Women, sex and the Internet

This is a real eye-opener

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[We ran a story on a survey that claimed one in ten online women had shagged someone they met online. We said nonsense. You begged to differ. We ran a few responses last week, but since then more and more have piled in. Here are some]

Modern woman: from Web to bed

I'd say that the numbers sound about right. I shagged two girls I met on the Internet and I'm not the spry chicken I used to be. So it certainly happens. I haven't been dating for over a year since because of the long hours I work, but I'll definitely be hitting the Internet when I am ready to date.


"Drink too much and drag some poor soul home." Did that one time in New Orleans.

I immediately went to see my Doctor. Course the gal more than likely did the same.


Kieren's reply: I love New Orleans. Grab twenty sets of beads for $5 - if you're lucky that means around 12 sets of breasts. Then go to Cats Meow and check out the Southern belles. Yum

Hermit's reply to Kieren: When I was stationed down there, the best pickup spot was outside the Catholic Church.

Didn't seem to matter which mass either. It's too humid for me now damnit. I have enough crap on my lungs without breathing water (-,

In my limited experience (I'm 22), I know at least 4 people who have had "serious" relationships with people they met online, one chick's guy flying from Wisconsin to NY to see her. Two others got married to people they met online that lived over 500 miles away. And in talking to friends of mine, I know that their friends are doing the same thing. Scary world we live in.


The answer to your "Modern woman: from Web to bed" is Yes.

There are hundreds of moderately good looking slappers out there finding sex on the web. And who gives a fuck how far away they are!

But the pub is a better option. At least then you know they are not a 40yr old balding man sat in a darkened room with no windows masturbating over Razzle in a pool of their own faeces.


Just read your story (Modern woman: from Web to bed), and that struck a chord! A company that I used to work for had two offices, one in Docklands, and the other in Newport Pagnell. It was decided to introduce ICQ as a tool to facilitate communication between everyone in the company. This proved a roaring success, and it didn't take long before one female employee was off shagging ICQ'ers. The other girls in our office caught on pretty quickly. Needless to say none of us blokes got a look in. Bah.


I have actually met my current girlfriend on the Web just over a year ago. We've been using IRC and after chatting for a bit we found that we live close. Nothing has happened on the third date, in fact we just been meeting up as friends for 3 month or so.

There is a lot women out there seeking relationship on the web, the main source of contacts and information being dating sites like udate.co.uk and also ICQ. I spend well over 60 hours per week on the Internet (working for Intel Online Services). When using ICQ I've been constantly getting requests from local females looking for a chat and possibly more.

So, forget about the newsgroups!

Please let me know if my experience could be of any help.


Having read your story , I think the figures are a little conservative perhaps!!

I hate to boast or admit to being a little sad but, in these days of big cities and lonely people, it's a good way of meeting people.

In the past two years, I have chatted to a few women on the Net. Well, I hope they were women (I read another story about that a few years ago) and my studies show that of the women I chatted to, I met 50% in RL (chat mode, sorry!), and of that 50%, I had sex with 50% of those. So that puts the figures nearer 25%.

Now, am I boasting or just someone with a low moral threshold?

Oli Rhys

Yes, I have shagged a woman I first encountered online.

As I suspect is the case in most instances of this phenomenon, we first spoke online, then happened to be going the same place offline, then about 18 months later one of those evenings happened, as they do.

When will they do a survey of how many people shag someone they first meet in the post office?

Newsgroups? You're looking in the wrong place. IRC is where it's all happening.

I personally know three couples who got or are getting married to a partner they met online, and there's a lot of slippy friction going on that doesn't lead to a long term relationship...

Not dabbled myself though - I'm happily married :-)

Colin Wilson

Just to inform you its true from our point of view. We had someone share the place where we worked and lived, he was on the net from 6 till 12 in the evenings on Yahoo Chat just searching for women.

Once he found one, off he went to fulfil his sexual needs. He did this time and time again.

"Are people really using the Internet to find carnal encounters? Sounds a bit dodgy to us. Plus, what's the likelihood of finding someone who lives close enough to do the wild monkey dance with you?"

Answer: They don't have to be close. We live in Folkestone, he's travelled to Peterborough, Devon and even Florida too (sorry to put it bluntly) just to get sex. That's all he uses it for, and women fall for the lies on the net.

Just thought I'd reply to that, just for your information.

Paul Shearing

Just a quick note to say that I would agree with you that it's all a load of tosh, had it not happened to me last year!

I signed the guestbook on the site belonging to my local nightclub, and a couple of days later there was a reply to my message from this girl. Turns out she lived 5 miles up the road. We started exchanging emails etc. and met up around Christmas time. Come Valentines Day I asked her out and it wasn't long before we were in the sack.

Only lasted three weeks cuz frankly I found her a bit immature, but hey, this cybersex stuff does work!!!

Matt Cockcroft

I know of a bunch of people who have hooked up here in the States over the Web, on IRC mostly. I would not doubt the ten percent figure at all. All the relationships don't last, by any means, but it goes on all the time. And I have seen it dozens of times over the years. One woman I know right now is moving from California to Alabama to be with some one she met on the Net.

Willard Baker Lecroy II

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