5th February 2010 Archive

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  • DoJ objects to (revised) Googlebooks pact

    Um, you didn't fix our problems

    Media 05 01:59

  • iPhone App Store bars mention of Google Android

    You are not rejected. But you can't come in

    Mobile 05 02:03

  • Dear Adobe: It's time for security rehab

    This is an intervention

    Security 05 05:48

  • CloudLinux promises virtual benefits for high rollers

    Red Hat and Ubuntu de-fluffed

    Virtualization 05 06:02

  • NetApp deduping virtual tape in limbo

    Walks away from development

    Storage 05 06:02

  • InPhase succumbs to the darkness

    Holographic light at end of tunnel was an oncoming train

    Storage 05 07:02

  • Defra tenders for sheep tracking database

    We know where ewes live

    Government 05 07:02

  • Cambridge Uni to probe games' impact on kids

    Reading or gaming - which is better for junior?

    Games 05 08:02

  • Apple bans geo loco ads on iPhone, iPad*

    * - may exclude Apple ads

    Phones 05 08:02

  • Inside Microsoft's innovation crisis

    Ideas not a problem

    Software 05 09:02

  • Apple offers hush money for dodgy iMacs

    Happy now?

    Hardware 05 09:25

  • Bruce Almighty drives Coraid AoE plan after $10m investment

    Ten-year startup gets VC funding jolt

    Data Networking 05 09:59

  • Air Marshal: RAF may not have to be disbanded

    It's 'plausible' that slug-balancers will be kept

    Government 05 10:18

  • Miranda Kerr backs Oz porn-surf banker

    Macquarie shows mercy following net campaign

    Bootnotes 05 10:46

  • Baker's dozen for bumper February MS Patch Tuesday

    Get them while they're hot

    Security 05 10:55

  • Nokia's free Ovi Maps scores a download every second

    Finnish firm continues 2010 mojo reclaimation

    Mobile 05 11:18

  • London Sperm Bank whips out its wedding tackle

    Comedy cock-up

    Bootnotes 05 11:19

  • Quantum superclock will be accurate past end of life on Earth

    Huge can of whup-ass opened on erratic caesium tech

    Science 05 11:33

  • MS hits Office 2010 upgrade program button prematurely

    Office 2007 purchasers to get free update from 5 March?

    Applications 05 11:34

  • Stats boss slams Tory use of crime figures

    There's lies, then there's what you said

    Government 05 12:01

  • El Reg space bureau firms up PARIS kit list

    Paper plane project acquires gadgetry

    SPB 05 12:02

  • Fujifilm Finepix Real 3D W1

    First 3D compact digital camera

    Hardware 05 12:02

  • Oracle puts the squeeze on Sun channel

    'The right call'

    Servers 05 12:06

  • Hubble peers closely at Pluto

    Pics reveal ice and molasses

    Science 05 12:13

  • Netbook shipments surge

    Industry-beating growth in 2009

    Hardware 05 12:17

  • Intel pours vPro sauce on latest Core chips

    Promises sysadmins remote viewing power

    Hardware 05 12:28

  • Microsoft to end Live support for old-school Xbox

    Promises big things for Xbox 360 owners instead

    Games 05 12:29

  • Betting sites balance fraudster nab and customer loss

    Tricky job? You bet

    Security 05 12:30

  • Steve Jobs in secret NYT meet

    Cat in hat flashed iPad under the table

    Media 05 12:46

  • Four UK politicians charged for dodgy expenses

    Three MPs and a Lord

    Government 05 12:58

  • ZeuS tracker shrinks takedowns from days to minutes

    Search and destroy

    Security 05 13:01

  • Directgov kids' site apes explosive gay porn brand

    When Buster gonads Worlds collide

    Government 05 13:07

  • Brits take iTablet moniker for 12in iPad rival

    Camera? Check. Multi-tasking? Check. Flash? Check

    Hardware 05 13:14

  • Spooks scour gambling sites in terror finance probe

    Money laundering with a poker face

    Law 05 13:23

  • US gov's emptying of vast Texan helium-tank dome 'wrong'

    Vital for LHC, rockets, airships - and the entire IT biz

    HPC 05 14:10

  • 3G networks appeal for power boost

    Turning it up to eleven

    Broadband 05 14:43

  • Sony to revamp movie classics for 3D era

    Citizen Kane cubed?

    Media 05 14:56

  • Carly Fiorina unleashes 'demon sheep'

    US Senate bid becoming 'increasingly bizarre'

    Bootnotes 05 15:02

  • Tweets are free on 3

    Gossip, gratis

    Broadband 05 15:10

  • US economy sheds 20,000 jobs in January

    IT-related companies cut staff

    Financial News 05 15:24

  • Boom foreseen for LED backlight backers

    Chuck out your CCFLs

    Hardware 05 15:53

  • European Commission pays IDC to take a hard look at HPC

    Acorn RISC United

    HPC 05 15:53

  • Europe moves to curtail US data snooping rights

    Free access to financial data may end

    Government 05 15:56

  • Nokia C6: is the 'C' for Centro?

    New Nokia resembles old Palm

    Phones 05 16:19

  • Lotus Symphony 3 beta goes OOo

    IBM clambers onto Microsoft, Google coattails

    Applications 05 16:20

  • Sci-fi and fantasy authors wade into Amazon spat

    Blasters and enchanted swords at the ready

    Mobile 05 16:30

  • BAE cops to arms-deal violation, pays $400m US fine

    Also £30m in UK over shady Tanzanian radar deal

    Financial News 05 17:14

  • Climategate witchhunt fingers scientist

    Police quiz tests the faith

    Science 05 17:23

  • Vodafone Twitterer takes aim at some beaver

    Tells world he needs something for the weekend

    Bootnotes 05 17:29

  • Mozilla overlooked malware-laced Firefox add-ons

    Feels like the first time. But it's not

    Security 05 18:09

  • Big Blue demos 100GHz chip

    One atom thin

    Hardware 05 19:30

  • Cisco preps data center interconnect

    Switch upgrade for workload shifting

    Data Networking 05 20:40

  • City supe slaps bank for account compromise

    $378,000 Ukraine transfer

    Security 05 21:18

  • Microsoft banner ads vanish from Facebook

    Search only for social network sugardaddy

    Media 05 21:21

  • Google's Nexus One sales still sluggish

    But that's just fine with Mountain View

    Phones 05 21:48

  • Canonical scoops Alfresco man for operations

    Ubuntu execution

    Operating Systems 05 22:04

  • Shuttle Endeavour 'go' for Sunday blastoff

    Tranquility and tweets

    Science 05 23:36