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[Andrew's AMD DDR coverage generated a very positive postbag
Athlon DDR systems still not available
AMD 760 DDR chipset delayed]

IDIOT! Do some research you fukn retard! Maybe you'd see that DDR systems are available right now. I don't expect a retraction from your sorry ass. Integrity and unbiased reporting is way too much to ask.



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Andrew Thomas at the register has been showing himself to be nothing other than an Intel mouthpiece. What happened to their pro-AMD writers? The coverage of AMD has been very limited as of late and it seems that almost all of it spews from Andrew's mouth.

From those who have actually called Micron or NEC about ordering DDR Athlon systems, the order to ship time is three or four weeks. This is TOTALLY normal for the direct order PC business, espescially on a new product.

When Intel launched the 1.13Ghz PIII, the order to ship times being quoted by Dell were at least 45 days, and guess what, with the recall, the customers NEVER got one!

With the relaunch not expected until Q2 2001, Intel managed to "paper launch" a cpu eight months before it will actually ship. Now THAT is something worth crying foul about! :-)

As a faithful reader of the Reg, I am disappointed by your absolutely horrible journalistic coverage of the alleged Athlon/DDR problem. This is especially true with regard to your feeble attempt to substantiate the existence of the problem in the article entitled "AMD 760 Problem Identified?" Come on, Tom's group was working with a pre-lease version of the Gigabyte board. For you to the draw conclusion that this review somehow justifies your earlier articles, I question both your logic and that of the Reg for allowing you to publish it.

Anyhow, I hope you'll able to rectify and/or clarify the Athlon/DDR problem. Until you do, I will read Reg articles with a great deal of skepticism.

Bill Luna

Now I can actually believe that The Register may be objective. Until now, it appeared that Register has been anti-Intel and pro-AMD.


[And on the

Intel to dump Rambus



Albert Safdie

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