11th April 2013 Archive

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  • Chemical-dipped TRANSPARENT BRAINS bare all for science

    See-through cerebrums leave neural structures exposed

    Science 11 Apr 01:09

  • Researcher hacks aircraft controls with Android smartphone

    This may give the TSA some ideas

    Security 11 Apr 01:12

  • Bitcoin gets a $100 haircut on rollercoaster trading run

    Cointards perplexed as rampant speculation leads to crash

    Business 11 Apr 01:15

  • Planes in thunderstorms cop gamma ray bursts

    Only little ones, fortunately

    Science 11 Apr 01:16

  • SSH an ill-managed mess says SSH author Tatu Ylonen

    IETF draft a first step to new version

    Security 11 Apr 01:56

  • Oracle embraces NetApp and Cisco's FlexPod

    Oracle virtualisation, Linux and apps coming to rivals' stack-in-a-box

    Cloud Infrastructure 11 Apr 02:33

  • StreetView spots possible roadside nookie down under

    A boy, a girl, Google, suspiciously-placed pants and a national highway

    Networks 11 Apr 04:31

  • The gloves are on: Nokia emits super-sensitive £99 Windows Phone

    Along with svelte sibling

    Phones 11 Apr 05:00

  • AMI PC firmware upgrade scare: The global security meltdown that wasn't

    Although someone did 'open source' its code

    Security 11 Apr 06:00

  • IBM Australia on the stand over $1bn blowout

    Inquiry asks why ex-IBMer wanted Big Blue in the race for payroll system

    Government 11 Apr 06:17

  • Another 170,000 Freeview homes to be freed from reality TV - possibly

    4G broadband in telly bout dann sarf

    Media 11 Apr 07:00

  • Industry upstart: You know what high-end HPC needs? More DAY-GLO

    Thought we were going to say faster compute, dintcha?

    HPC 11 Apr 07:30

  • Aruba battles BlackBerry to protect biz from staffers' nasty iPhone apps

    This time with network support too

    Mobile 11 Apr 08:00

  • HGST straps Intel Thunderbolt onto uber-pricey drives, docks

    Go-faster interface tech, but it'll cost you...

    Hardware 11 Apr 08:30

  • Shaky liftoff for Sputnik: Dell's Linux lappie runs its own cloud, ish

    In 8GB of RAM and 256GB flash. And don't mention the Bluetooth

    Laptops 11 Apr 09:00

  • Sanbolic reveals flashy server goodness with Melio 5

    Ships server-side scale-out SSD-supporting services

    Storage 11 Apr 09:25

  • WTF is... H.265 aka HEVC?

    Ultra-efficient vid codec paves way for MONSTER-res TVs, decent mobe streaming

    Phones 11 Apr 10:05

  • Google U-turn DID preempt ICANN's block on corporate gTLD-snatchers

    .search, .blog, .cloud and .app safeguarded for 'public interest'

    Hosting 11 Apr 10:27

  • BizNAS at the front, party at the back: Tandberg adds Dropbox to NAS crate

    Stripped-down Linux storage box for biz types

    Storage 11 Apr 10:38

  • Software defined networking works up a head of steam

    Automation takes over the data centre

    Data Networking 11 Apr 11:00

  • Hey Intel, Microsoft: Share those profits with your PC pals, eh? - analyst

    Toppling tower of PC weaklings could bury giants, Gartner warns

    The Channel 11 Apr 11:24

  • Google asks Blighty to slave over its Maps for FREE

    OK, OK, it's a crowd-sourced map-editing tool

    Applications 11 Apr 11:39

  • Sonic the Hedgehog

    Sega's spikey blue erinaceinus across platforms, across time

    Games 11 Apr 12:00

  • P2P badboys The Pirate Bay kicked out of Greenland: Took under 48 hours

    Arrrrr... But we only just got here

    Hosting 11 Apr 12:19

  • Dinosaur embryos FOUND: Resurrection 'out of the question'* - boffin

    Fast-growing bones point to SUPER-SHORT incubation period

    Science 11 Apr 13:28

  • Foot-long slab too big? Microsoft 'has a 7-incher' to stroke

    Smaller Surface tab rumoured to chase iPad Mini sales

    Tablets 11 Apr 13:46

  • There's more to cloud computing than just hosting

    It's all about choice

    Cloud 11 Apr 14:00

  • Remember Streetmap? It's suing Google in a UK court

    Files complaint to 'protect its business'

    Law 11 Apr 14:07

  • Google submits 'formal commitments' to EC over search

    Now will you pull out the probe?

    Law 11 Apr 14:25

  • Microsoft crowns Barclay as new queen of UK channel

    Unthroned Ridgway heading to Latin America as veep

    The Channel 11 Apr 14:30

  • Mozilla CEO exits just as Firefox mobiles roll out

    Two years a long stint in Mozilla time

    Media 11 Apr 15:05

  • Administrator: 2e2 owed £412m to creditors when it went titsup

    Well-known channel firms owed MEELLIONS

    The Channel 11 Apr 15:32

  • Microsoft Xbox exec quits after ENRAGING the INTERWEBS

    'Always-on' Twitter gaffe provoked wrath of gamers

    Games 11 Apr 16:05

  • Malware-flinging Winnti crew has been RIPPING OFF gaming firms for YEARS

    Researchers: Cyberespionage campaign still targeting vid game vendors

    Security 11 Apr 16:53

  • Obama boosts military, 'black' and spook cyber forces

    Tanks? Feds? Pah! I want NERDS

    Government 11 Apr 17:34

  • Intel demos inexpensive 100Gb/sec silicon photonics chip

    Breakthrough will speed system-to-system data center links

    Data Networking 11 Apr 17:49

  • Cisco ports Nexus 1000V virtual switch to Microsoft's Hyper-V

    Hooks UCS servers into Systems Center, fast-tracks Windows infrastructure clouds

    Cloud Infrastructure 11 Apr 18:03

  • Judge scolds Apple, Motorola for using court as 'business strategy'

    Fed up with 'obstreperous and cantankerous conduct'

    Law 11 Apr 18:54

  • Tech titans team up to push immigration reform

    Zuck calls for changes in H-1B, education, patents

    Policy 11 Apr 19:06

  • Google tool lets you share data from BEYOND the GRAVE

    'If you're reading this, I must be dead'

    Security 11 Apr 20:19

  • SUSE updates Studio server appliance maker with native KVM

    Prepping SUSE Cloud OpenStack for Grizzly attack

    Cloud 11 Apr 23:33

  • Rotten spam causing more infections than ever – study

    Indian and Vietnamese kinds are the worst

    Security 11 Apr 23:46