed by 96 to one votes

    Business 14 08:52

  • H-1B Visa bill a done deal

    'Take your veto and shove it'

    Media 14 08:52

  • Finance portal questions fall in share price

    'We just can't understand it'

    Business 14 08:52

  • Ex-employee sues MS, claims race and sex bias

    Says young white geeks hire young white geeks, apparently...

    Software 14 08:52

  • HWRoundup Dr Tom rocks out with MP3 trio

    Doctor Doctor, please

    Hardware Roundup 14 08:52

  • IBM in legal-stew over rebranded servers

    David and Goliath battle for tradmark

    Business 14 08:52

  • Sony seeks PlayStation 2 licensees

    States again its interest in Palm's business model

    Business 14 08:52

  • AMD ships Linux 64-bit Hammer x86-64 simulator

    Oh wow, it's SimNow...

    Channel 14 08:52

  • Telecoms top of the patent pops

    And companies get all touchy about their trademarks

    Business 14 08:53

  • Broadband for free: radio kills the digital stars

    The full import of Psion's cunning plan...

    Data Networking 14 08:53

  • Colt goes Dutch in DSL launch

    More than can be said for the UK

    Media 14 08:53

  • Interactive TV boom around the corner

    From couch potato to e-potato

    Media 14 08:53

  • Oftel to investigate cost of Net access in Britain

    Are we all sitting comfortably? Good, then we'll begin

    Data Networking 14 08:53

  • Tories demand BT split

    Telco gets the horn...and the bassoon come to think of it

    Data Networking 14 08:53

  • Scandinavian treated in clinic for SMS addiction

    Text junkie sent 200 messages per day

    Media 14 08:53

  • MS bucks save Linux vendor Corel – but save it for what?

    The devil has all the best bank accounts, and a .NET strategy to support

    Software 14 08:55

  • Gates' stake in MS – 14 per cent and falling

    Only another $60bn of portfolio diversification to go...

    Business 14 08:55

  • MS bids to stretch appeal to mid-2001, documentation to moon

    Only 19 things wrong with Jackson's verdict, apparently...

    Software 14 08:55

  • MS lost the verdict, but it's winning the trial

    The DoJ calls for speed; but friends, it's not happening...

    Software 14 08:55

  • DoJ filing points to MS lawyers in slow motion

    Ah, but will it make any difference?

    Software 14 08:55

  • MS breakup to cost $147bn, $507 a head, say crazies

    Full moon again already? Grief...

    Software 14 08:55

  • MS insists on long appeal, blames DoJ for delays

    But it did do something early - for once

    Software 14 08:55

  • Resellers flock to CNET software

    Boring stuff done well

    Business 14 08:56

  • DRAM dump windfall for Hyundai

    $110 million richer

    Business 14 08:56

  • ATI losses shrink as revenues rise

    Outlook not great, though

    Business 14 08:56

  • Novell wins $2m piracy damages from Korean OEM

    Unauthorised behaviour

    Business 14 08:56

  • Semi-official: AMD European sales jump

    Summertime and the living is easy

    Business 14 08:56

  • Transmeta targets modest IPO price

    But interest remains high

    Business 14 08:56

  • ECS Buys GADC Networks

    £25 million revenues

    Business 14 08:56

  • Dell can't blame poor performance on Euro PC market

    Ze Europeans, zey are buying plenty, says Gartner.

    Business 14 08:56

  • Lawyers query online legal advice

    'scuse us, this could take a while

    Media 14 08:58

  • Beijing shakes fist at ‘cults and feudal superstition’ online

    Fresh Batch of cyberlaws as long as the Great Wall

    Media 14 08:58

  • Car price slash puts JamJar.com in jam

    Non-crazy online prices not being honoured

    Media 14 08:58

  • Royal Mail gets competitive

    Its a dog eat bearbox e-world

    Media 14 08:58

  • Bridget Jones wins cybersquatter fight

    Bad faith the key

    Media 14 08:58

  • Freeserve gets mad with ‘abnormal’ users

    ...and even, if you don't watch out

    Media 14 08:58

  • Pair of Brits on foreign porn charge

    Jamaica? No she did it herself

    Media 14 08:58

  • Fantasy gamer banned in porno row

    And no goblin jokes, OK?

    Media 14 08:58

  • Girly teen site dies after 46 days

    Kibu.com thought $22m would last longer

    Media 14 08:59

  • Non-Spam monster created

    DoubleClick buys opt-in email firm

    Business 14 08:59

  • Domain names set to double to 60m by 2002

    Breeding like rabbits...

    Media 14 08:59

  • Priceline buries two cash cows

    Share price at all year low

    Business 14 08:59

  • Lastminute to start selling by voice recognition

    Reckons it'll do better than WAP

    Business 14 08:59

  • Philips sues World+dog

    Gets legal on their ass

    Channel 14 09:01

  • Citrix president outlines digital vision

    And a plug in portable portal

    Software 14 09:01

  • Broadcom eats Element 14

    From mighty acorns little chips grow

    Channel 14 09:01

  • Micron cashes in on chips

    PCs decline in importance

    Business 14 09:01

  • Citrix walks the ASP walk

    We actually get to see some practical ASP software

    Software 14 09:01

  • Computing to be castrated?

    IT Week poised to inherit crown

    Bootnotes 14 09:02

  • Sony to cultivate digital media start-ups

    VC wing seeks talent for broadband operation

    Business 14 09:02

  • Hi-Grade offers UK journos share options

    Wanna buy into our company? Don't worry about ethics

    Bootnotes 14 09:02

  • Supreme Court saves AOL from users

    Uncommon carrier

    Media 14 09:03

  • Nintendo beats up Pokémon cybersquatters

    Pikachu not to the rescue

    Media 14 09:03

  • Votes for sale online in the US

    Election fever gets a bit silly

    Media 14 09:03

  • Boo! Disgraced retail site back this month

    In the Internet world, failures are king

    Business 14 09:03

  • Napster has huge number of users – shock!

    Market research stats tell us what we already know

    Media 14 09:03

  • Gameplay prelims make you Quake

    And other fun and games

    Business 14 09:04

  • Carly Fiorina: Fortune's most powerful woman

    It's a technological top five

    Business 14 09:04

  • Blimey! Maxtor buys Quantum HDD unit

    Overtakes Seagate

    Business 14 09:04

  • BT's ASP service a success!

    It's got a customer!

    Business 14 09:04

  • AMD chops chips by up to 50 per cent

    ...but when?

    Channel 14 09:06

  • Son of StrongARM to ship next year

    Intel Xscaling the heights

    Channel 14 09:06

  • No layoffs at Apple, Steve Jobs promises troops

    But Mac maker must work harder

    Mac Channel 14 09:07

  • Pentium 4 yields ‘not impressive’

    30 per cent failure rate reported

    Channel 14 09:07

  • Corel pledges .NET applications for Mac

    But will they want them? Er...

    Mac Channel 14 09:07

  • Supreme Court refuses to rule on Sony vs Connectix

    Back to the lower court with you...

    Software 14 09:08

  • Belgians win US encryption standard contest

    Will this make it easier to name 10 famous Belgians?

    Software 14 09:08

  • How old chums cobbled up the MS Corel deal

    And how you control a company without needing voting shares...

    Software 14 09:08

  • IXOS wants to tidy your inbox

    A new sysadmin tool for BOFH to abuse

    Software 14 09:08

  • Will Whistler be a hardware hog?

    Do DLLs overwrite one another in the woods?

    Software 14 09:08

  • Women, sex and the Internet

    This is a real eye-opener

    Letters 14 09:08

  • Europe gets broadband AV network

    Watching telly on the Internet

    Data Networking 14 09:08

  • LLU kimono tied too tight to get a good look

    Reg needs your help

    Data Networking 14 09:08

  • Kingston Comms: how the mighty have fallen

    It's that old unmetered demon come out to play

    Data Networking 14 09:08

  • HWRoundup Dr Tom tests NVidia's detonator drives for Linux

    Plus a storage soiree

    Hardware Roundup 14 09:08

  • Sanyo shows first Symbian Quartz phone

    It's alive!

    Business 14 09:08

  • Cheeky bastard of the Week

    Who ever said the French were arrogant?

    Bootnotes 14 09:09

  • SCi to bash the Boches in Great Escape computer game

    They've found Tom and Dick! Right, we'll have to put everything into Harry

    Business 14 09:09

  • Windows bugs ME – should you upgrade to MS' latest?

    We look at the pros, cons, good points and bad points

    Register Full Coverage 14 09:28