19th September 2008 Archive

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  • How green is your supercomputer?

    Color is relative

    Servers 19 02:18

  • How IBM turned lost storage share into a big win

    Ground and pound

    The Channel 19 06:02

  • Google's 'Smart Grid' idea? Get the govt to pay for it

    Mr Schmidt goes to Washington

    Science 19 09:15

  • US blogger to enjoy Singapore jail

    3 months for insulting judge

    Law 19 09:19

  • Apple ships 4GB iPod Nano instead of 16GB version

    Shipment blunder revealed

    Hardware 19 09:20

  • Asus intros 'world's first' Skype videophone

    No PC needed

    Hardware 19 09:30

  • Nvidia to axe 360 jobs

    Money saved to be spent on SoC development

    The Channel 19 09:57

  • 500,000 oppose Red Arrows Olympic ban

    Gov responds to e-petition

    Bootnotes 19 10:12

  • Asus launches Atom-based notebook - not netbook

    N10 debuts

    Hardware 19 10:28

  • Oracle assures financiers they're not that important after all

    Trust us because we don't trust you

    The Channel 19 10:28

  • EU slaughterhouses may get animal welfare officers

    'Feeling ok? Any last requests?'

    Bootnotes 19 10:35

  • Unannounced Nokia E-series talkers leaked

    E72 slider and E75 business

    Mobile 19 10:39

  • Apple fans besieged by iPhone Trojan and iTunes attack


    Mobile 19 10:39

  • ePassport tests put biometrics through their paces

    Vendors sweat ahead of June dabs and iris scan deadline

    Government 19 10:57

  • BOFH: Remote access malarkey

    Don't mark yourself as a target

    BOFH 19 11:02

  • Samsung unveils Small, Cheap Computer

    Korean giant to take on Acer, Dell, Asus, HP et al

    Hardware 19 11:16

  • What is Oracle's 'major database innovation'?

    A Delphic Sibyl at the Moscone Centre

    Developer 19 11:28

  • Retailers predict price-led Xbox 360 sales surge

    Cuts fuel demand boom

    Games 19 11:41

  • Ten of the Best... MP3 speakers

    Play it all night long

    Hardware 19 11:42

  • Bluetoothing androids to shout at blind people

    Just follow the websigns

    Broadband 19 11:42

  • Noel Edmonds defies BBC's jackbooted enforcers

    Cancels TV licence - or does he?

    Bootnotes 19 11:45

  • Sun stuffs bigger kit in Backbox

    Containers get more high-end gear

    The Channel 19 11:46

  • Dell offers XP option for £44k

    Avoid Vista - at any price

    Bootnotes 19 12:04

  • First Merc hybrid first to use laptop battery tech

    The li-ion and the lamb

    Science 19 13:09

  • Danish court jails six in terror T-shirts case

    Radical chic ends up in prison wear

    Law 19 13:15

  • Slimline Xbox 360 to be named the Pure?

    New model, or replacement for Arcade, Premium or Elite?

    Games 19 13:25

  • Mission Impossible: Restoring Exchange in 30 Seconds

    Application restore that is: full data is something else

    Storage 19 14:12

  • Stob latest: IEEE flags dodgy paper

    Cleaning up after peer review

    Developer 19 14:15

  • Did the width move for you, darling?

    Reg makeover, five days in

    Site News 19 14:16

  • Firm threatens action against CCTV whistleblower

    Takes exception to him going public

    Security 19 14:18

  • GSMA to fund alternative fuel base stations

    Wind, solar, chip fat?

    Networks 19 14:41

  • Boffins create everyday Bluetooth audio guide

    "And on your left is a Starbucks"

    Science 19 15:16

  • Today be talk like a pirate day

    Avast, ye scurvy sons o' the IT strumpet

    Bootnotes 19 16:00

  • Google's IP 'anonymization' inadequate, says EU watchdog

    Hearings with Mountain View imminent

    Law 19 16:59

  • Citect yanks 'misleading' SCADA bug advisory

    Are you vulnerable? Only you can know

    Security 19 17:33

  • SiCortex cranks clocks on mega MIPS machines

    Buy one supercomputer, get one free

    Servers 19 18:09

  • Sockpuppeting civil servant Wikifiddles himself

    Multiple personality face stealer suspended

    Media 19 18:09

  • Mozilla plans mobile Firefox, plus 'public resource' usage data

    Anonymous, of course - but isn't it always?

    Applications 19 19:15

  • Cisco borgs Jabber

    You're next, Jibber

    Financial News 19 19:18

  • HP surprises itself with virtual Exchange servers

    VMware lovey dovey

    Virtualization 19 19:45

  • Texas National Guard site disappears after malware attack

    The $50 exorcism

    Security 19 19:51

  • VMware patches remote execution vulns

    Closing openwsman

    Security 19 22:59

  • Bill Buxton to change Microsoft from within, hug Steve Ballmer

    Can Redmond learn design?

    Applications 19 23:33