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BEA cuts down Plumtree for $200m

BEA shoved a big, fat thumb into the portal pie on Monday with the $200m buy of Plumtree software.
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Intel: Sensors are of mote

IDF Intel is winding down its sensor research, but that's a sign of its success, executives said today. "When research projects are successful, they should stop," the director of Intel Research Berkeley Eric Brewer said during a session at the Intel Developer Forum here.

BEA gives up on dual-core pricing confusion

BEA has given up on charging a premium for software running on dual-core processors and decided instead to follow the per-socket models embraced by the likes of Microsoft and VMware. The software maker's move puts it in prime fighting position against Oracle and IBM, which have been slow to adjust their pricing models for new chips from AMD, Intel and others.

US puts $150m more behind mega science grid

The US National Science Foundation (NSF) has put another $150m behind an extensive supercomputer network in the hopes of giving huge amounts of horsepower to more scientists.
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NCSA edges away from Google-Yahoo! study

A widely discredited report that cast doubt on claims made for Yahoo!'s search engine is in even more trouble. The study appears to have been disowned by the university that published it, although a history professor originally credited as a co-author is continuing to host the material.
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Legal disassembly

When security researcher and ISS employee Michael Lynn went to give a presentation at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, little did he know he would ignite a legal firestorm questioning whether even the act of looking for security vulnerabilities violates the law.
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Violent internet porn to get new laws in the UK

The Government has said it will announce plans to strengthen laws applicable to violent internet pornography in the next few weeks. Such material is generally illegal to publish but legal to view in the UK under the current regime.
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Ministers confront reality of climate change

Ministers visiting Greenland on a climate change fact-finding mission have heard that the Ilulissat glacier, a UN heritage site, has shrunk by more than 10km in the last three years. The glacier had been relatively stable in size since the 1960's.
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US tops poll of spyware purveyors

Spyware purveyors are expanding their distribution channels and adopting new tactics in a bid to cash-in by infesting more PCs with parasitic malware. The majority of spyware is coming from the US, with Poland coming in second and the Netherlands third, according to a study by anti-spyware software developer, Webroot Software.
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Intel expected to strike RIM deal

Intel and Research in Motion will announce their own personal love-in in San Francisco this week, according to reports.
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Satnav fingers bungling burglars

In the great British tradition of "rob someone's house then leave your mobile at the scene", two London men have been jailed for burglary after the satnav system in the vehicle used for the blags stored the addresses of every house they hit.
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Toshiba heads toward HD DVD launch

Clear some extra space on the video shelf. The backers of Blu-ray and HD DVD are pushing ahead with product launches after failing to reach an agreement on merging the two next generation DVD formats.
Joe Fay, 23 2005
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Doctor Who transmats onto mobiles

Episodes of BBC cult classics Red Dwarf and Doctor Who are to be made available for fans to buy and view on their mobile phone. Select episodes of the two series will be offered on multi-media memory cards following a licensing deal between ROK Player and BBC Worldwide, the BBC’s commercial arm.
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Brits demand 99p coin

We'd never really considered this, but a third of Brits want a 99p coin to tackle the menace of the £XX.99 pricing strategy, which a Virgin Money poll says wastes £11m a month in discarded 1p pieces.
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US boffins breed cloned wildcats

American scientists have pulled off a breeding first by producing two litters of African wildcat kittens from cloned parents. Although the species is not at risk, the Audubon Center for Research of Endangered Species team reckons the technique could one day save other animals from extinction.
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Phones4U seeking buyer?

The founder of high-street phone retailer Phones4U has reportedly called in financial advisers to find a buyer for the company.
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DC Comics takes big stick to gay Batman

DC Comics has taken exception to watercolours of Batman and Robin snogging and generally getting it on and has ordered the Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts gallery in New York to take down Mark Chamberlain's provocative representations or face the legal consequences.
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Swedish library lends out gay Muslim gypsy

Sweden's Malmö public library has taken an unusual step to combat peoples' preconceptions about Muslims, homosexuals, gypsies, animals rights activists and, naturally, journalists.
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On civil liberties, video violence and hanging offences

Letters A survey of around 1,000 Brits revealed firstly that as a nation, we are apparently quite at home with the idea of our civil liberties being eroded in exchange for a warm fuzzy feeling of security that comes with reactionary legislation.
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Intel promises Windows Vista on handhelds

IDF Intel CEO Paul Otellini today pledged to permit handheld users to run Windows Vista on their palmtops by the end of the decade.
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Local gov romps toward online targets

The government reckons local authorities are well on track to meet the 2005 deadline of having all their services "electronically enabled".

CA patches security flaws in multiple products

In brief Computer Associates [CA] has issued patches to fix security flaws involving its Message Queuing software that affect many of its products. A trio of security bugs with the middleware leave a wide range of security and systems management suites from CA open to a variety of denial of service attacks, security clearing house Secunia warns. One of the three flaws creates a means for hackers to run malicious code on vulnerable systems.

Merom, Conroe, Woodcrest lose HyperThreading

IDF Intel's unnamed next-generation microarchitecture (NGMA) will combine the Pentium 4's bus, the Pentium M's power optimisations and some "new innovations", Intel said today.

Intel answers AMD's dual-core chip challenge with French joke

IDF AMD today challenged Intel to a dual-core processor benchmarking duel, and Intel responded by mocking the French.
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Intel intros 1.25GHz XScale

IDF Intel today introduced 'Monahans', the gigahertz-class successor to 'Bulverde', the current XScale PXA27x family.

Otellini stakes low-power future on strained silicon

IDF Intel's strained silicon process will stand it in good stead through the next four generations of the chip giant's processor products, Intel CEO Paul Otellini claimed today.
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Intel tweaks EM64T for full AMD64 compatibility

IDF Intel is preparing to update its Pentium 4 core, the better make its 64-bit processors more compatible with AMD's 64-bit processors, company documents seen by The Register reveal.

Intel, Cisco team to boost business WLANs

IDF Intel and Cisco today announced they will co-develop a proprietary set of enterprise-oriented WLAN enhancements.

Intel to bring Lakeport graphics to Napa

IDF 'Callistoga', Intel's upcoming 'Centrino 3' chipset, has a new name: the 945 Express.

Sony BMG blesses P2P music swapping network

In one of the most significant digital music announcements of the year, Sony BMG has partnered with British digital music outfit Playlouder MSP to make its music catalog available online. Subscribers will be able to exchange licensed music freely, in any bitrate they want, since a portion of the subscription fee goes to a digital pool which is divided amongst Sony and other artists. Playlouder MSP will supply the broadband connection itself, and attempt to monitor leakages.

Intel confirms Yonah, Sossaman will offer virtualisation

IDF Intel today confirmed that 'Yonah', its 65nm dual-core mobile processor and the basis for the 'Sossaman' low-power Xeon chip, will support Virtualisation Technology.