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Poker shares dip

PartyGaming - the company behind the world's largest poker website - saw its shares dip sharply this morning despite posting an 81 per cent increase in turnover. Investors are worried that online gambling will not continue its current rapid growth.
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Coke to sell virtual stuff with the 'real thing'

Ireland will be the first European market to see a new generation of coke-vending machines, which will also sell mobile phone top-ups, ringtones and music.
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Skype honeypot snares dirty IMers

NSFW Imagine this entertainment scenario: you create a female Skype profile and activate it in "Skype me" mode. Within a few minutes, IM pervs begin to sniff around your honeypot. What they don't know, though, is that they're being set up by a programme which partners two horny male IMers for an intimate conversation - one of whom thinks the other is a hot babe gagging for cybersex.
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France Telecom rejigs business structure

France Telecom (FT) has rejigged its business and introduced a new bunch of suits to help press ahead with its "NExT" programme.
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Digital divide is self-repairing, says UK gov

A UK government-sponsored study has declared that the digital divide between technology-rich citizens and e-impoverished have-nots "is only a short-term concern that will correct itself with time", eGov monitor reports.

Gigabyte unveils 'less hazardous' Opteron mobo

Gigabyte last week announced its first 'eco' workstation mobo - a dual Opteron-aimed board that complies with Europe's hazardous materials regulations.
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Saturn's rings are mighty weird

The Cassini imaging team has released a slew of previously unseen pictures from the Saturn ring and moon system, to coincide with the 37th annual meeting of the Division of Planetary Sciences of the American Astronomical Society held in Cambridge.

Intel EOLs 533MHz FSB Xeon CPUs

Intel has formally announced the demise of the 533MHz frontside bus-supporting Xeon processor, company documents seen by The Register reveal.
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Vibrating buttocks key to driver alertness

You can blame the French for this one: the next time you buy a car it may well be packed with buttock-vibrating technology designed to keep you alert and thus reduce "common type of car accident by up to 15 per cent", the Telegraph reports.
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Sony shows 8x DVD+R dual-layer drive

Sony has become one of the first DVD writer manufacturers to ship a dual-layer DVD+R that can write at 8x speeds, the company said today.
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Fired pizza-loving programmer wins prize

A software developer who was sacked by a US mortgage firm for snaffling a "leftover" pizza slice has won an internet contest for the most outrageous job dismissal. Jim Garrison, 39, has won a a week-long trip to the Caribbean for two after submitting his story to SimplyFired.com.
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Ashes interest could bowl over computer networks

Corporate networks could be bowled over this week as England face Australia in the final nail-biting Ashes match of the summer.
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Sony PSP sets UK console sales record

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) sold 185,000 PlayStation Portable handheld consoles in the UK this past weekend, smashing the previous three-day record, set by Nintendo's DS in March.
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BCS hits 50,000 members

The British Computing Society is celebrating a 20 per cent surge in membership to an impressive 50,000 people. Which is going to make it difficult to find a venue for meetings - Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow, usually home to Rangers, has room for just over 50,000.
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Speedy cannibal pulsar caught in the act

European and US space agency astronomers have spotted a particularly fast-spinning pulsar that is in the process of gobbling up its companion star.
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Demand for IT staff falls

There is less demand for IT professionals in the UK and fewer posts are being advertised. IT-related Job Centre adverts fell by a quarter and there were 7,000 less jobs advertised online and in the press in the first quarter of 2005. But there is some good news - actual gross salaries rose by about two per cent in the quarter.
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Airbus secures $1.5bn China deal

In brief Airbus has signed a $1.5bn deal to supply 10 Airbus A330s to China Southern Airlines. The aircraft will be delivered during 2006-7.
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Dutch ISPs sue government for wiretapping costs

A large group of ISPs and telecom operators in the Netherlands is to sue the Dutch Government for the cost of installing wiretaps.
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SurfControl hits trough

Shares in UK-based censorware outfit SurfControl slipped 12 per cent this morning after the firm's annual results came in at the bottom end of expectations.
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Are you scared of iPods, penguins, terrorists or Daleks?

Letters So, do we want form over function, or function over form? Are we a nation of style kings and queens, or does geek (un)chic still reign supreme? The answers to these probing (ahem) questions are probably not to be found in the letters below, but your thoughts and opinions about iPod phones certainly are. Light may also be shed on some of the other stuff mentioned:
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Thong-wearing fireman escapes axe

Editorial note: OK, we lied - the following piece has been purged of all cheap cracks about engines, appliances, greasy poles, axes, choppers or helmets. Now read on...
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Sapphire Pure Innovation PI-A9RX480 mobo

Review Think of mainboards based around AMD's Socket 939 processors. Now think of the chipsets on which they're based. We bet that Nvidia and VIA would be on the top of most people's lists, and with good reason, as both companies have a well-established heritage in designing chipsets for AMD CPUs.
Hexus.net, 06 2005
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FriendsReunited in sale talks

Reunion website FriendsReunited is in talks which could lead to its sale.

Munich's Linux migration heads south for the winter

Munich's city administrators' much-discussed migration to Linux has been delayed until 2006, according to reports, because of an additional pilot phase that was not accounted for in the original plans.
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Samsung to play safe with dual HD DVD/Blu-ray rig

Samsung is to harness consumer confusion over which next-generation optical disc standard to back by offering a player that supports both HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc (BD).

FSF moots patent retaliation clause for next GPL

The Free Software Foundation says it is mulling over plans to introduce some kind of patent retaliation clause into the next version of Richard Stallman's General Public Licence.
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UK.gov ditches 'Big Brother'-style e-voting

The Government has ditched plans for electronic voting at next year's local elections, it emerged today.

Fire, cockup and virus calamity vex storage managers

Fire, computer viruses and human error are viewed as the main threats to corporate data by European businesses, according to a survey by storage specialists Hitachi Data Systems. The latest edition of HDS’s bi-annual Storage Index reckons that low-tech 'old fashioned' threats pose the greatest risk of upsetting the operations of European corporates.

Intel hands Czech firm millions for virus protection

Intel Capital has taken its largest equity stake to date in an Eastern Europe outfit, sinking $16m into Czech anti-virus company Grisoft to help it expand in business and consumer markets.

Peloton getting closer for Borland

Borland Software has renewed its commitment to open source development tools using Eclipse, while announcing availability of its latest flagship Java IDE.

Microsoft cripples 'Longhorn' Server for Itanium

Intel has long bragged about the ability to run three operating systems - Windows, Linux and Unix - on the Itanium processor. Much to its dismay, however, Microsoft will cut that magic "three" down to about "two and a half" with the release of Longhorn Server.