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SGI to emerge from bankruptcy cocoon in September

SGI hopes to emerge as a leaner, meaner organisation by the end of the third quarter.
Ashlee Vance, 06 Jul 2006

ICO issues first website enforcement order

The operator of a website designed to allow searches for people's contact details has been issued with an enforcement order by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). It is the first time the ICO has issued an order over a website.
OUT-LAW.COM, 06 Jul 2006

Yahoo! China unaware of lawsuit

Yahoo! China has not been formally told that it will be sued by the international recording industry. The company told OUT-LAW that it only learned of the case through the press.
OUT-LAW.COM, 06 Jul 2006

Irish IT spending to rise in 2006

IT expenditure in Ireland is set to increase across the board in 2006, a new survey from IDC has shown.
Ciara O'Brien, 06 Jul 2006

Poland triumphs in Google contest

The finals of the first ever European* Code Jam, based on Google US's annual programming contest, saw Pole Tomasz Czajka finish in a triumphant first place, in a final that was dominated by competitors from Eastern Europe.
Lucy Sherriff, 06 Jul 2006

Stem cells from dry cells

CommentWhy does my suspicious mind instantly think that there's an extra letter "i" in disgraced Korean researcher Hwang Woo-suk's admission that he faked data on developing patient-specific embryonic stem cells? Was his mind more on patents, than patients, perhaps?
Guy Kewney, 06 Jul 2006

Nat Semi tells ejected employees to return freebie iPods

Chip maker Nat Semi has asked 35 employees it has made redundant to return the 30GB iPod each was given last month. Many of the workers thought the music players were a gift, but no, according to their former employer, the devices were not presents but communications tools.
Tony Smith, 06 Jul 2006

England declares Cristiano Ronaldo national emergency

Hot on the heels of our piece yesterday on the eBay transfer of footballing Portugeezer Cristiano Ronaldo, we can now report that what started as a mere national disaster quickly transformed itself into a genuine national emergency:
Lester Haines, 06 Jul 2006

AMD's Socket AM2 to support Socket AM3 CPUs

AMD's Socket AM3 processor interconnect will be forwards compatible with Socket AM2, allowing today's AM2-based boards to host AM3-equipped CPUs, the chip maker has revealed. That said, AM3 mobos will not, apparently, accept AM2 processors.
Tony Smith, 06 Jul 2006

Yes! It's the USB missile launcher!

What with North Korea's recent rocketry shenanigans, Reg Hardware readers' revelation of what could be the silliest USB add-on yet couldn't have come at a less tasteful time. But what the heck, here it is, the USB-powered missile launcher.
Tony Smith, 06 Jul 2006

Wanna know how to win the mobile TV war?

CommentThe Nokia representatives at the World Cup media gathering called this week by Texas Instruments, wanted us to take one thing away, that the mobile TV market will be won by open standards and a competitive eco-system.
Faultline, 06 Jul 2006

Cassini unravelling origins of Saturn's rings

The origins of some of Saturn's rings' most enigmatic features are becoming clearer, according to scientists analysing the data sent back by the Cassini space craft.
Lucy Sherriff, 06 Jul 2006

Commissioner says MS fines inevitable

Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes told reporters yesterday that fines against Microsoft for failing to comply with 2004's anti-trust judgement were inevitable.
John Oates, 06 Jul 2006

A postcard from Citrix iForum

Many of the attendees at Citrix iForum in Edinburgh had probably been aware of much of the content of Citrix CEO and president Mark Templeton's keynote already (Centralis had shared much of it with its customers a month or so back, for example, which makes its seminars good value).
David Norfolk, 06 Jul 2006

GeCube ships HDCP-compliant graphics cards

Graphics card maker GeCube this week announced it as started shipping ATI Radeon X1300- and X16090-based boards with full HDCP support to ensure HDMI-connected HD TVs will display content at the maximum resolution.
Hard Reg, 06 Jul 2006

Northgate expects education bonanza

Northgate posted bullish results yesterday, despite its HQ going up in a ball of flames last December.
Mark Ballard, 06 Jul 2006

Microsoft dragged into accepting ODF

Microsoft is reluctantly lending its name to a project for interoperability between Office 2007 and desktop productivity software using a non-Microsoft supported file format.
Gavin Clarke, 06 Jul 2006
hands waving dollar bills in the air

Malware targets security research tool

Virus writers have created a proof-of-concept virus, dubbed Gattman, that targets an analysis tool widely used by anti-virus researchers.
John Leyden, 06 Jul 2006

Cops spot-fine Goth £80 for upsetting weapons detector

Metal detectors have feelings too, apparently. Last Friday a team of crack (are you sure about this? - Ed) coppers leapt to the defence of one being verbalised by a Goth at Highbury & Islington station, and spot-fined the miscreant £80.
John Lettice, 06 Jul 2006

Does IPTV need more technological miracles?

CommentThe New York Times ran an enchanting piece about a cable engineer this week, deserting a 20 year career in cable to go and work for AT&T's new IPTV U-Verse service. They asked him why he's switched and he served the reporter a lot of platitudes about how AT&T's proposition is going to work out.
Faultline, 06 Jul 2006

O2 to slash monthly prices

O2 will overhaul its monthly tariffs next week for the first time since 2002.
Christopher Williams, 06 Jul 2006

Men to lose battle with robots

BT's crystal ball-gazer-in-chief is warning that machine intelligence is going to make men redundant over the next 10 or 20 years.
Lucy Sherriff, 06 Jul 2006
graph up

Malware crosses 200,000 milestone

Anti-virus firm McAfee released protection for its 200,000th ever malware threat this week1.
John Leyden, 06 Jul 2006

Borland CFO quits

Borland Software's chief financial officer is quitting running the company's books, and is being temporarily replaced by Segue Software's ex-CFO Michael Sullivan.
Gavin Clarke, 06 Jul 2006

LG readies pink, white Chocolate phones

White Chocolate, anyone? That's what LG today said it will offer around the world later this year. It will also offer a pink version of the popular slimline slider phone, and it has plans to ship a range of "unique" colour schemes too.
Tony Smith, 06 Jul 2006

MasterCard succumbs to rebranding madness

LogoWatchIt's been pretty quiet of late on the corporate rebranding front - or at least that sector of the front manned by elite Strategy Boutique divisions facing the allied forces of reason and sanity across a no man's land littered with the casualties of previous whalesong and joss-stick driven corporate frontage paradigm shifts.
Lester Haines, 06 Jul 2006

Drowning in data - complexity's threat to terror investigations

AnalysisA Home Affairs Committee report into police detention powers, published earlier this week, concludes that police powers to hold terror suspects without charge will need to be extended from 28 days to 90 days - and, once the flimsier justifications (e.g. time needed for prayers) have been stripped out, technology is largely to blame. The Committee, which has an impressive track record of criticising the Government but somehow ending up agreeing with it anyway, takes into account the international nature of current terrorist threats, the security services' need to mount 'pre-emptive' operations in order to 'protect the public', encryption, the burden of data analysis, and the logistics of forensics in general in order to come to its conclusions.
John Lettice, 06 Jul 2006

EasyMobile.nl flops

EasyTycoon Stelios Haji-Ioannou has cut and run from his Netherlands EasyMobile virtual network operation. Customers were notified by no-frills email this morning they have until 1 August to find a new provider.
Christopher Williams, 06 Jul 2006

MS Xbox PMP won't make iPod RIP

AnalysisWorld+Dog is relaying news originally posted on Bloomberg that Microsoft's rumoured 'iPod killer' could be out in time for Christmas. But the question the reports don't address is how, if even the likes of Sony are unable to hinder the iPod's market domiance, Microsoft is going to do so with what could very well be a me-too machine?
Tony Smith, 06 Jul 2006

Apple sued in widening stock option probe

Apple is being sued over its awarding of stock options. Two separate suits have been started by shareholders which make claims against current and former officers of Apple, the company announced.
OUT-LAW.COM, 06 Jul 2006

Oz Big Brother outrage prompts law change

Australia is to change its broadcasting laws to encompass webcasts in reaction to general outrage over an alleged sexual assault on the show which was "streamed online and not shown on television", the BBC reports.
Lester Haines, 06 Jul 2006
server room

Sun to replace excuses with loads of Opteron gear

ExclusiveSun Microsystems next week will introduce the world to its latest gamble. The hardware maker is set to dish out a number of new Opteron-based systems – some of which will be like nothing else on the market from a Tier 1. All told, Sun's grand hardware release caps off a three- to four-year effort meant to revitalize sales and make Sun hot again.
Ashlee Vance, 06 Jul 2006

Sun eyes open source 'stacks'

An integrated suite of open source middleware stacks featuring Solaris and PostgreSQL, potentially offered to developers as a service, are on Sun Microsystems' radar.
Gavin Clarke, 06 Jul 2006
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Stolen VA laptop sold off 'back of a truck'

More details of how a stolen laptop containing the personal details of up to 26.5m US veterans was recovered have emerged.
John Leyden, 06 Jul 2006

HP trims real estate holdings in favor of IP-enabled cafes

HP today issued a proud but vague press release, saying it has plans to save money by cutting back on real estate sprawl.
Ashlee Vance, 06 Jul 2006

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