3rd May 2011 Archive

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  • Microsoft drafts .NET chief to lead Azure cloud war

    Can red polo shirted strongman woo developers?

    Developer 03 00:39

  • DIY crimekit brings advanced malware to Mac OSX

    Next stop: iPad and Linux users

    Security 03 00:43

  • Assange: Facebook a ‘spying machine’

    And media starts wars, says WikiLeaks founder

    Media 03 01:00

  • Russian search giant Yandex blows whistle on whistle-blower

    You don’t say 'no' to the KGB FSB

    Media 03 02:00

  • Nirvanix storage cloud spills executive blood

    Vice presidential putsch push

    Storage 03 03:00

  • Telstra cozies up to small end of town

    Invests $600m prepping SMB services

    Broadband 03 03:53

  • Fujitsu A/NZ tosses dollars at clouds

    New CEO confirms new DCs in Sydney, Melbourne

    Cloud 03 03:54

  • Japanese boffins build internet kissing machine

    Tongue twisting lip locks over IP

    Hardware 03 04:00

  • Storage duopoly to transform industry?

    Hybridisation could goose I/O density

    Storage 03 05:00

  • Go SMS Pro

    Spice up your text life

    Phones 03 06:00

  • Hacker pwns police cruiser and lives to tell tale

    The dark side of 'situational awareness'

    Security 03 06:00

  • OCZ joins PCIe flash fray

    Compression boosts I/O numbers

    Storage 03 09:06

  • Google faces another privacy probe

    South Korean cops raid offices looking for mobile advertising wrongness

    Mobile 03 09:13

  • 4oD plods onto iPad

    Xbox Live too?

    Phones 03 09:51

  • Archos 32 Android media player

    Pint-sized PMP with potential

    Hardware 03 10:00

  • Google taps Ingenico for retail terminal expansion

    'Google? That'll do nicely sir'

    Mobile 03 10:02

  • Sikorsky, US Army claim whisper-flapcopter test success

    A chopper in every garage at last?

    Science 03 10:21

  • US acts on telco 'Ponzi scheme'

    Chinese whispers at China Voice

    Government 03 10:38

  • CEOP accused of misleading public over site security fail

    User who discovered the flaw says agency 'whitewashed' insecurity incident

    Security 03 10:39

  • RIM makes Bold move with OS 7

    Updated smartphone, operating system

    Phones 03 10:46

  • Apple shuts online Apple Store

    iMac refresh imminent?

    Hardware 03 10:57

  • Hybrid clouds: You know they make sense

    Let's embrace diversity

    Enterprise Tech 03 11:00

  • RIM warns investors, greets developers

    Blames slowed development cycle

    Mobile 03 11:08

  • Microsoft to release Windows thin PC in late June

    Final test build lands

    Cloud 03 11:09

  • North Korea blamed for bank hack

    Hackers not so lonely

    Security 03 11:11

  • Ohio cops taze naked marathoneer

    'It was cold... I wasn't exactly proud of what I was showing'

    Bootnotes 03 11:28

  • Private investors pile into data centres

    There goes the neighbourhood

    Cloud 03 11:43

  • Intel leaks show a flashy future

    Six of the best – plus an extra two for good measure

    Storage 03 11:49

  • Honda Jazz Hybrid

    Third time a charm for Honda hybrid?

    Science 03 12:00

  • DARPA says surveillance vid-search tool is ready for use

    To roll out across 'multiple military programmes'

    Applications 03 12:01

  • Osama malware scams spread to Facebook

    Twitter news breaker hacked

    Security 03 12:29

  • Robot pirate invented in USA: 'Yarr-2 D-2'?

    'Marsupial' shot-bot has one eye, clambers up ships' sides

    Science 03 12:34

  • Gamer goes 3DS gaga with AR card tattoo

    Indelible reality

    Games 03 12:48

  • HP to show off next gen EVA on the Vegas Strip

    Viva Las Vegas: Fifth generation becomes P6000

    Storage 03 13:05

  • Apple refreshes iMac with Thunderbolt, Sandy Bridge

    AMD GPUs too

    Hardware 03 13:07

  • Seagate's terabyte platters make it the densest of the lot

    Seagate has bust the terabyte platter barrier

    Storage 03 13:31

  • Insurance firm pushes out iPhone app that rates driving ability

    No impact on premiums… yet

    Phones 03 13:42

  • Government slashes consultancy spending

    Consultants: Public sector gave us 15% less dosh in 2010, but we don't mind...

    The Channel 03 14:07

  • Ubisoft to turn games into movies, TV shows

    Publisher to green light own adaptions

    Hardware 03 15:08

  • Boffins develop liquid crystal solid-state raygun turret

    Points laser beam with no need to shift laser

    Science 03 15:15

  • Vatican blogger meeting says no to copyright, yes to lifting content

    Consider the lilies of the field...

    Media 03 15:31

  • The Great Amazon Crash of 2011

    So what has Infosmack got say about this?

    Cloud 03 15:39

  • Skyhook routes around Google to MapQuest

    Location pioneer finds Android way

    Mobile 03 17:47

  • Sony says data for 25 million more customers stolen

    Bleeding continues with Sony Online Entertainment hack

    Security 03 18:41

  • RIM taps Microsoft Bing for phone and tablet search

    IE10 in the wings?

    Mobile 03 20:07

  • HP engineering veep spills cloud plans onto LinkedIn

    Ruby, Java, open source, Microsoft Azure

    Cloud 03 21:28

  • .NET Android and iOS clones stripped by Attachmate

    Open source Mono suffers layoffs

    Financial News 03 22:34

  • SGI juices sales, narrows losses in Q3

    'This year. It's all coming together. Promise'

    Financial News 03 22:52

  • Woz snubs Paul Allen, praises pea soup

    Disses deep-pocket patent trolls

    Software 03 22:57

  • Telecom NZ fibs to govt over network assets

    Inflates value by over NZ$1b

    Broadband 03 23:52

  • EchoStar, Dish Network cough up $500m in TiVo settlement

    Patent suit ends, at last

    Law 03 23:54

  • Oz minister ties privacy law review to PSN hack

    Don’t just do something, sit there!

    Games 03 23:55