2nd October 2009 Archive

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  • Wales adopts mobile average speed cameras

    The ripping sound is Clarkson removing Wales from his road atlas

    Government 02 05:02

  • NO2ID backs drive to inject voter power into next Election

    Power 2010 is looking for your ideas now

    Government 02 08:02

  • Service management strategies

    Are you paralysed by process?

    Service Management 02 08:08

  • Tosh preps enterprise SSD push

    On back of Fujitsu disk biz buy

    Storage 02 09:02

  • London Stock Exchange grabs rival

    Turquoise talks are go

    Applications 02 09:04

  • Gas mask bra secures Ig Nobel prize

    Giant panda faeces research also honoured

    Science 02 09:05

  • Nominum on the back foot over open source attacks

    DNS name-calling spat simmers on

    Operating Systems 02 09:47

  • Are you a pirate video star?

    Broadcasting yourself is popular but does it help your business?

    Data Networking 02 10:02

  • Web GUI hides number-crunching open source elephant

    Cloudera's Hadoop desktop

    Servers 02 10:02

  • Yank slams El Reg 'zio-fruitcake' Playmobil 'crap'

    Tehran-bound mini-WMDs fail to impress

    Bootnotes 02 10:05

  • US spontaneous human combustion raygun video released

    Flying frying machine gives car a nasty burn

    Science 02 10:07

  • Irate iPhone owner allegedly shows gun to Apple Store worker

    'There's a cap in its ass for that'

    Phones 02 10:11

  • Small biz told to sort TV licences for PCs

    Online or on the box

    Small Biz 02 10:20

  • The North Face trips over The South Butt

    Apparel outfit rattles trademark sabre at Missouri teen

    Bootnotes 02 10:46

  • Chinese whispers hint at early Chrome OS release

    Untested code to come loaded on some low-budget netbooks?

    Operating Systems 02 10:47

  • So what is service management?

    More than a made up phrase?

    Service Management 02 11:02

  • BOFH: Weapon of choice

    Some day my prints will come

    BOFH 02 11:02

  • Banking Trojans double as scareware runs wild

    Interwebs clogged up with crimeware

    Security 02 11:07

  • Pluto still a planet, says Ronald McDonald

    Burgermeister defies International Astronomical Union

    Science 02 11:21

  • Nortel flogging GSM biz

    Right, what's left then?

    Mobile 02 11:34

  • Google strips Pirate Bay homepage from search results

    Mountain View executes DMCA takedown

    Media 02 11:36

  • Latest Armani mobile spied online

    Brand's latest attempt to crack the phone market?

    Phones 02 12:02

  • Samsung GT-M8910 Pixon 12 cameraphone

    The world's first 12Mp phonecam, apparently

    Phones 02 12:02

  • Australian Pirate Party sets sail

    Borne on a new political wave

    Media 02 12:05

  • Google Chrome update fills in parsing bug

    Browser engine gets security tune-up

    Operating Systems 02 12:14

  • Ex-GCHQ spy chief lands defence giant gig

    Codebreaker-in-chief pitches up at Thales

    Government 02 12:26

  • MyConservatives website collapses at launch

    Web 2.0 not for the faint-hearted

    Management 02 12:40

  • O2 could impose out-of-contract iPhone lock-in

    Whose handset is it, anyway?

    Mobile 02 12:41

  • Techies suffer as US unemployment inches up

    More job cuts than expected - again

    Financial News 02 13:20

  • Sony pulls plug on cabled power

    Demos wirelessly powered telly

    Hardware 02 13:34

  • Nokia phone combats domestic violence

    Dial H for Hope

    Phones 02 13:43

  • Storage-in-a-can vendor ditches CEO

    Powell out, Atkinson in at Xiotech

    Storage 02 13:47

  • Jacques Chirac ditches devil dog

    Three strikes and you're out, chien diabolique

    Bootnotes 02 14:02

  • Designer draws up digital camera-cum-punchcard printer

    Holes for pixels

    Hardware 02 15:02

  • AT&T snaps up VeriSign's security consulting biz

    13-step divestment programme reaches completion

    The Channel 02 15:07

  • Amazon coughs $150k to student over lost notes

    Orwell-Kindle fiasco proves expensive

    Mobile 02 15:09

  • NASA enlists schoolkids in Moonbase piss-recycler push

    Simulated urine to be brewed from vinegar, baby shampoo

    Science 02 15:10

  • Cloudera hangs (more) elephants in sky

    Big Data in the Amazon-free cloud

    Servers 02 16:49

  • Amazon pumps sky-high Big Data cruncher

    NetBeans IDE hugs Hadoop

    Servers 02 16:55

  • Acer's Autumn smartphone line-up uncovered

    E100, E101 and E200 join the F1 neoTouch

    Phones 02 16:58

  • Dumping exclusivity could double iPhone sales

    Don't hold your breath, AT&T sufferers

    Mobile 02 19:41

  • Google (finally) adds protection for common Web 2.0 attack

    Better late than never

    Security 02 20:09

  • IBM out-cheaps Google with web-based business email

    No frills for $36 per worker per year

    Applications 02 20:20

  • Google lobs coder's Microsoft badge into rubbish bin

    You are not an MVP

    Business 02 20:21

  • Chinese IT shops love the free-ness of open source

    Sky is blue, water is wet

    Software 02 21:31

  • iPhone developer stamps out calculator profanity

    5318008, trouble us no longer

    Bootnotes 02 22:22

  • US commission urges broadband socialism

    And why they're right

    Networks 02 23:32