Virtual Jackie seeks place in Oval Office

And not just under the table

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A virtual woman is running for the Whitehouse - not the porn mag, the presidency of the United States of America.

Square-jawed Jackie Strike is conducting her entire electoral campaign from her own soapbox-style Web site answering questions and giving speeches in the hope that voters will "no longer be reduced to voting for the same three or four balding, middle-aged, white politicos".

She's got an opinion on everything from gun control, social security and campaign finance reform to more personal information about her family and upbringing.

Snag is, if Strike's elected she could be in for a rough ride. For it appears she's backed by an outfit called Kiwilogic, which invented the Lingubot - a virtual, interactive assistant which the company claims uses natural language technology to process text and respond to questions in full sentences.

She claims that the reason she's running for president is "because my vision and caring leadership will improve the quality of life for millions of Americans."

Sounds good. Maybe too good.

Anyways, before anyone gets upset at this amusing spoof and says it takes the piss out of democracy and the American way of doing things, just remember one thing.

This is just a virtual woman - Britain had a real one and once she was elected we had a tough job getting her out again. ®

To check out Jackie's manifesto, vote here.

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