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HP paddles through Q3 slump on EDS lifeboat

The economy is still rough waters for tech companies, but Hewlett-Packard has again kept afloat by latching on services while tossing employees overboard.
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Microsoft warns of 'irreparable harm' on court's Word injunction

Microsoft's warned it'll suffer "irreparable harm" and that "major public disruption" will result if it's forced to redesign Word to comply with a US court ruling.
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Feds uncover 'bust out' scam that cost banks $80m

Federal authorities have uncovered an elaborate organized crime ring they say recruited some 700 immigrants from the former Soviet Union to defraud banks and other creditors of more than $80m.
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Opaque Wi-Fi laws 'damage UK economy, social inclusion'

Laws controlling the sharing of wireless internet access are hindering the digital economy and the digital social inclusion plans of Government, an academic has warned. The law should be clarified to help spread broadband access more widely, he said.

Xsigo is good for decluttering but can it clean up?

Comment I/O virtualiser Xsigo has won another deal and successfully gone through a funding round in June. But its technology could just be a short-term fix to a server-edge network clutter problem.
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Asus laptops top for reliability in Q2

Asus laptops were the most reliable notebook computers during Q2, US repair specialist has claimed. Apple came second, Lenovo third.

Motorola and Blockbuster sign movie deal

Blockbuster is to launch a movies-on-demand service for Motorola handsets.
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EU to pour €18m into next, next generation mobile

The European Union is planning to invest €18m in the next generation of the Long Term Evolution standard, promising 1Gb speeds to those unhappy with the 100Mb/sec available from LTE.
Bill Ray, 19 2009
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Eurocrats ask Apple to explain immolating iPhones

The European Commission appears to have been taken in by the media hoopla over exploding iPhones, and has asked Apple to explain what's going on.
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US military cyber force activated

The US air force held an activation ceremony in Texas yesterday for its new cyberspace combat unit, the 24th Air Force, which will "provide combat-ready forces trained and equipped to conduct sustained cyber operations".

The legal risks of uncontrolled IM use

White paper Everyone loves instant messaging, the chat-cum-presence tool of choice of the masses. And that love extends to the workplace...IM should overtake email as the preferred method of business communication by the second half of 2010, an IDC survey found last year.
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MS pumps out near-ready version of Exchange Server 2010

Microsoft has spun out another test build of Exchange Server 2010.
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Ads body cuts off Skype ad after pic quality complaints

Skype has been slapped down by the UK's ad regulator for running a TV ad which showed video and sound quality in excess of what viewers believed the VoiP service could manage in the real world.
Joe Fay, 19 2009

Netbooks popular among college kids

More than a third of kids going off to college in the US this autumn will take a netbook with them, a survey of students has suggested.
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Old-school virus threatens Delphi files

Updated Virus writers have gone old school with the creation of a virus that infects Delphi files as they are built.

Follow the money: Chasing cheap data centre power

It will soon be possible for data centre operators to move workloads between data centres in pursuit of the cheapest electricity supply.
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Met trades truncheons for Twitter

The Metropolitan Police has turned to Twitter to help control an upcoming Climate Camp protest in London.
Joe Fay, 19 2009
Fisker Karma at Monterey

Fisker e-sportster debuts on infamous Laguna Seca circuit

Leccy Tech The Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid has made its public driving debut at the annual Rolex Monterey Historic Automobile Races - barely a year and a half after first being unveiled as a concept.

Moles say MS to tackle iPhone, Android separately

How will Microsoft compete with Google's Android and Apple's iPhone OS? By targeting a separate version of Windows Mobile at each of them, moles have claimed.
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Soviet military-surplus manned spacecraft to fly again

A company with a former NASA astronaut among its management says it has acquired several Cold War era Russian ex-military spacecraft and stations. The firm intends to refit its "Almaz" reusable capsules for commercial manned operations in orbit.
Logitech Performance Mouse MX

Logitech intros shiny-surface loving mice

Logitech has introduced a couple of mice it claims will work as well on a glass-topped table as it will on a rather less shiny one.
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Aussie Sex Party bursts upon political stage

It's official: the Australian Sex Party (ASP) is now a bona fide political party, entitled to appear on the ballot paper, raise funds and even - if they gain more than four percent of the primary vote - eligible for public funding.

Copan silence prompts sell-off rumours

Copan, the high-density persistent storage array vendor, has sunk into virtual silence since parting with its CEO Mark Ward a month ago, prompting rumours that its backers are looking for a sale instead of a new CEO.
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FCC reaches out to Twitterati

The Federal Communications Commission has launched both a blog and a Twitter feed. Amazingly, the latter has already attracted 952 followers, despite having only two tweets so far.
Bill Ray, 19 2009
The BBC HD Testcard

How to set up your HDTV like a pro

Back in the old days, when you bought – or rented – a television set, someone would deliver it, set it up and tune it in for you. And there was a very good chance that when they did that, they’d be able to find a channel broadcasting a testcard without much difficulty, and use that to make sure all the picture settings were correct, or at least not completely wide of the mark.
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Sites pulling sneaky Flash cookie-snoop

Many websites are using Flash-based cookies to track users, but often omit to mention this in their privacy policies.

Google annexes Bibliothèque Nationale de France

France's cultural imperial guard has waved the white flag at Google and handed over the keys to the Bibliothèque Nationale de France.
Joe Fay, 19 2009
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Sign up for The Register Agile Data Center Summit

The Register Agile Data Center Summit, a live interactive conference featuring analysis, insight and debate from experts at Freeform Dynamics, Dell, VMWare and Intel, beams live from Reg HQ on 15 September 5:30pm BST, 9:30am PST, 12:30am EST.
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Japan torture flick sickens UK film censor

The Japanese movie Grotesque (NSFW) has gained a rare accolade this month, in being one of the few films to be refused an '18' certificate in recent years by the British Board of Film Censors (BBFC).

Blighty customers see some Windows 7 prices halved

Amazon UK is punting the full version of Windows 7 Home Premium at half the price it's selling for in the US, and scoring a healthy amount of publicity to boot.
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What’s the point of desktop virtualization?

Reader Workshop Over the past few weeks we have considered many facets of virtualization and now we take a look at an area that has the potential to subtly alter the way in which the majority of users interact with IT services, namely the desktop. Research carried out by Freeform Dynamics last year with the help of readers of The Register showed that considerably fewer than 10 per cent of organisations had deployed desktop virtualization for live systems.
Tony Lock, 19 2009
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Unmanned German sperm dirigible 'to fly within days'

A German-American venture says it is now days from the maiden flight of its 111-foot long, tadpole-esque "segmented" drone airship.

Australian media group rejects Amazon's Kindle

Antipodean publisher Fairfax Media has decided against putting its newspapers onto Amazon's cash cow, claiming the proposed deal was too biased in the book selling giant's favour.
Bill Ray, 19 2009
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Obama site smackdown spam only offers malware

Spam messages offering links to a tool designed to knock out the website of President Obama lead only to dodgy software.
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Linux: More contributors, more code

The Linux Foundation, which is something akin to the marketing arm of the open source operating system kernel and its related systems software, has today released its second report detailing how the Linux 2.6 kernel is evolving.
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Microsoft to encircle Google and Apple with Windows Mobile split

When a person says they like something, they might also add: "What's not to like?"
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San Francisco dumps city data online

San Francisco is heaping raw government data onto the web in the hopes developers build iPhone apps for folks to complain about trees blocking their sidewalk and to Google restaurant health-code violations.

Apple loses students to netbooks and Windows

When US students return to their classrooms this fall, few of them will be lugging along new Apple notebooks.
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GGF plans to steer The Pirate Bay freeloaders straight

Global Gaming Factory X (GGF) hopes to transform millions of file-sharing freeloaders on The Pirate Bay into upstanding customers by letting copyright owners remove content or authorize files and receive compensation.
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IDC: Linux support sales to break $1bn in 2012

So you think companies sell $1bn in Linux support contracts a year worldwide? Think again. That isn't going to happen until 2012, and maybe not at all if the trends of using commercial distros without paying for support continue apace.
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HP servers took brunt of Q3 blow

Hewlett-Packard, as much as IBM, is now a bellwether for the IT sector, and its server business didn't do so hot in its fiscal third quarter ended July 31.
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Besieged by attacks, AT&T dumps celebrity hacker

Updated Over the years, Kevin Mitnick has gotten used to the attacks on his website and cell phone account that routinely result from being a convicted hacker turned security expert. What he finds much harder to stomach is the treatment he's getting from his providers.
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VMware target Springs to open-source cloud management

Days after being purchased by VMware, open-source Java specialist SpringSource is expanding into the enterprise cloud-deployment biz using a recent acquisition of its own.