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Top tech nations revealed

Denmark is the world's most tech-savvy nation, deposing Sweden from the top spot in IDC's Information Society Index.
John Oates, 03 Nov 2004
Broken CD with wrench

Veritas puts homemade touch on new OpForce

Veritas has retooled its OpForce management software to improve the way the code works with its existing products and to make it easier for administrators to control applications.
Ashlee Vance, 03 Nov 2004

FindWhat.com profits jump in Q3

FindWhat.com, the pay-per-click ad specialist, saw a big jump in revenue thanks to acquisitions and organic growth.
John Oates, 03 Nov 2004

Carphone Warehouse revs up H1 profit

The Carphone Warehouse reported a 38.3 per cent increase in pre-tax profits for the first six months of the year, boosted by a "buoyant mobile market and the success of [its] fixed line services".
Tim Richardson, 03 Nov 2004

UK.biz likes buying online

UK Businesses are buying goods and services over the web in increasing numbers. The latest government figures show that 29 per cent of companies bought online in 2003, up 13 per cent from 2002. Broadband has been more widely adopted too: one in four companies had a fast connection by 2003, compared to one in seven the year before.
Lucy Sherriff, 03 Nov 2004

BMA calls warning on NHS IT

The British Medical Association is warning that the project to sort out the National Health Service IT system is risking failure by not engaging with doctors and other health workers.
John Oates, 03 Nov 2004

Queen of the Sky gets marching orders

Air hostess Ellen Simonetti, who was suspended for including photos of herself in uniform on her personal blog, has been sacked by Delta Airlines. She was originally suspended without pay in early October while an investigation was carried out. She took the offending pictures down at that time - they're back up now.
John Oates, 03 Nov 2004

Chinese puzzle hampers banks' phishing fight

Banks seeking to have phishing websites located in China taken down face a language barrier. According to senior IT security staffer at a merchant bank, China's security response team's sole staffer speaks Mandarin only.
John Leyden, 03 Nov 2004

UK.biz at ease with data protection

Most UK small businesses are behind the principles of data protection. A new survey, released by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), shows that most respondents were aware of data protection issues, with 80 per cent believing them to be relevant to their business.
Startups.co.uk, 03 Nov 2004

NTL supercharges broadband

NTL looks set to take a big lead in the UK's broadband sector by ramping up speeds next year for residential broadband customers while freezing prices. The move will leave a yawning gap between NTL's offering and BT-based ADSL services.
Tim Richardson, 03 Nov 2004

HP iPaq h6340 Wi-Fi, GSM PocketPC

ReviewI've been an advocate of the PDA pretty much since its inception. I've had everything from a Psion Organiser to a Compaq iPaq travelling around with me over the years, and during that time I've seen the PDA evolve significantly, writes Riyad Emeran.
Trusted Reviews, 03 Nov 2004

Sage buys business intelligence firm

Sage has bought IntelligentApps Holdings Ltd for an undisclosed sum.
John Oates, 03 Nov 2004

Game makers hit with graphics patent violation suit

A US legal firm specialising into corporate law is taking the world's biggest computer games publishers to task over what it claims is the violation of a 1987 3D graphics patent.
Tony Smith, 03 Nov 2004

Brits feast on SPAM in Hormel ad frenzy

Hormel, the manufacturer of SPAM, is stepping up its effort to reclaim 'spam' from its association with unsolicited email via a £2m ad campaign. A five-week ad push reminding over-45s that canned spam meat is still available launches in the UK next week, the BBC reports. The campaign seeks to promote British sales of the pork, ham meat, salt and water brick, compressed into an eccentrically shape tin, which, astonishingly, reached an all-time high last year.
John Leyden, 03 Nov 2004

Gizmondo grabs troubled UK games maker

UK stock market-listed games developer Warthog is to be bought by US-based Tiger Telematics, owner of the Gizmondo mobile gaming console for almost 500,000 Tiger shares and $1.13m in cash - together worth $8.1m.
Tony Smith, 03 Nov 2004

BBC develops Welsh-English tooltip translator

A big congratulatory pat on the back to the BBC today for a new online language initiative aimed at helping anyone learning Welsh - BBC Vocab.
Lester Haines, 03 Nov 2004

Microsoft wins £500m NHS contract

Microsoft has won a £500m contract to provide desktop software to the National Health Service. The deal followed personal negotiations between Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and NHS IT chief Richard Granger.
John Oates, 03 Nov 2004

Samsung creeps up on Motorola

Samsung's share of the global mobile phone market has jumped 34 per cent since last year, thanks to the success of its clamshell phones with digital cameras.
Ciaran Buckley, 03 Nov 2004

Etailers fail ecommerce test

Etailers are still failing to cash-in on online sales, according to London-based internet outfit E-consultancy. Its latest report into ecommerce found that etailers need to make "vast improvements" in product search, promotion and customer support if they want to attract more customers.
Tim Richardson, 03 Nov 2004

Intel to add Wi-Fi to Pentium 4 chipsets - again

Intel will integrate Wi-Fi into its next generation of desktop chipsets, the chip maker has revealed, two months after admitting it will not ship promised WLAN adaptors for its 'Grantsdale' and 'Alderwood' Pentium 4 chipsets.
Tony Smith, 03 Nov 2004

ATI tapes out 90nm R5xx chip

ATI has completed its design for the upcoming R5xx series of graphics chips. The chips will be the company's first to support Shader Model 3.0, and may be the company's first 90nm parts.
Tony Smith, 03 Nov 2004

eBay not an auction house says German court

A German civil court has ruled that commercial sellers on eBay are obliged to accept returned goods, even if the purchaser gives no reason for sending the item back.
Lucy Sherriff, 03 Nov 2004

Relentless EMC eats up one more SMB storage player

With little fanfare, EMC has picked up another minor player in the SMB storage software market by pulling Allocity to its side.
Ashlee Vance, 03 Nov 2004

Wells Fargo in ID theft flap (again)

The theft of four servers from a company that prints loan statement leaves thousands of consumers who have taken out loans or obtained mortgages from Wells Fargo at risk from potential identity fraud, AP reports.
John Leyden, 03 Nov 2004

Online payment firm in DDoS drama

Online payments processing firm Protx is continuing to fight a sustained internet attack which has severely impacting its services for the fourth successive day.
John Leyden, 03 Nov 2004

AOL loses 2m US customers

AOL lost two million customers in the US over the last year. At the end of September AOL had 22.7m US users, a fall of 646,000 on the previous quarter and down two million a year ago.
Tim Richardson, 03 Nov 2004

Supernova revealed in gamma rays

An international team of astronomers has produced the first ever picture of a supernova using gamma rays. The picture provides evidence that supernovae are one source of cosmic rays, highly energetic particles that bombard the planet, passing through us in their thousands every day.
Lucy Sherriff, 03 Nov 2004

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