27th September 2011 Archive

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  • Apple vs Samsung: on and on and on

    Oz judge asks for more time to consider ban

    Business 27 Sep 00:30

  • World takes notice as SSL-chewing BEAST is unleashed

    Google, Microsoft, Mozilla patch cracks in net's foundation of trust

    Security 27 Sep 00:47

  • Oracle rises for Unix server push

    SPARC T4 systems: Same skins, new brains

    Servers 27 Sep 01:05

  • Whitehall: 'Don't bin whole NHS IT programme... yet'

    Cabinet Office wonks eye up two NPfIT features

    Government 27 Sep 07:28

  • FalconStor founder found dead

    Ousted CEO in suspected suicide

    Storage 27 Sep 08:13

  • Sonos Play:3 network music player

    The best starter streamer bar none?

    Hardware 27 Sep 08:28

  • Samsung welcomes WinPho 7.5 with Omnia W

    Mango ringer in-bound

    Phones 27 Sep 08:35

  • Apple Thunderbolt Macs have chips for optical links

    Circuitry, yes - but what about optical ports?

    Hardware 27 Sep 08:56

  • Ex-NASA man stuffs OpenStack with Paxos

    Uncork some Googly BigTable compute for cloudy goodness

    Cloud 27 Sep 09:02

  • Taxmen extend biz record check pilot

    Root around for extra SME revenue

    Small Biz 27 Sep 09:28

  • HeyTell voice messenger

    The text message gets vocal

    Phones 27 Sep 10:00

  • Cumulo Ethernet: Building Ethernet cloud fabrics

    Scaling up: what are the effects?

    Data Networking 27 Sep 10:12

  • Microsoft mulls OEM distie shake-up

    Redmond pushes firms out on beauty parade

    The Channel 27 Sep 10:30

  • Plex flexes media server pecs

    Let me be your one true content aggregator

    Servers 27 Sep 10:30

  • Android outsells Apple 2:1

    But BlackBerry is the real loser

    Phones 27 Sep 10:36

  • Ed Miliband signs up for another hour of insults from Twitter

    #askEdM: Labour leader will face the Great British Public

    Policy 27 Sep 10:45

  • Amazon to kindle Fire tablet tomorrow

    Based on BlackBerry tab?

    Tablets 27 Sep 10:46

  • Lewd voicemail hack on MP prompts probe

    What's the story, moaning Tory?

    Security 27 Sep 11:01

  • Google+ chases MySpace for second place

    Jury still out on chocolate-flavoured network

    Media 27 Sep 11:11

  • Three offers UNLIMITED data to all its customers

    AYCE for £3 a month

    Mobile 27 Sep 11:14

  • Interference-dodging app sidesteps Wi-Fi band-hoggers

    Dumb cards detect and avoid rival signals from other protocols

    Mobile 27 Sep 11:22

  • Sonex calls in administrators

    Parent of 15 Sony Centres runs out of cash

    Media 27 Sep 11:32

  • Spotify tethers future to Facebook

    Social network membership mandatory for subscribers

    Media 27 Sep 11:43

  • David Caminer, creator of the first business computer

    We salute the architect of LEO

    Hardware 27 Sep 12:00

  • Hands on training with SQL Azure

    Trevor gives MVA course a twirl

    Cloud 27 Sep 12:15

  • YouView to adopt Freeview channel list rules

    Scheme to minimise EPG envy?

    Hardware 27 Sep 12:18

  • Should your system offer Mr, Ms ... and Mx?

    Time to phase gender out of your databases

    Policy 27 Sep 12:28

  • Ex-Microsofties' IE6 kill squad hits UK

    Former IE team members aid aging web apps

    Software 27 Sep 12:46

  • Second-hand E-m@iler spews old emails, passwords

    You mean somebody actually used it for email?

    Security 27 Sep 13:00

  • Brit web firms tweet way out of slump

    Social media, weak pound blessed by bosses

    Business 27 Sep 13:30

  • 'Delayed' Facebook iPad app claims lead coder casualty

    'Feature complete', still no release, so developer takes job at Google

    Software 27 Sep 13:45

  • Tosh puts 1TB in the palm of your hand

    End of STOR.E

    Storage 27 Sep 14:00

  • Clouds overshadow 'shrinking' UK server market

    Analyst: Vendors face 6pc hardware revenue drop

    Cloud 27 Sep 14:21

  • B&W connects iOS devices through collaborative playlist app

    Social work

    Phones 27 Sep 14:29

  • Violin strings out fresh flash trio

    Will arrays be music to CIOs' ears?

    Storage 27 Sep 14:39

  • Power cut knocks Miliband off-air mid-speech

    Blue Screen for Red Ed

    Policy 27 Sep 14:50

  • Elon Musk's SpaceX to build 'Grasshopper' hover-rocket

    100ft-tall booster to lift, land back on pad

    Science 27 Sep 15:01

  • Lenovo, Compal snuggle up to build notebook plant

    Firms invest $100m into joint venture

    The Channel 27 Sep 15:13

  • Rich List tech baron heads home as Itopia reseller biz enters administration

    Sources say staff have not been paid

    The Channel 27 Sep 15:33

  • 2009 game footage appears in ITV show as 1988 IRA vid


    Games 27 Sep 15:49

  • Facebook's complexity will be its doom

    Farewell, 'Wal-Mart of the internet'

    Media 27 Sep 15:59

  • Apple confirms iPhone event on 4 October

    Let's talk... you listen

    Phones 27 Sep 16:10

  • WikiLeaks memoir races to 537th on bestseller chart

    644 copies of Assange bio fly off shelves in 3 days

    Media 27 Sep 16:12

  • Axiom to boot out NetApp at Oracle

    El Reg peers into crystal ball of storage

    Storage 27 Sep 16:29

  • Ellison rides SPARC T4 SuperCluster into data centers

    Four star general purpose, sir!

    Data Centre 27 Sep 17:00

  • Cray ships Mongolian cluster...

    Seriously: It's an XE6m

    HPC 27 Sep 17:12

  • Zombie mobile Linuxes mate

    MeeGo and LiMo cadavers elope

    Software 27 Sep 17:31

  • New flash RAM tech promises 99% energy drop

    Faster, lower power – what's not to like?

    Hardware 27 Sep 18:30

  • Microsoft’s Mango update falls from tech tree

    Update to dribble out over the next month

    Mobile 27 Sep 18:44

  • Facebook wants to poke politicians 'who share our goals'

    Mr. Zuckerberg's money goes to Washington

    Government 27 Sep 19:07

  • New York drops $400m to lure next-gen wafer bakers

    'We don't have earthquakes here very often'

    Business 27 Sep 19:25

  • Mac security update leaves users open to ugly Flashback

    One threat down, another to go

    Security 27 Sep 20:16

  • HPC 2.0: The Monster Mash-up

    Big Data. Oh yes

    Data Warehousing 27 Sep 20:53

  • Apple loses bid to trademark 'multi-touch'

    But 'app store' fight with Microsoft kept alive

    Law 27 Sep 22:07

  • Turnbull storms Paris with NBN’s doom

    Killing the Australian network at long distance

    Broadband 27 Sep 22:30

  • Revolution speeds stats on Hadoop clusters

    R language teaches 'meaningful' math to elephants

    Cloud 27 Sep 22:38

  • Wales says no to outing Wikipedia users on Facebook

    Social networking updates on activity ‘creepy’

    Media 27 Sep 23:13

  • iPad maker Foxconn catches fire, claims no casualties

    Just another troubled day for Chinese workers

    Business 27 Sep 23:14

  • Microsoft delivers fatal blow to yet another botnet

    Kelihos, we hardly knew ye

    Security 27 Sep 23:15