6th November 2000 Archive

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  • Ever killed a PC?

    Warning Cat lovers should not read this

    Business 06 10:53

  • 3Com squares class actions with $259m

    Admits no blame, but..

    Business 06 11:14

  • Microsoft hacked again

    Known security hole gives access to download software

    Software 06 11:37

  • Dixons does downloads

    Braindock does the work

    Business 06 11:49

  • MS audit cripples city

    Piracy crackdown leaves local government with major headache

    Business 06 12:17

  • Cyberwarfare levels the playing field

    Hacktivists more imaginative than trad terrorists

    Media 06 12:54

  • Xbox ‘blueprint’ leaked

    Sketch based on latest spec

    Business 06 12:59

  • Police gag ‘corruption’ Web site

    Cybersquatting - a crime too far

    Media 06 13:01

  • Mobile phones getting cheaper

    And it's all down to us, says Oftel

    Data Networking 06 13:04

  • Time and Tiny are bottom of Which? PC survey

    Dell, Apple and Dan do best

    Business 06 13:37

  • Oftel publishes cost of LLU

    It's not cheap what rival telcos have to pay BT

    Data Networking 06 13:40

  • VC dry-out translates into VA loss

    Where da customers go?

    Business 06 13:50

  • Top Bertelsmann brass resign

    Wanadoo does OK

    Business 06 14:02

  • Amazon rips off regular customers. Again

    Pay more for Terry Pratchett's latest

    Media 06 14:58

  • BT wants Openwow not to Openwoe

    Then, we want world peace, an end to world poverty...

    Data Networking 06 15:40

  • Thin ‘n’ fast Alpha Linux servers coming RSN

    Dual Alpha 833 delivers 3.3 GFLOPS

    Business 06 15:55

  • Gates: PCs make you rich but won't feed the world

    Bill gets all touchy-feely

    Business 06 16:24

  • Flame of the Week Our AMD DDR death wish

    You think we like Intel more than AMD

    Flame of the Week 06 16:53

  • HWRoundup Iwill in the VD clinic

    Hedgehog heatsink doesn't get run over

    Hardware Roundup 06 17:14

  • Come on punk, spoil my day

    Intel and AMD piss on each other's chips

    Channel 06 17:16

  • Minesweeper could explode hard maths problem

    And win $1m prize

    Software 06 17:16

  • Pentium 4 sprouts in Brussels

    Belgian dealer has 'em in stock, apparently

    Channel 06 17:16

  • BT's ADSL roll-out hits snags

    BT coffs up and come clean

    Data Networking 06 17:16

  • HWRoundup Temp sucking cooler frenzy

    And we thought it was cold enough outside

    Hardware Roundup 06 17:16

  • Readers' Letters Hallucinogenic reindeer droppings, DDR flashbacks, and Tempest paranoia

    From the erudite to the downright rude. And that's just us.

    Letters 06 17:16

  • Pro wrestling & Green-Party FUD to decide election

    Vote early, and vote often

    Media 06 17:16

  • Datrontech calls in the receivers

    Distie belly-flops

    Business 06 17:16

  • Downloaded music sales to hit £300m in UK by 2005

    Analyst firm shares its vision

    Media 06 17:16

  • Yahoo! legally obliged to ban the French?

    The ole US of A gets a taste of its own medicine

    Media 06 17:35

  • Flood, pestilence and beef sarnies

    Enjoy yourselves - it's later than you think

    Bootnotes 06 17:53

  • VNU can't tell difference between a cable and a computer

    That would explain a lot

    Bootnotes 06 17:55

  • MS Mobile Explorer will lose wireless war – Symbian CEO

    Microsoft espouses thin client at wrong time, apparently...

    Data Networking 06 20:23

  • Nokia, Psion, Intel demo next gen Symbian Quartz kit

    Not so (inaudible)...

    Data Networking 06 20:23

  • Armed DRAM robbers caught after police chase

    Not a quiet day in the Torridon office

    Business 06 21:15

  • Home surfers snub AOL for Microsoft

    82.9 million visitors worship Gates

    Media 06 21:16