27th May 2009 Archive

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  • Great Australian Firewall may be optional

    Oz comms chief ponders 'voluntary' filtering

    Networks 27 00:09

  • BNP pleads for cash after reported DDoS assault

    'Largest cyber-assault in history'

    Security 27 07:38

  • Canon Pixma MX330

    Small office all-in-one inkjet without the photo frills

    Hardware 27 08:02

  • Coppers prowl Sheffield's Letsby Avenue

    Street View confirms improbable cop shop address

    Bootnotes 27 08:37

  • Donatelli can start work at HP

    Court restriction rescinded

    Servers 27 08:38

  • Elbonia: Your next (and only) music destination?

    Industry bald men fight over someone else's comb

    Media 27 09:02

  • Brusa weaves sexy, sporty Spyder

    But floor it, and you won't go far

    Science 27 09:12

  • eBay not obliged to protect trade marks, says High Court

    Because you're not really worth it

    Law 27 09:28

  • Getting real about Linux on the desktop

    Selective targeting is key

    Software 27 09:36

  • Vodafone does close-up magic on roaming charges

    New data policy is hey look what's that over there?

    Mobile 27 09:43

  • Microsoft announces Zune HD

    In North America only, as usual

    Hardware 27 09:49

  • Microsoft squirts out Vista SP2

    Windows 7's ugly older bro gets updated

    Operating Systems 27 09:50

  • Boffins develop interstellar alien ocean-spotting tool

    'Pale blue dot' single-pixel planet problem cracked

    Science 27 09:59

  • Ocarina makes waves with lossless image compression

    Heeeeey Ocarina! Aaaha!

    Storage 27 10:02

  • GTA IV's second update confirmed

    The Ballad of Gay Tony

    Games 27 10:23

  • Accenture switches tax havens

    Good news for Ireland

    Financial News 27 10:24

  • Riverbed accelerates AutoCAD again

    AutoCAD 2010 gets back with the program

    Data Networking 27 10:29

  • Vatican blesses iPope app for Jesus Phone

    Proof that Microsoft really is in league with Satan

    Bootnotes 27 10:59

  • Extra ISS crew blasts off from Baikonur

    Orbiting outpost to host six residents

    Science 27 11:01

  • ICO tells cops to behave on CCTV

    'Businesses are being forced into gathering information'

    Law 27 11:20

  • Sage reseller goes titsup?

    BDE International Ltd hits buffers

    The Channel 27 11:24

  • HP pumps out Mini PC trio

    Bite-size machines for 'information snacking'

    Hardware 27 11:35

  • Cameron wants techies to open up Parliament

    Can also appear on YouTube without scaring kids

    Government 27 11:38

  • Netgear EVA9150 Digital Entertainer Elite

    Looks good, plays well... pricey though

    Hardware 27 12:07

  • LG shines light on world's brightest 3D TV

    Twice the brightness of conventional 3D screens

    Hardware 27 12:20

  • Junk email volumes hit high

    Spam volume increases despite swine flu

    Security 27 12:23

  • Twitter suffering chronic banality, diagnoses Dr House

    'I don't understand the purpose of it', admits Hugh Laurie

    Bootnotes 27 12:35

  • What Exchange 2007 can't do

    Emailing two papers

    Applications 27 13:16

  • Top Avon and Somerset cop up before the beak

    Police turn spotlight on their own Chief Constable

    Law 27 13:19

  • Streaming rates cut to lure back YouTube, Pandora

    Stream laundry

    Media 27 13:20

  • BNP DDoS 'mega-assault' not actually mega in the least

    It was eight, no ten really big lads that jumped me

    Security 27 13:46

  • HP CULV notebooks inbound?

    Firm to craft CULV notebooks from old models

    Hardware 27 13:47

  • Ovi still bouncing on and offline

    Nokia putting Humpty together again... again

    Developer 27 13:52

  • IBM lets HPC storage get some sleep

    DCS9900 orders pyjamas

    Storage 27 13:54

  • Greenpeace pushes Ballmer to intervene on climate

    Hey Steve get offa that cloud

    Hardware 27 14:04

  • Summer debut for Judge Dredd computer smart-rifle

    Exploding wireless mini-shell ammo hits round corners

    Science 27 14:11

  • Intel: Nehalem EP ramp is steep

    AMD price war looms large

    Servers 27 14:30

  • BT Global Services' own Clouseau bags massive bonus

    Le chat gros

    The Channel 27 14:44

  • Epson inkjet tech promises larger OLEDs

    37in OLED TVs on the horizon, apparently

    Hardware 27 15:20

  • Dell claims Latitude E4300 glitches 'fixed'

    Technical issue now resolved, we're told

    Hardware 27 15:51

  • Intel plays down netbook 'cannibalisation'

    There, there

    Hardware 27 15:55

  • Designer pitches high-tech gadget treasure chest

    Safely store your kit during beach trips

    Hardware 27 16:20

  • Apple tweaks 13in MacBook specs

    For free!

    Hardware 27 17:02

  • Ingres and Red Hat unite to thwart Ellison's Sun love

    Not just another database

    Developer 27 18:00

  • Google opens Java-soaked cloud to world+dog

    App Engine sans Python

    Developer 27 18:08

  • Apple offers free iPods, upgrades MacBook

    Today US, tomorrow UK

    Hardware 27 18:22

  • Google toys with plug-in free YouTube

    HTML5 rescues browser video

    Developer 27 18:25

  • Seminal password tool rises from Symantec ashes

    L0phtcrack returns

    Security 27 18:34

  • Obama stimulus means windfall for Wi-Fi

    Dare to think the unthought

    Broadband 27 18:52

  • Google punts self cut-and-paste

    Embed us, please

    Developer 27 20:19

  • Cisco polishes ISR and Catalyst nuts and bolts

    Energy savin' skoolin'

    Data Networking 27 20:38

  • Fraud guardian uses 'unfair business practices', Judge rules

    LifeLock encroaches on Experian operation

    Security 27 20:49

  • NASA explores 'Curiosity' for nuclear-powered Mars rover

    Don't burn the locals

    Science 27 21:28

  • SATA Revision 3.0 released

    It's a geekerific day, callooh, callay!

    Storage 27 22:07

  • Sun's Java body to open smoke-filled rooms

    No talking allowed

    Developer 27 22:21

  • AT&T, not ready for 3G, lobbies for 3G Palm Pre

    It'll get slower before it gets better

    Broadband 27 22:44

  • Cisco touts self as Unified Computer System pioneer

    Plans California's own data center

    Data Centre 27 23:33

  • AT&T may have influenced American Idol final vote

    Partisan employees get over excited

    Media 27 23:58