1st August 2008 Archive

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  • US Navy spares Silicon Valley's 'Alexandria Lighthouse'

    Hangar One will stand - naked

    Bootnotes 01 Aug 00:30

  • Sumerians cracked world's oldest joke

    'I'm not saying my mother in law's...'

    Bootnotes 01 Aug 07:02

  • Blighty's nuke-power push stalled as EDF buy falls through

    Pension funds affect all our futures

    Financial News 01 Aug 08:43

  • Toyota unveils Segway rivals

    Super stylish scooters soon to be seen on streets

    Hardware 01 Aug 08:46

  • Google buys vid editing firm to spice up Youtube

    'You'll like it this time - promise'

    Applications 01 Aug 09:01

  • Blu-ray to rule by 2011

    ...gotta go out and buy all my favourite movies again

    Media 01 Aug 09:32

  • Foreign Office reports five data losses to Info Commissioner

    Our man in the corner

    Government 01 Aug 09:56

  • Electoral Commission criticises London e-counting

    'Significant concerns'

    Government 01 Aug 10:00

  • McAfee: Why we blacklisted SANS

    False positives almost unknown, claims SiteAdviser boss

    Security 01 Aug 10:02

  • Worms spread via spam on Facebook and MySpace

    'Paris Hilton Tosses Dwarf On The Street'

    Security 01 Aug 10:06

  • Sony Ericsson W350i entry-level Walkman phone

    Retro-flip design and quality music player hits the right notes

    Phones 01 Aug 10:06

  • Northgate buys Anite Public Sector

    The Channel 01 Aug 10:39

  • Treasury coughs £80m tax credit for R&D

    Eagle pulls small biz up by scruff of its neck

    Small Biz 01 Aug 10:51

  • US Congress to vote on in-flight mobile ban


    Mobile 01 Aug 10:54

  • BOFH: Server room secret panels

    This beancounter's asking too many questions...

    BOFH 01 Aug 11:02

  • US scientist commits suicide as Feds prep anthrax charges

    Overdoses weeks after previous suspect exonerated

    Science 01 Aug 11:03

  • Trashman arrested for YouTube threats

    Baby food scare

    Security 01 Aug 11:10

  • Holographic Wii storage en route?

    Patent application points to holographic storage for the Wii

    Storage 01 Aug 11:14

  • McAfee snaps up data loss prevention firm

    Playing leapfrog with Reconnex

    Security 01 Aug 11:30

  • Westcoast rings up Avenir for convergence emergence

    The full mobile data shilling

    The Channel 01 Aug 11:32

  • Late-breaking April Fool prangs snoozing Guardianista

    It must be true - it's on the Internet...

    Bootnotes 01 Aug 11:41

  • US customs: Yes, we can seize your laptop, iPod

    And what exactly do you plan to do about it?

    Government 01 Aug 11:50

  • Apple 'jams iPhone-as-modem app'

    No ad hoc Wi-Fi for you

    Mobile 01 Aug 11:56

  • Microtronica sticks band-aid on UK ops

    Scan is The Man

    The Channel 01 Aug 12:00

  • Obama critical of Bush regime's bioterror fearmonger gap

    New thinking like old thinking, but more so

    Government 01 Aug 12:02

  • Robotic hand relief

    Turn on, slip in and...erm, cop off

    Hardware 01 Aug 12:05

  • IBM blows cloud computing foghorn

    Web 2.0 fluffers wanted

    Servers 01 Aug 12:34

  • Dutch vacuum salesman pumps Google for €1m

    Iron clogs stands firm over Knol.com

    Bootnotes 01 Aug 12:38

  • Phoenix lander sucks up water on Mars

    Now, where are those organic chemicals

    Science 01 Aug 12:50

  • Is green storage a dead end?

    Greenery will choke storage suppliers

    Storage 01 Aug 13:20

  • George Orwell joins blogging fray

    Daily musings of mighty writer imminent

    Bootnotes 01 Aug 13:32

  • Greens: Abandon economic growth to beat CO2 offshoring

    How very opportune

    Science 01 Aug 14:02

  • Fujifilm quietly unveils an HD DSLR

    720p movies and 10Mp stills

    Hardware 01 Aug 14:03

  • Sun profits evaporate as darkness falls on US economy

    Investors run despite $1bn share buyback promise

    Financial News 01 Aug 14:03

  • Firefox 3.1 vs IE8: 'Alpha, beta testers step forward, please'

    Just cautiously browsing...

    Applications 01 Aug 14:59

  • Rich data: the dark side to Web 2.0 applications

    With great programming comes great responsibility

    Developer 01 Aug 15:02

  • Millions chose torrents over Radiohead's own site - survey

    You can pry my email address from my cold, dead hands

    Media 01 Aug 15:17

  • OLED video light switches?

    Tiny, tiny, tiny OLED screens running video

    Hardware 01 Aug 15:25

  • Thales wins first UK ID card contract

    Gravy train starts here

    Government 01 Aug 15:47

  • John Glenn blasts Moonbase-to-Mars NASA roadmap

    First then oldest in Earth orbit says start from there

    Science 01 Aug 15:52

  • Nvidia waves goodbye to chipsets?

    More from the Taiwan rumour mill

    Hardware 01 Aug 15:54

  • Tardy Apple finally releases DNS patch

    Cache from chaos

    Security 01 Aug 15:56

  • Expiring man vows Reg deathwatch

    Goodbye Cruel World

    Letters 01 Aug 16:09

  • Campaigners celebrate Comcastration

    FCC slaps cable giant

    Broadband 01 Aug 17:23

  • Cuil confesses 'serious file corruption'

    The Worldwide Quantum Porn Pun Off

    Applications 01 Aug 18:26

  • US Senate polishes new teeth for cyber cops

    Prosecution made easy

    Security 01 Aug 19:25

  • Microsoft promises SP 'milestone' for Visual Studio 2008

    Slims for XP, data friendly for web

    Developer 01 Aug 19:48

  • Open Wi-Fi network wraps Mumbai man in bomb blast probe

    Shares IP address with war driving terrorists

    Security 01 Aug 20:31

  • Proprietary tech will dull blade server growth

    Beware of changes, says soothsaying analyst

    Servers 01 Aug 22:46

  • Yahoo! shareholders! back! Jerry! Yang!

    Embattled CEO wins 85 per cent support

    Financial News 01 Aug 22:55

  • Apple DNS patch doesn't patch Mac clients

    Tiger, Leopard (still) wide open

    Security 01 Aug 22:58

  • Privacy watchdog hoists Google by its own petard

    Spews Street View pics of Larry Page Lexus

    Law 01 Aug 23:03

  • German medical team arms man, twice

    World's first double arm transplant

    Bootnotes 01 Aug 23:07