8th April 2009 Archive

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  • Nine-inch Asus Eee not doomed after all?

    Firm may sell mini laptops to schools

    Hardware 08 Apr 00:02

  • Acer flaunts first Ion-based nettop

    Smaller than a breadbox

    Hardware 08 Apr 00:16

  • Google animates 'offline' Gmail for iPhone, Android

    Cache machine

    Mobile 08 Apr 00:20

  • Intel chips get new logos, star treatment

    Confusing the masses

    Hardware 08 Apr 00:23

  • Did Sun's total package kill the IBM deal?

    Stop thinking like a Web 2.0 start up

    Financial News 08 Apr 00:34

  • Sun revs VirtualBox to 2.2

    Supports OVF standard, ready for Snow Leopard

    Virtualization 08 Apr 04:02

  • Google pours Java on code cloud

    App Engine freed from Python

    Developer 08 Apr 05:32

  • Tata win Child Maintenance COTS IT deal

    Past disasters ensure deliberate lack of innovation

    The Channel 08 Apr 06:02

  • Fusion-io gets funding infusion

    50 meellion dollars?

    Storage 08 Apr 06:02

  • South Africa punts money into e-MPV maker

    Boost for Joule

    Science 08 Apr 07:02

  • Intel intros 2GHz Atom

    Expect to see it in notebook-not-netbooks shortly

    Hardware 08 Apr 07:07

  • Brando injects storage

    The syringe that thinks it's a Flash drive

    Hardware 08 Apr 07:10

  • BT still struggling to fix Olympic problems

    Thames Water admits hole lotta trouble in Stratford

    Broadband 08 Apr 08:02

  • Nork splash shot snapped by passing satellite

    Orbiting pap pic shows duff commie rocket in flight

    Science 08 Apr 08:48

  • Male chimps strike 'meat for sex' deals

    Sharing food brings reproductory success

    Science 08 Apr 08:59

  • FCO warns over bogus credit crunch relief phishing email

    Fraudsters adapt methods to hard-up times

    Security 08 Apr 09:22

  • 'Mad as hell' news agency declares war on light-fingered sites

    That sounds like fighting talk, AP

    Media 08 Apr 09:28

  • Repeat space tourist Simonyi back on terra firma

    He should think about a timeshare

    Science 08 Apr 09:50

  • Race heats up for Satyam

    Monday could be the day

    The Channel 08 Apr 10:06

  • Acer extends Aspire One netbook line with 11.6in model

    'Pro' version too

    Hardware 08 Apr 10:29

  • Acer touts touchscreen Windows 7 PC

    ...with Blu-ray

    Hardware 08 Apr 10:38

  • Isolated Aussies left really isolated

    Even further from anywhere

    Broadband 08 Apr 10:39

  • Hackers pwn Macca site with banking malware

    Ringo forgotten again

    Security 08 Apr 10:42

  • UK butterfly numbers hit hard

    Wet summers, climate change, loss of habitat...

    Science 08 Apr 10:51

  • Advent AIO-100

    When a netbook's screen is just too darn small...

    Hardware 08 Apr 11:02

  • British film board rejects 'disturbing' sexual torture film

    Is Obscenity Law undermined by extreme porn?

    Media 08 Apr 11:02

  • Hugh Jackman speaks of Wolverine leak heartbreak

    A 'serious crime', thunders thesp

    Bootnotes 08 Apr 11:05

  • Secret European project to battle online jihad

    'Significant' international bid to block extremism

    Government 08 Apr 11:06

  • Sling to offer £25 discount on new Slingbox

    If you own the original model

    Hardware 08 Apr 11:24

  • Wanna upgrade from Windows 7 beta? Go back to Vista first

    Stick-in-the-muds can edit code to swerve unloved OS

    Operating Systems 08 Apr 11:30

  • Microsoft hit with €9m fine over German pricing

    Ve haff vays off making you not talk to each other

    The Channel 08 Apr 11:37

  • Can't get a job? Try plastic surgery

    US unemployed go under the knife in competitive times

    Bootnotes 08 Apr 12:00

  • Nokia Life Tools help Indian farmers get one

    Smart apps for dumb phones

    Mobile 08 Apr 12:01

  • Acer debuts thin and light notebooks for the masses

    Bigger battery life

    Hardware 08 Apr 12:16

  • Prof: Fat ladies don't get to be CEOs, lardy blokes do

    Greasy pole, glass ceiling stymie chubbette biz execs

    Bootnotes 08 Apr 12:38

  • Brown pledges to make Britain's drivers greener

    PM restates UK e-car ambitions

    Science 08 Apr 12:41

  • Sadville besieged by bitey 'spampires'

    Tiresome pyramid spammers bothering avatars

    Bootnotes 08 Apr 13:15

  • Phorm moves beyond privacy - except when slating rivals

    Emotive statements blow City Town Hall wide open

    Broadband 08 Apr 13:20

  • French adhesive workers stick it to Brit boss

    Sacre glue!

    Bootnotes 08 Apr 13:44

  • Wii gamers get arty

    Virtual spray cans developed

    Games 08 Apr 14:02

  • BMW opens up to haptic car doors

    The doors that respond to surrounding dangers

    Science 08 Apr 14:10

  • BT's great hole of Ilford still causing grief

    Olympic-sized problem

    Broadband 08 Apr 14:34

  • SQL Server 2008 SP1 washes ashore

    Batteries Whistles and bells not included

    Applications 08 Apr 14:38

  • MS blames non-Redmond apps for security woes

    Issues are third party and they'll cry if they want to

    Security 08 Apr 14:46

  • Ad watchdog gives thumbs up for female TV orgasms

    Positive ruling on slippery subject

    Bootnotes 08 Apr 15:22

  • DARPA gives Cal Tech boffin $6m 'to save Moore's Law'

    Invulno-chips that can 'self-modify' in microseconds

    Hardware 08 Apr 15:24

  • iPhone's Wi-Fi problems cause heated speculation

    Apple recommends turning back the clock

    Phones 08 Apr 15:27

  • Oops: Microsoft wonk hits Live Messenger red button

    Accidental interwebulator tourist

    Software 08 Apr 15:30

  • Mitsubishi unveils 3D TV line-up

    With just a few drawbacks

    Hardware 08 Apr 15:48

  • Google loses third bigwig in four weeks

    Cassidy exits Chocolate Factory

    Business 08 Apr 17:30

  • Spies hacked US electrical grid, says WSJ

    The Russians, the Chinese, and "others"

    Security 08 Apr 18:00

  • Sun Sparc guru splits for Redmond

    When it rains...

    Business 08 Apr 18:14

  • Intel demos Moorestown, embeds Nehalem

    Software still chasing hardware

    Hardware 08 Apr 19:31

  • Laptop Hunters snare Microsoft on Linux

    Giampolo, how low will you go?

    Hardware 08 Apr 19:57

  • Demand for IT jobs stinks in UK

    Slightly less stinky than other months though!

    Business 08 Apr 20:37

  • Google chief lectures newspapers

    As he destroys them

    Media 08 Apr 21:29

  • Sims creator Will Wright leaves EA

    Prefers Stupid Fun Club

    Games 08 Apr 21:45

  • Intel puts five Xeons on death row

    Nehalem's first casualties

    Hardware 08 Apr 23:22

  • IBM fingered over early Linux mistakes

    Agenda first, kernel second

    Operating Systems 08 Apr 23:34