26th October 2007 Archive

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  • Robo Development Conference in pictures

    Know thy roboenemy

    Science 26 03:07

  • Robot builders hunt for a killer application

    How to sell a robot for pleasure and profit

    Science 26 03:14

  • New strain of Gozi Trojan prowls the net

    Variant of SSL-sniffing malware unleashed in nasty PDF attack

    Security 26 03:18

  • Vonage shuts door on Verizon suit (almost)

    'You might get $120m. You might get less'

    Broadband 26 03:19

  • OCZ buys high-end PC builder

    Hypersonic drive

    Hardware 26 05:04

  • Long lunching Luddites show world how to do IT

    Vive La France!

    Media 26 07:02

  • Scottish poll probe: e-counting gets 'hold off until safe' verdict

    Not to blame, but not a fabulous idea

    Government 26 07:02

  • Court convicts 'million pound' modchip man

    Vows to fight back

    Law 26 07:02

  • Intel opens second 45nm chip plant

    Claims it's greener then the rest

    Hardware 26 08:42

  • IBM grabs London congestion charge deal

    Boots out Capita

    Business 26 08:42

  • Global mobile penetration to reach 75% by 2011

    Asia-Pacific region drives surge

    Mobile 26 08:52

  • European Commission asks for new IP protection layer

    WIPO 'not flexible enough'

    Law 26 08:56

  • Microsoft racks up best quarter since 1999

    You mean someone's actually buying Vista?

    Financial News 26 09:03

  • Going mobile is part of the process

    Because life's not just a bowl of BlackBerries

    Workshop 26 09:13

  • Intel roadmaps next-gen Extreme 'Nehalem' chips

    Chipset details emerge too

    Hardware 26 09:14

  • Government backs down on controversial FOI fees change

    Bows to pressure groups

    Government 26 09:21

  • AMD 'Spider' gaming platform to debut next month

    Phenom plus RD790 plus RV670

    Hardware 26 09:39

  • Oracle snubs BEA on share price

    $21 per share? You're having a laugh

    Financial News 26 09:56

  • Big fines and jail time for MS scammers

    Operation Cyberstorm nabs conspirators

    The Channel 26 09:58

  • Samsung to mass-produce 14in OLED TVs in 2010

    Will Toshiba get there first?

    Hardware 26 10:03

  • Software upgrade KOs gas shipping auction system

    Fax machines running red hot at UK's National Grid

    Management 26 10:16

  • Pol Pot's Merc - yours for £35k

    100,000 miles, one despotic owner

    Bootnotes 26 10:44

  • Ingram Micro Q3 results buoyed by weak dollar

    Worldwide sales leap

    The Channel 26 10:48

  • UK minister pledges policing for Second Life

    Will the cops be imaginary too?

    Government 26 10:51

  • Racist Reg ignores Nigerian helicopter pioneer

    'You disgust me!!!!!!'

    Bootnotes 26 10:55

  • Motorola Razr 2 V8 mobile phone

    Cutting... er... edge

    Phones 26 11:02

  • BOFH: A foray into HR

    It takes six pints to really know a guy

    BOFH 26 11:02

  • Brown promises simultaneous liberty and security

    No mention of egalité or fraternité

    Government 26 11:07

  • Police tackle crime hotspots with scary warning poster

    Denying lay-bys the use of law enforcement

    Law 26 11:17

  • Online sales of stolen gear prompt call to list serial numbers

    eBay must act on crime

    Security 26 11:24

  • California teen offers GPS challenge to speeding rap

    Radar gun mistaken, log shows

    Law 26 11:24

  • A fine week for MS, Intel and Vonage

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    Business 26 12:48

  • Intel and AMD tug of war drags up Q3 chip sales


    The Channel 26 12:55

  • UK.gov plans more active-traffic motorway ANPR cams

    As Big Blue takes over in the Big Smoke

    Government 26 12:58

  • Red Arrows to fly at Olympics, Sun announces

    Tessa Jowell 'determined' to rope in flyboys

    Bootnotes 26 12:59

  • UK mobiles not worth stealing

    Home Office parrots MICAF good news

    Mobile 26 13:46

  • Griffin evolves wireless music

    Cables are history

    Hardware 26 13:53

  • LG switches on latest display

    Small scale, good features

    Hardware 26 14:01

  • The retro arcade controller

    For button tappers everywhere

    Hardware 26 14:10

  • Devon beachcombers can keep Napoli booty

    No plans for prosecutions over salvaged treasure

    Bootnotes 26 14:14

  • British computer society blunders on BCC

    Email gaffe leaves 700 emails out to dry

    Management 26 14:44

  • 3 UK brings VoIP to cheapskates

    Skype handset to launch Monday

    Mobile 26 15:03

  • Bike bonk bloke lands on sex offenders' register

    Cleaners catch cycle molester in flagrante delicto

    Bootnotes 26 15:14

  • Astronauts ride robotic arms into space

    ISS spacewalk under way

    Science 26 15:15

  • BMW gives away 5 Series and $850k

    Lagos-based 'International Awareness Promotion'

    Bootnotes 26 15:27

  • Sun throws legal counterpunch at NetApp

    As Sandisk throws lawsuits round like confetti

    Storage 26 15:45

  • Boffins uncover ginger gene in neanderthal DNA

    Similar to modern humans

    Science 26 15:46

  • Welcome back, Apple. Seriously.

    Leopard - they still do computers

    Operating Systems 26 15:55

  • Trolltech pulls the Greenphone

    'Not really a hardware company'

    Mobile 26 18:31

  • Sprint fails to explain XOHM nonsense

    Love and kisses to Her Majesty

    Broadband 26 18:36

  • Microsoft sics worldwide braintrust on XP vuln

    PDF attack prompts round-the-clock patch fest

    Security 26 19:40

  • BBC man: Sadville is great for bubblewrap kids

    Your taxes at work

    Media 26 21:24

  • Man who urinated on dying woman for YouTube glory jailed

    Outraging public decency

    Security 26 21:28

  • World of Warcraft asks Europeans to please speaka da English

    Until normal customer service is resumed

    Hardware 26 22:03

  • Funnyman-loving Facebookers mock US prez race

    Obama no better than online privacy

    Bootnotes 26 22:32

  • Facebook sued for mis-sending dirty texts

    'It's the new Google'

    Law 26 23:10