9th September 2009 Archive

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  • Microsoft tells US retailers Linux is rubbish

    'What most customers want' is Windows

    Operating Systems 09 00:40

  • Silverlight swallows off-line DRM pill

    Four's the glory

    Developer 09 00:42

  • Microsoft, Cisco issue patches for newfangled DoS exploit

    Relief for industry-wide TCP attack

    Security 09 01:13

  • Google Maps reborn as world's largest Monopoly board

    No antitrust jokes, please

    Bootnotes 09 05:41

  • Sony Ericsson demos transparent handset

    Phone boasts see-through display

    Phones 09 07:45

  • Xperia Pureness: The oddest mobile phone ever?

    The Strategy Boutique meets Feature backlash for Sony Ericsson

    Mobile 09 08:02

  • T-Orange: And then there were four

    What the new deal means for consumers and the industry

    Mobile 09 08:02

  • Morse sales and profits sink in economic storm

    Claims restructuring starting to pay off

    The Channel 09 08:54

  • Director misappropriated former employer's data, court rules

    'Classic springboard operation'

    Small Biz 09 09:11

  • Palm introduces Pré junior

    Cute looks, but... Pixi?

    Phones 09 09:11

  • Asus intros stylish binary-inspired monitors

    Killer looks

    Hardware 09 09:18

  • Dell shoots low for SMBs

    New servers, NAS box

    Servers 09 10:02

  • Thermageddon? Postponed!

    It might get chilly for a bit

    Science 09 10:13

  • Adaptec bolts SSDs onto lightning RAIDs

    Cache and hurry

    Storage 09 10:40

  • Sony writes up UK e-book viewer plan

    New Readers, e-bookshop coming to Blighty

    Hardware 09 10:48

  • MPs meet Home Sec to urge McKinnon extradition rethink

    Another 11th hour appeal

    Government 09 10:49

  • 'Ring-wing' robo-sub smart swarm lands £6m oil deal

    MoD uninterested in Brit ring-bot sniffers, though

    Science 09 10:59

  • Ofcom website takes second day off

    Shot down by Colt

    Broadband 09 11:03

  • Good Housekeeping readers play hunt the G-spot

    Middle England tickles its stiff upper lips

    Bootnotes 09 11:04

  • New web filter laws questioned by top child abuse cop

    Home Office brewing pointless legislation?

    Law 09 11:05

  • Baby swing vid man cut loose

    Oz plod faces court action over web 'abuse' arrest

    Law 09 11:12

  • First solar-powered noise-cancelling headset launched

    Carbon-free calls

    Hardware 09 11:13

  • HP OfficeJet 6500 Wireless all-in-one inkjet

    Nice print quality, great running costs

    Hardware 09 11:38

  • Scientology seeks to squash anonymity

    Anonymous attacks could backfire with tighter Aussie laws

    Law 09 11:40

  • Google books deal 'bad for biz', thunders Microsoft

    Frenchies not kissing up to web giant either

    Media 09 11:44

  • Sonic the Hedgehog to make 2D comeback

    Old-school Sonic fans' wish granted

    Games 09 11:46

  • Pesticides fingered in UK honeybee wipeout

    Further suspicion falls on neonicotinoids

    Science 09 11:49

  • BBC newsreader kidnapped by Phillip Garrido

    Forced to bear children...

    Bootnotes 09 12:06

  • Samsung launches skinny monitor, spurious marketing

    Meaningless acronyms ahoy

    Hardware 09 12:28

  • Intel Core i5-750 and Core i7-870

    'Lynnfield' performance figures are go

    Hardware 09 12:29

  • Flight sim site turns over hacker evidence to UK cops

    Shoot 'em down, says Avsim

    Security 09 12:40

  • Good Day Sunshine as Beatles hits iTunes? Er, nope

    Rumour mill continues to Revolver

    Media 09 12:59

  • Spotify on iPhone: nice app, but no multitasking

    A fatal flaw?

    Media 09 13:16

  • Philippine fury at text tax

    F@ck off

    Mobile 09 13:39

  • China Mobile embraces Symbian

    You've got a friend

    Mobile 09 13:58

  • Blade Network nabs $10m in funding

    Shy server maker kicks in some dough

    Servers 09 14:01

  • EC to tackle 'misleading' online gadget sellers

    Over 200 'problem' websites slammed

    Hardware 09 14:02

  • Philips demos specs-less 3D TV

    But may never launch it

    Hardware 09 14:03

  • Ohio armed robber asked victim for a date

    'We are not exactly sure what he was thinking', admits cop

    Bootnotes 09 14:04

  • EMC quadruples investments in India

    An extra $1.5bn goes a lot further there

    Storage 09 14:47

  • Micro Focus stock tumbles as boss quits

    Those pesky personal reasons

    The Channel 09 15:22

  • Guardian hitches ride in Mercedes Bunz

    Media überblogstress ponders 'boundaries and oligopolies'

    Media 09 15:28

  • Slime-powered Toyota Prius demoed

    Schwarzenegger to test motor's mettle

    Science 09 15:36

  • Tesco gets Flash of Silverlight in 'virtual DVD' deal

    Every little helps

    Applications 09 15:39

  • A phone in every car gains hard-won GSMA support

    Phoning while driving = £60, phoning after a crash = priceless

    Mobile 09 16:02

  • Next-gen Atom gets faster sibling

    N450 to be joined by N470

    Hardware 09 16:06

  • Ubuntu's Koala food arrives on shelves

    Eucalyptus. Tastes great on VMware

    Servers 09 16:41

  • AT&T (tries) to double iPhone 3G speeds

    In some cities. For some users

    Mobile 09 17:00

  • Word nemesis: Microsoft deliberately 'destroyed' our business

    Playing partners

    Applications 09 18:26

  • Sage payment processor suffers 24-hour outage

    Transaction history repeats itself (again)

    Financial News 09 18:41

  • Google Maps Monopoly board folds under server strain

    Hardware funds misspent on Water Works?

    Media 09 18:43

  • German Pirate Party MP charged in child porn case

    Immunity lifted

    Security 09 18:47

  • Apple squeezes video camera into iPod nano

    But not the iPod touch

    Media 09 18:59

  • Critical bug infests newer versions of Microsoft Windows

    Redmond OS hardening has its limits

    Security 09 19:23

  • Hubble back in form with stunning new images

    I spy with my massive eye...

    Science 09 21:47

  • Storage hardware crawls out from under melted economy

    Software follows

    Storage 09 23:42

  • US gov sites embrace GooHoo instant logins

    Obama does OpenID

    Policy 09 23:58