HWRoundup Temp sucking cooler frenzy

And we thought it was cold enough outside

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Anand's boys get their mitts on an ASUS V7700 Deluxe, based on the GeForce2 GTS. Does ASUS' reputation for excellence in the motherboard market carry over into their game card offerings? Clickhere to find out.

On a cooler topic, Iamnotageek.com finally got hold of a Thermaltake Blue Orb. Following a fairly simple installation on a GeForce2 MX this nifty little heat sink sucked twenty nasty degrees out of the core straight away. Not your funny Farenheit degrees either, proper ones. So, for more info follow

this link

More chilling here at Dr Tom's. Says the doc, the new Asetek VapoChill can cool any Socket370 or SocketA processor to -19°C. At this point he suggests you embark upon an orgy of overclocking. All sounds very dubious to us. Follow the link


to find out more about the chilling process.

On the same theme, the overclocking frenzy at Overclockers in Oz paused for a moment so they could try out Danger Den's copper water block. How did it stack up with air cooling systems and should you all go out and buy one? The answers to these questions and also perhaps to why it reminded the guys of astronaut's food can be found



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