17th April 2007 Archive

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  • Fantasy Baseball meltdown irks

    ESPN and TQ Stats to be avoided

    Media 17 01:33

  • Sun thrusts four-socket Xeon blade at Intel fanboys

    While MS reveals 'Viridian'

    Servers 17 05:06

  • Fabric7 ripped apart

    x86 SMP dream dies again

    Servers 17 06:16

  • Intel intros top-gun gaming PC platform

    Hardware 17 06:24

  • Intel pulls up SoCs for TV appearance

    Inside your (next) telly

    Hardware 17 06:36

  • Future PCs to integrate powerline Ethernet

    HomePlug AV on board

    Broadband 17 08:01

  • Symantec puts lace on system recovery line

    Now more system recovery-er

    Storage 17 08:02

  • Intel pushes next-gen Centrino at compact desktops

    Not just a mobile product, you know

    Hardware 17 08:28

  • Those 'Penryn' details in full

    What Intel said (again) at IDF

    Hardware 17 08:46

  • NPfIT condemned in MPs' scathing report

    NHS IT - overbudget, overdue and over here

    Policy 17 08:49

  • Mainframe now obsolete for data warehousing

    Let Intel inherit the earth?

    Business 17 08:53

  • Data collation can evade Data Protection Act

    Court of Appeal overturns data processing ruling

    Law 17 09:27

  • 'Cops help kill 32 Students', claims furious blogger

    Anger follows tech college massacre

    Law 17 09:30

  • What can service data objects do for your SOA system?

    Data without frontiers

    Developer 17 09:33

  • Norwegian liberals call for relaxation of copyright laws

    Say yes to file-sharing

    Law 17 09:35

  • Chocolate the key to uncovering PC passwords

    Sweet talk and sweets is all it takes

    Security 17 09:44

  • Mobile operators giveth and taketh away

    Tourists to shoulder the cost of EU roaming cuts

    Mobile 17 10:01

  • Software compliance is not just about licensing

    What about reusable code?

    Small Biz 17 10:29

  • Pipex counts cost of competing with the big boys

    Acquisitions hit profits, sell-off moves 'on track'

    Broadband 17 10:30

  • Commercial child abuse websites growing

    Thirty per cent growth

    Security 17 10:33

  • UK's bumblebees face extinction

    'Devastating' effect on agriculture to follow

    Science 17 10:36

  • Intel picks VIA's Mini ITX for cut-price PC mobo

    Target is emerging markets, not case-modders

    Hardware 17 10:53

  • Gravity-B proves Einstein right

    To within one per cent, anyway

    Science 17 10:56

  • Anteater kills zookeeper

    Abdomen ripped open in 'unusual' attack

    Science 17 10:57

  • Asbo-breach OAP jailed

    Octogenarian 'neighbour from hell' gets six months

    Law 17 11:04

  • Phishers spread their nets

    Fewer attacks target more institutions

    Security 17 11:10

  • Intel confirms programmable, multi-core chip

    Larrabee vs GPGPUs: it's war

    Hardware 17 11:22

  • Clarity shareholders call for boss's head

    Want new boss and finance director

    The Channel 17 11:37

  • Businessman takes NatWest for £35k

    Bank settles over 'rip-off' charges challenge

    Small Biz 17 11:39

  • Astronaut runs Boston marathon from space

    Four hours, 24 mins

    Science 17 11:40

  • Intel gives up on super-charged 'Gesher'

    Call me 'Sandy Bridge'

    Hardware 17 11:52

  • DXG dishes out 5Mp camcorder with games

    Computer games on your camcorder? That's just crazy

    Hardware 17 13:07

  • MSI NX8600GTS graphics card

    Surname T2D256E-HD-OC, in case you were wondering

    Hardware 17 13:13

  • BT readies 'on the night' 21CN mass migration trial

    As in 'we hope it'll be alright'

    Networks 17 13:14

  • Capgemini union backs below inflation pay rise

    Hard nut to crack

    The Channel 17 13:23

  • Rok raises another $7m

    Prepares for narrowcast IPO

    Mobile 17 13:25

  • BT forgets to bill for internet access

    Thousands get bumper bill six months later

    Broadband 17 13:50

  • IntelSat up for grabs

    Largest satellite operator gets $6bn offer

    Financial News 17 13:51

  • A Linux for the rest of us?

    Zero config distro tailored for newbies

    Operating Systems 17 14:05

  • Grange Hill firm's website exposed thousands of CVs

    H♀lly♂aks in the sh**ty

    Security 17 14:20

  • Consumers baulk at returning to hacked stores

    Breach of trust

    Security 17 14:35

  • P2P pinball lawyers say ignorance is no defence

    Unwitting filesharers told to pay up

    Law 17 14:51

  • Blu-Ray disks hacked by sweet talking teenagers

    While politics and humour are banned

    Letters 17 15:44

  • 2.0'Reilly quietly rips up blogna carta

    Civilisation of blogs 'misguided'

    Media 17 15:46

  • N Korea preps nuclear reactor shutdown

    Satellite images indicate imminent action, spooks claim

    Science 17 15:49

  • Redundancies loom in Pipex customer service

    Bridal diet

    Broadband 17 15:57

  • Pentax Optio E30 compact digital camera

    7-megapixel camera for less than £100. Yes, less...

    Hardware 17 16:18

  • EMC posts record Q1 revenue

    Company borging for fun and profit

    Financial News 17 18:27

  • Facial recognition 'proven' as airport crowd filter

    In theory

    Security 17 19:51

  • Borland bails out of California, moves HQ to Austin, TX

    Texas hold 'em

    Software 17 20:01

  • Adware poses as ActiveX control

    PCs smited by bogus smut-surfing tool

    Security 17 20:05

  • US judges reject net radio appeal

    It isn't looking good

    Media 17 20:08

  • California Senate fights RFID tracking for schoolkids

    Are you Sarah Connor? *Beep* Move along.

    Security 17 21:29

  • ISP ejects whistle-blowing student

    BeThere's damage control found lacking

    Security 17 22:02

  • Google's Schmidt dismisses DoubleClick envy

    'Give me a break'

    Financial News 17 22:25

  • Presentation boost for Google Docs & Spreadsheets

    PowerPoint free

    Applications 17 22:29

  • High fiber diet gives Intel 'regularity' needed to beat AMD

    Smooth and prosperous

    Servers 17 22:32

  • Intel stems sales decline

    Chip sales down, but profits up

    Financial News 17 23:25