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DoJ objects to (revised) Googlebooks pact

The US Department of Justice is still concerned that Google's $125m book-scanning settlement conflicts with class-action, copyright, and antitrust law, even after Google and American authors and publishers negotiated changes to the pact meant to appease its critics.
Cade Metz, 05 2010

iPhone App Store bars mention of Google Android

Apple has told a tiny mobile software developer that its application cannot be included in the iPhone App Store if it mentions Google Android.
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Dear Adobe: It's time for security rehab

Comment The stories about Adobe software keep coming, and the news hasn't been good. Critical bugs in Reader and Flash have come under real-world, zero-day attacks so many times in the past year that the exploits almost seem routine.
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CloudLinux promises virtual benefits for high rollers

When it comes to the cloud, there's Linux and then there's Linux, and Igor Seletskiy believes he's built a Linux better than the current generation of distros for service providers serving up tens of thousands of sites.

NetApp deduping virtual tape in limbo

Updated with NetApp response NetApp is halting further development of its deduplicating NearStore product following its failed attempt to buy Data Domain. It is walking away from any development of deduplicating nearline storage products.

InPhase succumbs to the darkness

Holographic storage company InPhase Technologies has paid off all its employees but is still looking for a venture capital white knight. The dream still flickers, it's just temporarily out of phase.
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Defra tenders for sheep tracking database

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs will pay £6m over five years for an animal movements reporting service.
Kable, 05 2010

Cambridge Uni to probe games' impact on kids

Some people believe videogames affect a child’s physical and mental behaviour, while others will swear blind that they don’t. Now Cambridge University hopes to discover the truth and has created a department dedicated to studying the messages kids absorb from “cultural sources”.

Apple bans geo loco ads on iPhone, iPad*

Apple has warned developers that they can't use location-based services such as the Core Location framework to deliver ads to iPhone, iPod touch, and - come March - iPad owners based on where they are.
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Inside Microsoft's innovation crisis

The debate on how Microsoft is losing its innovative edge is as perennial and comfortable as how the summers were warmer and drier when you were growing up.
Apple iMac

Apple offers hush money for dodgy iMacs

Apple is offering cash payments to customers still having grief with their 27-inch iMacs, which have been plagued with various screen problems.
DVD it in many colours

Bruce Almighty drives Coraid AoE plan after $10m investment

Comment Meet Coraid. This ten year-old startup has got its first venture capital funding and a new CEO who wants us all to understand that its AoE storage protocol is just terrific.
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Air Marshal: RAF may not have to be disbanded

Yesterday, reporting on the Ministry of Defence green paper issued this week, we referenced a news item in which the UK's top serviceman, Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup, reportedly said it was "plausible" that Britain might in future have just two armed services rather than three.
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Miranda Kerr backs Oz porn-surf banker

Internet users have over the last few days mobilised in support of the Oz banker caught copping an eyeful of shapely local lass MIranda Kerr during a live TV broadcast, amid speculation that Sydney's Macquarie Bank was poised to give him his marching orders:
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Baker's dozen for bumper February MS Patch Tuesday

Microsoft is planning a bumper patch Tuesday, with 13 bulletins that collectively fix 26 difference vulnerabilities.
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Nokia's free Ovi Maps scores a download every second

Nokia is on a roll after its stagnant 2009, with strong quarterly results and rising smartphone share. Now it says its recent decision to make its Ovi Maps navigation service entirely free, in an aggressive shot at Google, has already been fully justified, with downloads hitting over 1.4m in just a couple of weeks.
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London Sperm Bank whips out its wedding tackle

NSFW LogoWatch It's Friday, so as we nip off to the nearest boozer for a few pre-weekend liveners, let's consider raising a hearty pint to the London Sperm Bank whose splendid logo was recently spotted by a Reg reader:
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Quantum superclock will be accurate past end of life on Earth

US government boffins say they have built a clock so precise that it will still be accurate to within one second when life on Earth has ceased.
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MS hits Office 2010 upgrade program button prematurely

Microsoft let slip details about its Office 2010 “technology guarantee” plan yesterday.
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Stats boss slams Tory use of crime figures

The head of the UK Statistics Authority has slammed shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling for misleading use of crime figures.
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El Reg space bureau firms up PARIS kit list

Our Paper Aircraft Released Into Space (PARIS) programme is moving briskly along, and we've now put together an initial kit list for both the main payloads and Vulture 1 vehicle.
Fujifilm Finepix Real 3D W1

Fujifilm Finepix Real 3D W1

Review The world seems to have gone 3D crazy. Crowds are flocking to see the 3D movie Avatar; consumer electronics companies are promising 3DTVs and Blu-ray Disc players, and broadcasters, such as Sky, are set to launch 3DTV services. Fujifilm has also got in on the act with the Finepix Real 3D W1, a camera for the masses that captures that third dimension.

Oracle puts the squeeze on Sun channel

Comment Oracle has come out with a firm message regarding Sun’s sales strategy: it will change.
Dan Olds, 05 2010
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Hubble peers closely at Pluto

NASA has released "the most detailed and dramatic images ever taken of the distant dwarf planet Pluto", captured by the Hubble Space Telescope, which reveal an "icy, mottled, dark molasses-colored world":

Netbook shipments surge

Last year was a good 12 months for netbook makers: together they shipped 30.2 million of the mini laptops.
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Intel pours vPro sauce on latest Core chips

Intel yesterday unveiled a raft of vPro products based on the Core designs it debuted last month, showing the oft overlooked business desktop market a rare bit of love.

Microsoft to end Live support for old-school Xbox

Microsoft has announced it will soon no longer support the original Xbox console on its Live online service.
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Betting sites balance fraudster nab and customer loss

Online gambling sites are fighting ever-sharper fraudsters, forcing them to balance stricter anti-cheat measures against the risk of alienating some of their best customers.
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Steve Jobs in secret NYT meet

Apple boss Steve Jobs had a secret meeting with New York Times' publisher Arthur Sulzberger and other executives to show off the iPad and explain what he thinks it means for publishing.
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Four UK politicians charged for dodgy expenses

The Crown Prosecution Service has informed the Metropolitan Police that it intends to charge four politicians with accounting offences after the investigation into the expenses scandal.
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ZeuS tracker shrinks takedowns from days to minutes

A site dedicated to tracking the infamous ZeuS botnet is celebrating its first birthday.
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Directgov kids' site apes explosive gay porn brand

Updated The homepage of the children’s section of Directgov currently sports an unfortunate banner by the name of Buster’s World, which just so happens to be the name of a gay porn fetish site.
X2 iTablet

Brits take iTablet moniker for 12in iPad rival

Apple may have decided against the appellation 'iTablet' - one of the rumoured names for the product now known as the iPad - but that hasn't stopped UK computer supplier X2 claiming the name for its own.
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Spooks scour gambling sites in terror finance probe

The security services are running 23 ongoing investigations into the exploitation of gambling websites to finance terrorism.

US gov's emptying of vast Texan helium-tank dome 'wrong'

A hefty sci/tech body has said that the USA's current policy of selling off its enormous reserves of helium gas - which it keeps stored in a gigantic subterranean dome reservoir in Texas - is all wrong. This is partly because the plan is cocking up the global helium market, and partly because helium is vital for many activities dear to the hearts of Reg readers.

3G networks appeal for power boost

Ofcom is considering allowing UK's mobile operators to quadruple the power of their 3G transmissions, to improve coverage and maybe roast a few more brain cells.
Bill Ray, 05 2010
Sony 3D

Sony to revamp movie classics for 3D era

Sony is planning to take old movies, convert them into 3D and bung them out on Blu-ray Disc, all in a bid to boost consumer interest in 3D TV technology.
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Carly Fiorina unleashes 'demon sheep'

Former HP supremo Carly Fiorina is not sparing the horses in her bid to become Republican senator for California. Or rather, she's not sparing the sheep, as this subtle attack on rival Tom Campbell proves:
Twitter Bird

Tweets are free on 3

Mobile network 3 has said its customers can Tweet for free for the rest of the month and March too.
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US economy sheds 20,000 jobs in January

Through the magic of a large number of Americans giving up on finding a job and removing themselves from the official calculations, the unemployment rate in the United States dropped by three-tenths of a per cent to 9.7 per cent, even as the economy shed 20,000 jobs in January.

Boom foreseen for LED backlight backers

Quote of the Week “Without a doubt, LED backlights will be the dominant light source in all applications in 2011 — representing a significant business and technology evolution for the entire backlight and panel supply chain.”
server room

European Commission pays IDC to take a hard look at HPC

The European Commission has commissioned IT market researchers and analysts at IDC to work with some of the top European supercomputing labs to rationalize and coordinate the efforts to push into petascale and exascale computing within Europe.
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Europe moves to curtail US data snooping rights

The European Commission has opened a public consultation on whether the US government should continue to get free access to European bank and financial data under the SWIFT agreement.
Nokia C6

Nokia C6: is the 'C' for Centro?

The removal of the Palm Centro from the company's prime website can't have come too soon for Nokia.
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Lotus Symphony 3 beta goes OOo

IBM flung out a second beta of Lotus Symphony 3 yesterday, that brings the free productivity suite closer to Microsoft Office.
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Sci-fi and fantasy authors wade into Amazon spat

The writers' group Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America has cut links to Amazon after the retailer removed, and then reinstated, titles from Macmillan publishing.
Bill Ray, 05 2010
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BAE cops to arms-deal violation, pays $400m US fine

UK-headquartered but nowadays US-centred arms globocorp BAE Systems has confessed to corporate wrongdoing and will pay hefty fines on both sides of the Atlantic.
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Climategate witchhunt fingers scientist

Police have questioned a scientist at the University of East Anglia in connection with the leak of emails from the University's Climatic Research Unit.
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Vodafone Twitterer takes aim at some beaver

Vodafone had a burst of Friday-afternoon fever with a tweet informing the world that its weekend plans involved purely heterosexual attractions.
Bill Ray, 05 2010
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Mozilla overlooked malware-laced Firefox add-ons

Two Firefox add-ons available for months on Mozilla's website infected users with malware that stole passwords and opened a backdoor on Windows machines, the open-source browser maker has confirmed.
Cat 5 cable

Big Blue demos 100GHz chip

Updated IBM reseachers have made a breakthrough in the development of ultra-high-speed transistor design, creating a 100GHz graphene-based wafer-scale device. And that's just for starters.

Cisco preps data center interconnect

Cisco is reportedly prepping a software upgrade for its flagship Nexus 7000 switches designed to ease the movement of loads and virtual machines across multiple data centers.
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City supe slaps bank for account compromise

A supervisor for the town of Poughkeepsie, New York lashed out at a local bank after someone siphoned $378,000 out of municipal coffers and transferred it to Ukraine.
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Microsoft banner ads vanish from Facebook

Microsoft will no longer handle display ads on Facebook, as the companies rejiggered the advertising pact they announced in 2007 when Redmond stuffed $240m into the social-networking site.
Cade Metz, 05 2010

Google's Nexus One sales still sluggish

As Google's Nexus One smartphone celebrates its one-month birthday, word comes that Mountain View has sold a mere 80,000 of the devices.
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Canonical scoops Alfresco man for operations

Open-source evangelist and überblogger Matt Asay has been named as chief operating officer of Canonical, Ubuntu's commercial sponsor.
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Shuttle Endeavour 'go' for Sunday blastoff

NASA's space shuttle Endeavour is ready for a pre-dawn launch this Sunday, carrying a new room and seven-window observation dome to the International Space Station.