10th October 2011 Archive

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  • Behind iVEC’s ‘big science’ supercomputer

    Putting Australia’s West on the map

    HPC 10 Oct 00:01

  • Napster boys are back with Airtime

    Backed by the Valley's VC elite

    Media 10 Oct 00:39

  • Can network architectures break the speed limit?

    Bandwidth is never enough

    Enterprise Tech 10 Oct 01:00

  • The life and times of Steven Paul Jobs, Part Two

    Empire-building inspirational visionary, or megalomaniacal swine?

    Hardware 10 Oct 02:04

  • Scientists break card that secures homes, offices, transit

    Does hack of Mifare DESFire Smartcard affect NASA, too?

    Security 10 Oct 05:00

  • Brit boffins' bendy bamboo bike breakthrough

    Velocipede survives Alps trip, goes on sale

    Science 10 Oct 07:57

  • HP and Hynix to produce the memristor goods by 2013

    18 months to go, baby

    Hardware 10 Oct 08:29

  • Twitter update: @regsecurity – The Reg bags imposter

    It's ours, all ours ...

    Site News 10 Oct 09:02

  • Citrix pushes the pedal on NetScaler appliance metal

    2,048-bit SSL coprocessor nitro

    Servers 10 Oct 09:24

  • Biker gang plunders Covent Garden Apple Store

    Two held over digital scrumping

    Security 10 Oct 09:41

  • HP UK sales hit by PC biz uncertainty

    Leo's legacy lingers

    The Channel 10 Oct 09:50

  • Samsung sets back smartphone launch for Steve J

    Wrong time to praise a new Jesus Phone rival, apparently

    Phones 10 Oct 09:56

  • Olloclip three-in-one lens

    Optical expaaaaaaansion for the iPhone

    Hardware 10 Oct 10:00

  • BT and F1 legend punt miracle diet in Twitter hijack

    The return of the Acai Berry scam

    Security 10 Oct 10:16

  • E-book maker speeds E Ink Pearl tech

    Bookeen unveils High Speed ​​Ink System

    Tablets 10 Oct 10:28

  • US rocketeer thunders to 121,000ft

    Mighty thruster vies for altitude prize

    Science 10 Oct 10:29

  • RIM touches BlackBerrys together to swap content

    Rubbing off on one another

    Phones 10 Oct 10:30

  • Could! Yahoo! be! sold! to! private! buyers?

    Rumours of firm leaving public market to recover in peace

    Business 10 Oct 10:44

  • RMS swallowed by Pinnacle Telecom

    Reseller and services biz flogged after profits turned to losses

    The Channel 10 Oct 10:52

  • The effects of Consumerisation results

    The readers speak

    Data Centre 10 Oct 11:00

  • Orange and T-Mobile join hands with 3G coverage

    Everything Everywhere getting there

    Mobile 10 Oct 11:01

  • Boffins fear killer gamma death blasts from space

    Short, hard and hot eruptions lead to unhappy ending...

    Science 10 Oct 11:14

  • German hackers snare wiretap Trojan, accuse gov of writing it...

    Who would admit to writing crappy code anyway?

    Security 10 Oct 11:29

  • Zombie browser with evil past returns from the grave

    Regular and 'adult' versions promise to keep viruses from 'breeding'

    Security 10 Oct 11:46

  • Toshiba Qosmio X770 17.3in 3D gaming notebook

    Fully loaded

    Laptops 10 Oct 12:00

  • Email and compliance: How not to blow the storage budget?

    Commentards, we need your input

    Software 10 Oct 12:01

  • Hero Ordnance Surveyors dodge bullets, tweet as they map

    Just a mappin' and a-fussin' and a tweetin' and a 'cussin...

    Software 10 Oct 12:15

  • Huawei bolsters UK Advisory Board

    The baroness, the web seller and the TfL director

    The Channel 10 Oct 12:29

  • Android Marketplace blocked by Great Firewall of China

    Dalai Lama ding-dong

    Policy 10 Oct 12:44

  • Cornish villagers treated to 4G trial

    Telcos agree to test tech together

    Networks 10 Oct 13:01

  • Steve Jobs: The Movie in the works

    Sony Pictures bags $1m rights to biopic iMovie

    Media 10 Oct 13:21

  • Think 2014 if you're waiting for 4G in the UK

    Ofcom juggles warring operators

    Networks 10 Oct 13:41

  • Motorola punts Android into the enterprise

    £1,000 fondleslab for shopkeepers, not shoppers

    Networks 10 Oct 13:58

  • Netflix cans Qwikster

    DVD rentals pulled back into streaming biz

    Hardware 10 Oct 14:14

  • iPhone 4S pay-monthly tariffs compared

    How low will they go?

    Mobile 10 Oct 14:23

  • BlackBerry BBM, email downed in epic FAIL

    Online service outage in Europe, Middle East and Africa

    Networks 10 Oct 14:40

  • Stallman: Jobs exerted 'malign influence' on computing

    Misfiring bearded firebrand should stick to software

    Operating Systems 10 Oct 15:06

  • Would you trust a dot-bank site more than a dot-com?

    Top-level domain for verified banks only proposed

    Hosting 10 Oct 15:19

  • Virus infects killer US air drone fleet

    Key-logger just won't go away

    Security 10 Oct 15:39

  • Laptop shoots spike into owner's hand

    DVD drive part springs into action

    Laptops 10 Oct 15:40

  • Google shoots Dart at JavaScript

    It's really not a JavaScript killer, insists author

    Software 10 Oct 15:51

  • NetApp's STEALTH launch of ONTAP 8.1

    Could already be on a server near you...

    Storage 10 Oct 16:01

  • AT&T asks Apple to signal iPhone 4S is a 4G phone

    LTE isn't 4G, and HSPA+ certainly ain't

    Phones 10 Oct 16:13

  • iPhone 4S pre-orders obliterate sales records

    24 hours, one million shiny-shiny seekers

    Phones 10 Oct 17:29

  • Your organization’s security depends on everyone

    Big and small security fundamentals

    Security 10 Oct 18:46

  • Genetics and technology make Columbus Day a fraud

    But who cares, it’s a day off

    Science 10 Oct 20:13

  • Hulu still flirting with suitors despite Yahoo! pull out

    Premature exit as Yang considers own future

    Media 10 Oct 21:42

  • Sims outlines Oz network regulation again

    Calming the debate

    Broadband 10 Oct 22:00

  • Oz broadband speeds leap 917% in TWO WEEKS!

    Akamai versus Pando: the fun of speed surveys

    Broadband 10 Oct 23:30