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Mobile operators look to Firefox to beat back Google, Apple

MWC 2013Jumping into bed with Apple was a mistake for the mobile operators. Firefox is their second attempt at a solution.
Simon Rockman, 25 Feb 2013

Quantum computer one step closer after ‘true’ quantum calculation

An international group of physicists has had an important “first” acknowledged by the journal Nature Photonics: they built the first complete single-qubit system to implement a key algorithm in quantum computing.
Richard Chirgwin, 25 Feb 2013
cookies_eyes_privacy evercookies flash cookies

Firefox to spit out third-party cookies

The Mozilla Foundation has set up camp alongside Apple in the “cookies are bad” section of the Internet, decreeing that three versions hence its flagship Firefox browser won't accept cookies from anyone other than the publisher of websites it visits.
Simon Sharwood, 25 Feb 2013

Wikipedia to TXT articles to the developing world

Wikipedia will shortly become available to readers in the developing world as text messages.
Simon Sharwood, 25 Feb 2013
Empty phone battery

Toshiba boffins claim battery life boost with SRAM tweaks

Japanese electronics giant Toshiba claims to have found a technology solution to the perennial problem of mobile device battery life, offering a reduction in standby power consumption of up to 85 per cent.
Phil Muncaster, 25 Feb 2013
Java logo

Microsoft latest to 'fess up to Java-based Mac attack

Microsoft appears to be the latest big tech firm to have been hit by cyber attackers targeting Macs with a zero-day Java vulnerability, following a sophisticated campaign which has already infected developers at Facebook and Apple.
Phil Muncaster, 25 Feb 2013

Unwearable tech: Five ways IT garb's gone HORRIBLY WRONG

The Chocolate Factory has the technology for its Google Glass locked down in a patent but it has to collaborate with fashion retailer Warby Parker to make its artificial eye tech look cool, says the New York Times. The augmented reality spectacles are supposed to change the world, but currently they look too dorky to catch on with today's Apple-loving hipsters, so Google knows it needs help with that.
Anna Leach, 25 Feb 2013

Bouncing into Norks any time soon? At least you'll get 3G

Foreigners and tourists visiting North Korea will soon take advantage of wireless data connectivity closed to those who actually live there.
Bill Ray, 25 Feb 2013

Itsy-bitsy Wi-Fi brings pay-by-bonk to all

Desperate to pay-by-bonk but bored of waiting for the hardware? Then Podifi can help by providing a tiny Wi-Fi access point which turns any smartphone into a bonking wallet.
Bill Ray, 25 Feb 2013

Yahoo! and! Microsoft! have! long! way! to! go! in! account! hijack! fight!

Microsoft and Yahoo! are way behind Google in fighting account hijacking, according to security experts.
John Leyden, 25 Feb 2013
BlackBerry Z10

Review: Britain's 4G smartphones

Product Round-upIt’s been a good few months since the first 4G LTE network fired up in the UK, and wiser men than I have already tossed their orbs about the what and the how of EE’s monopoly 4G network. Time then to consider the 4G handsets now available for use in Blighty, and in the process cast a beady eye on speeds and coverage outside the hallowed boundary of the M25.
Alun Taylor, 25 Feb 2013
HP ElitePad 900

HP's ElitePad 900 now so elite, you've probably not heard of it

HP has taken a cautious step back into the world of slab computing: its ElitePad 900 has finally landed in the UK distribution channel albeit in relatively low volumes.
Paul Kunert, 25 Feb 2013

You've made an app for Android, iOS, Windows - what about the user interface?

Cross-platform development is a big deal, and will continue to be so until a day comes when everyone uses the same platform. Android? HTML? WebKit? iOS? Windows?
Tim Anderson, 25 Feb 2013

Microsoft's own code should prevent an Azure SSL fail: So what went wrong?

Sysadmin blogServer 2012 is the Microsoft operating system that, in my opinion, makes cloud computing a reality. As far as I am concerned it is as big a leap over Server 2008 R2 as that OS was over Server 2003. With it you can build anything from a small cluster to a service as big as Microsoft's own Azure platform.
Trevor Pott, 25 Feb 2013
Dlink Index

Drilling into a half-decent gigabit small-biz switch... from D-Link

ReviewI have a confession to make, dear readers. While I'm aware that this admission opens me up to virtually unlimited heckling from the Cisco-indoctrinated crowd, the truth of the matter is that D-Link switches have served me in good stead for over a decade. After having spent the past month reviewing D-Link's DGS-3420-28TC, I've decided its maker stands an excellent chance of remaining a staple vendor for my SMB clients for another decade.
Trevor Pott, 25 Feb 2013

Microsoft coughs up compensation for Azure cloud cock-up

Microsoft has vowed to compensate users of its Azure cloud after an expired SSL certificate took the service offline.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 25 Feb 2013

BT argues Ofcom is 'mistaken' on Ethernet price capping plan

BT has hit out at Ofcom over its plans to tighten control of pricing of the national telco's wholesale Ethernet services outside London and Hull by describing the decision to regulate high speed data links as a "mistake".
Kelly Fiveash, 25 Feb 2013
A bee covered with pollen on a flower

Hadoop Hive stung into action, swarms around SQL

Hortonworks has unveiled the Stinger Initiative, a project to make Hadoop’s Hive data warehouse friendlier with SQL and faster.
Gavin Clarke, 25 Feb 2013

Razzie voters drive stake through Twilight

The 33rd Razzie Awards honoured Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 over the weekend with no less than seven statuettes for outrages against the cinematic art, with the final installment of the teen vampire franchise picking up Worst Picture, Worst Actress (Kristen Stewart) Worst Supporting Actor (Taylor Lautner), Worst Screen Couple (Lautner and Mackenzie Foy) and Worst Screen Ensemble (the entire cast), Worst Remake/Rip-Off or Sequel and Worst Director (Bill Condon).
Lester Haines, 25 Feb 2013
Nokia HERE iOS maps app

Nokia opens Maps to rivals, flogs uber-budget €15 phone

MWC 2013A Linux phone running Mozilla OS can be found on Nokia’s stand at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week – but it’s not a "Plan B". It’s more a statement of intent from the Finnish handset company about its Maps platform, which Nokia is opening up and licensing more aggressively to non-Nokia mobile devices.
Andrew Orlowski, 25 Feb 2013

UK distie boss: My brush with death in rapper's drive-by killing

A twist of fate saved the boss of a UK IT distributor from a hail of bullets that killed rapper Kenny Clutch on the Las Vegas Strip.
Paul Kunert, 25 Feb 2013
Amdahl 470V/6 mainframe computer on the 3rd floor of the Computing Center Building on the University of Michigan, credit Jeff Ogden, original photographer unknown

Unisys re-ups $650m deal to look after US taxman's big iron

National tax collection agencies were among the first organizations in the world to use IBM, Sperry, Burroughs, and other mainframes, and despite all the grumbling and grousing over the high costs of these venerable box, they have invested a fortune in COBOL applications and it is not so easy to ditch the mainframe as it might seem. And it looks like the mainframe will be sticking around the US Internal Revenue Service for quite a bit longer, if a new support contract won by Unisys, worth a potential $650m over the next decade, is any indication.
best buy

Best Buy takes axe to touchy Windows 8 PCs - lops $100 off price

Best Buy will slash $100 off the price of touchscreen Windows 8 PCs.
Gavin Clarke, 25 Feb 2013

IBM skips BladeCenter chassis with Power7+ rollout

Even before IBM launched its Power7+ entry and midrange servers in early February, El Reg told you that it was suspicious, although not yet alarming, that no rumors were going around that Big Blue was working on Power7+ kickers to its PS7XX series of blade servers for its BladeCenter enclosures.

Dell takes aim at iPad, uncloaks enterprise-level Win8 tablet

MWC 2013Dell has updated its Windows 8 tablet line, and in doing so has juiced the industry's increasing realization that fondleslabs are here to stay, belong in the enterprise, require enterprise-level security features, and are not just for playing Angry Birds.
Rik Myslewski, 25 Feb 2013

Ancient lost continent discovered lounging on Mauritian beach

Fragments of an ancient microcontinent lie beneath holiday destinations Mauritius and Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean, experts say.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 25 Feb 2013

Mobile TV is BACK: Ericsson launches broadcast video for 4G

MWC 2013Broadcast mobile TV is back again, this time on Verizon's 4G network with better quality than ever, because it's obviously merely inferior technology which has prevented the success of mobile broadcasting in the past.
Bill Ray, 25 Feb 2013

Barnes & Noble to sling their Nook - report

As Barnes & Noble prepare investors for disappointing quarterly results on Thursday, the company will move away from making hardware and put more emphasis on shifting digital books, a New York Times source says.
Anna Leach, 25 Feb 2013

Not so fast, BlackBerry. Now Samsung wants your tasty biz mobe pie

MWC 2013Samsung is touting a new package called KNOX that attempts to split an Android device in two separate halves, one for business and the other for personal use.
Bill Ray, 25 Feb 2013
Mellanox SwitchX-2 ASIC and its switches, not to scale

Mellanox pumps up channel for InfiniBand, Ethernet pushes

Switch and server adapter maker Mellanox Technologies gave Wall Street a bit of a shock with some cable issues and a big revenue shortfall in its most recent quarter and a projected one for the current quarter after one of its OEM customers bought more product in the latter part of 2012 than they could sell even into the first quarter.

Wages frozen, jobs at risk. Now Capita ITS shifts pay reviews to 1 April

Workers at Capita IT Services (CITS) have been warned their annual reviews could be moved to the same date... April Fool's Day.
Paul Kunert, 25 Feb 2013

Muscles-from-Brussels Vanhamme crams into Dell EMEA role

The IT channel's very own muscles from Brussels Dominique Vanhamme has pitched up at Dell to run its networking business across EMEA.
Paul Kunert, 25 Feb 2013

Obama cybersecurity order mandates better information sharing

RSA 2013President Obama's executive order on cybersecurity means security officers at critical infrastructure companies will get greater clearances from the government to access its information, says a Department of Homeland Security honcho.
Jack Clark, 25 Feb 2013

Telecom bigwigs: 'We're all friends – really'

MWC 2013A gaggle of the world's top telecom grandees put on a show of smiling unanimity as the Mobile World Congress got underway in a kumbaya-fest that masked the intense competition among them.
Simon Rockman, 25 Feb 2013

Open source port-a-thon brings Ubuntu to more phones, tablets

Curious to try out Ubuntu Touch but don't have any Nexus kit to install it on? You may soon be in luck, thanks to the efforts of the Ubuntu open source community.
Neil McAllister, 25 Feb 2013

It begins: Six-strikes copyright smackdown starts in US

Five of the biggest US internet service providers will begin rolling out a Copyright Alert System (CAS) this week as part of a new six-strikes policy of restricting internet access designed to "educate rather than punish."
Iain Thomson, 25 Feb 2013

Poor leadership, tech, hold back Australian open government

Australian Information Commissioner Professor John McMillan has released the results of a survey into government attitudes towards, and adoption of, open government and found more needs to be done to embrace the content.
Simon Sharwood, 25 Feb 2013

LG acquires webOS from HP – but not for mobile kit

Foster-child operating system webOS has been placed in yet another home – but not one in which it will be used for its original smartphone raison d'être.
Rik Myslewski, 25 Feb 2013

Elon Musk: 'Fudged' NYT article cost Tesla $100m

Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk says a recent negative review of his company's Model S electric car by The New York Times may have cost his company as much as $100m.
Neil McAllister, 25 Feb 2013
management project5

Skyhigh Networks lets bosses snoop on employee cloud use

RSA 2013People have a tendency to skirt corporate IT policy and use their own applications on the network, and Skyhigh Networks thinks it has a way for IT admins to stop this from happening.
Jack Clark, 25 Feb 2013

EMC morphs Hadoop elephant into SQL database Hawq

EMC has accomplished a remarkable bit of inter-species husbandry, marrying the Hadoop elephant to a Greenplum to birth an SQL-speaking Hawq.
CSIRO test image PKS 0407-658

Australian supercomputer to use geothermal cooling

As Australia’s Square Kilometer Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) telescope takes shape, CSIRO has begun drilling in an unusual approach to cooling supercomputers.
Richard Chirgwin, 25 Feb 2013

Samsung, Visa in pay-by-bonk tie up

Samsung and Visa have inked an agreement to pre-load the card giant’s payWave application on selected Samsung devices, with the upcoming Galaxy S4 slated to be the first built-in pay-by-bonk Visa device.
Richard Chirgwin, 25 Feb 2013

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