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VMware CTO Steve Herrod jumps to venture capitalist

VMware’s chief technology officer Steve Herrod has left the company to take up a position with venture capitalist General Catalyst Partners. Herrod blogged the news and says he will remain a technical advisor to the company.
Simon Sharwood, 17 Jan 2013
An X-Gene ARM microserver that plugs into the Group Hug backplane

Applied Micro ARM servers all over Open Compute Project

Open Compute 2013ARM server chip upstart Applied Micro Circuits was all over the Open Compute Summit hosted by Facebook and its server and data center designing friends in Santa Clara, with several partners flashing devices based on Applied Micro's forthcoming 64-bit X-Gene ARM-based processor. Company president and CEO Paramesh Gopi also gave a brief keynote address that talked a bit about the X-Gene roadmap.

Former CEO John Sculley: Apple must adapt or die

John Sculley, the former PepsiCo president who served as CEO of Apple during most of the 1980s and early 1990s, says that while Apple is "an extraordinary company," it has not done enough to adapt its products to suit emerging markets.
Neil McAllister, 17 Jan 2013

White House raises the signature threshold for petitions to 100,000

The last two months have seen a dramatic spike in use of the "We the People" online petition system set up by the White House, and with President Obama about to start a second term, the rules are being changed.
Iain Thomson, 17 Jan 2013

ESA, NASA agree on Orion module supply

NASA’s proposed Orion spacecraft has taken another step closer to its planned 2017 launch with NASA announcing an agreement with the European Space Agency covering the craft’s service module.
Richard Chirgwin, 17 Jan 2013
Flag North Korea

North Korean crackers hit South Korean hacks

Tensions on the Korean peninsula flared again this week after Seoul accused its northern neighbour of two separate hacking attacks targeting the press.
Phil Muncaster, 17 Jan 2013
Wolfenstein 3D

Obama calls for study into games ‘n’ guns link

US President Barack Obama has called for a study into whether computer games are a cause of gun violence.
Simon Sharwood, 17 Jan 2013

Iron Man to fly Chinese mobe-maker TCL around the world

Little-known Chinese smartphone maker TCL has enlisted a powerful ally to help its nascent push into global markets: Tony Stark, aka Iron Man.
Phil Muncaster, 17 Jan 2013

Capgemini staffers evacuated by cops after London helicopter crash

Capgemini was forced to evacuate its building on Wandsworth Road and invoke its business continuity plans after a helicopter crashed 200 yards from the offices.
Paul Kunert, 17 Jan 2013
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EMC anoints ‘Elect’ group of IT pros

EMC has named the first 75 members of the “Elect”, a group it says will “span the gap between brand loyalty and brand advocacy.”
Simon Sharwood, 17 Jan 2013
NOAA's Startus supercomputer

2012 in supercomputing: Ceepie-geepies, a weak ARM and the need for speed

HPC blogA lot has happened in HPC over the past year. I would say that the speeding up of development of accelerators and the rising number of hybrid CPU+GPU systems are probably the most noteworthy trends we saw in 2012. Over the next year we’re going to see even more use cases for hybrid systems, and I expect to see much wider use in commercial enterprise computing as well.
Dan Olds, 17 Jan 2013
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China visa changes could attract job-hunting IT pros

A change to China’s visa laws due to come into force this (northern) summer could make the People’s Republic a more attractive destination for ex-pat IT professionals up for the challenge, but the vital details on exactly which skills are needed are still being worked out.
Phil Muncaster, 17 Jan 2013

US taxman joins UK politicoes on hunt for Amazon cash

Amazon is fighting the US taxmen over a $234m unpaid bill.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 17 Jan 2013

Top Brit Penguins spurn London Stock Exchange for NYSE

Blighty-based open sourcer Alfresco is going public on the New York stock markets under a new chief executive.
Gavin Clarke, 17 Jan 2013
By Emilio Labrador - licensed under Creative Commons

The Spherical Cow lands, spits out Anaconda

ReviewFedora 18, Spherical Cow, is here. Finally. The Fedora Project has never been one for precision roadmaps, but previously it has managed to stay pretty close to its official May and October release schedule. Spherical Cow, however, proved to be a difficult beast - it is nearly three months late.
Scott Gilbertson, 17 Jan 2013
ho, ho, ho

Dixons steps over Comet's bloodied body to nab bonus Xmas sales

Blighty's High Street is in meltdown, but Dixons Retail bucked the gloomy trend and reported relatively decent sales growth over Christmas. The chain reckons it successfully hoovered up trade from fallen rivals.
Paul Kunert, 17 Jan 2013
Double thumbs up photo via Shutterstock

Spanish city renames square in Clash frontman's honour

The Spanish city of Granada will honour the late Joe Strummer by renaming a city square after The Clash frontman.
Lester Haines, 17 Jan 2013

Tell Facebook who's the greatest: YOU are!

OpinionHMV called in the administrators on Tuesday, prompting wailing and mourning from thousands of people who hadn't set foot in one of its outlets for years. Sky News brought in Andrew Harrison, the tech-savvy editor of Q magazine, for what I suspect the editors wanted: a simple soundbite on an entire industry extrapolated from the performance of one company. But Andrew is a very smart chap - and didn't quite give them what they wanted. Instead, we got a brilliant summary of what record shops can do - and where they can go.
Andrew Orlowski, 17 Jan 2013

Cryptome escapes Thales' attack dogs in bank security row

Defence giant Thales has withdrawn its demand for the removal of banking security documents from whistle-blowing website Cryptome.
John Leyden, 17 Jan 2013

eBay's festive sales soar, but what's this? Profit DOWN 62%?

eBay not only made a wad of dosh over the festive period but it also scooped up loads more mobe-toting shoppers to boot.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 17 Jan 2013

Hey HP: You may not rate Autonomy, EDS, but buyers do

Potential buyers are probing Hewlett-Packard over EDS and Autonomy, according to reports.
Gavin Clarke, 17 Jan 2013

Phone hacking saga: 3 men cuffed over alleged plod bungs

Three men were cuffed early this morning by Scotland Yard officers probing alleged inappropriate payments to cops and public officials. The investigation is related to the ongoing high-profile phone hacking inquiry.
Kelly Fiveash, 17 Jan 2013

VIA bakes a fruitier Rock cake to rival the Brit Raspberry Pi

Computer electronics biz VIA has updated its Raspberry Pi rival APC - a micro-motherboard its maker calls a “bicycle for your mind” - which it brought to market last May.
Tony Smith, 17 Jan 2013

Pubic louse falls victim to eager Brazilian strippers

A dramatic decline in cases of pubic lice has been linked to growing enthusiasm for the Brazilian bikini wax, and trimmed shrubbery in general.
Lester Haines, 17 Jan 2013

Nokia axes 300 IT bods, outsources 820 to Tata, HCL

Nokia will outsource 820 IT staff and make 300 more redundant, leaving a skeleton IT operation at the troubled phone maker.
Team Register, 17 Jan 2013

Computacenter UK beats its German biz to the pool for 2013

Services-based reseller Computacenter (CC) says it exited 2012 in "good shape": its UK operation is firing all cylinders again, although some work lies ahead in resolving service contract challenges in Germany.
Paul Kunert, 17 Jan 2013
Kobo Mini and Arc

What ereader decline? Kobo pumps up the volumes despite grim forecasts

A chirpy Kobo has claimed it now has more than 12 million registered users, four million of them creating ebook buyer accounts with the company during 2012.
Tony Smith, 17 Jan 2013

Swartz prosecutor: We only pushed for 'six months' in the cooler

US attorney Carmen Ortiz, who led the fraud case against Aaron Swartz until his suicide last week, has defended her prosecution of the internet prodigy.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 17 Jan 2013

Orange boasts: We made Google PAY US for traffic

France Telecom-Orange is making a wad of cash from Google, the company's CEO boasted in an interview with French media yesterday.
Bill Ray & Anna Leach, 17 Jan 2013

New slicker Shylock Trojan hooks into Skype

The Shylock banking Trojan has been revamped with extra features that allow the malware to spread using the chat function of Skype, the popular Voice over IP application.
John Leyden, 17 Jan 2013

RIM gets thumbs up from Visa for pay-by-bonk security tech

RIM is hoping its reputation for superior security will smooth its path into wallet management as it gains Visa approval for the TSM platform that it is pushing to network operators.
Bill Ray, 17 Jan 2013

Web firms drool as ballgazer spies $11bn mobile ad spend in 2013

Web giants, telcos, media companies and a host of mobile start-ups will be salivating over today's Gartner forecast that predicts a heady doubling of global mobile advertising spend in the next three years.
Anna Leach, 17 Jan 2013

Northgate Managed Services boss to exit

Northgate Managed Services (NMS) is parting with long serving UK boss Andy Ross, sources have claimed.
Paul Kunert, 17 Jan 2013
EPO President: Benoît Battistelli

Big spike in Euro patents - but 63% were filed from outside Europe

More patents were filed to the European Patent Office (EPO) in 2012 than ever before, said the EPO today. The 258,000 applications filed represent a third record year in a row for the Patent Office and reflect the worldwide push to patent driven by the tech industry.
Anna Leach, 17 Jan 2013

Storage for 'Enterprise': What does that even MEAN?

StoragebodI love it when storage vendors invent new market segments: "Entry-Level Enterprise Storage Arrays" appears to be the latest one, from the brilliant marketing team at EMC. And it is always a "new" space that only the company occupies.
StorageBod, 17 Jan 2013

AV-Test boss dismisses Microsoft criticism of malware test results

A war of words has broken out over security testing, with Microsoft and the AV-Test Institute going head-to-head over Redmond's failure to qualify for the last round of certification from the German testers.
Iain Thomson, 17 Jan 2013
The mechanical drawing of the Dragonstone server

Facebook rolls out new web and database server designs

Open Compute 2013Facebook, the company behind the founding of the Open Compute Project that is opening server, storage, rack, and data center designs, gave a sneak peek this week at some new models that it is working on and could donate to the OCP cause.
Nvidia supercomputing pipeline

NBN contracts reveal the state of Telstra’s ducts

Earlier this week, Telstra wrapped up its contracts for the duct remediation the carrier committed to under its National Broadband Network agreements. The telco contracted Visionstream to carry out remediation work in Victoria and Tasmania, at a cost of $AU90 million.
Richard Chirgwin, 17 Jan 2013
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Intel's fourth quarter a bummer, as expected

Intel helps kick off the high tech earnings season by reporting its financial results for the fourth quarter and full 2012 year, and as Wall Street and Intel top brass had been anticipating, it was not a killer quarter.

Linksys vuln: Cisco responds

Cisco has identified the Linksys router affected by the vulnerability published by DefenseCode on January 14.
Richard Chirgwin, 17 Jan 2013
Boeing 787 battery fire

FAA grounds Boeing's 787 after battery fires on plastic planes

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has grounded all Boeing 787 Dreamliners over fears that its lithium-ion batteries are unsafe, after they were linked to two aircraft fires in the space of ten days.
Iain Thomson, 17 Jan 2013

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