29th March 2001 Archive

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  • French industry minister rejects patents, backs Linux

    Politician says all right things shock

    Software 29 09:05

  • Scaldera born in flames

    Old Economy stalwart needs New Economy credit

    Software 29 10:25

  • Software poachers turn gamekeepers

    Secure apps wrappers

    Security 29 10:45

  • Cabletron results a bright spot in the networking gloom

    Increased revenues buck the trend

    Business 29 10:53

  • Xbox gets ADSL Net channel

    MS strikes deal with NTT

    Games Industry 29 11:19

  • Chimpzilla evolves into 800lb super primate

    Darwinian leap up the food chain

    Bootnotes 29 11:21

  • Palm stock nosedives

    Share price halved in high-volume trading

    Business 29 11:41

  • Toshiba chief sells ‘Cell’ CPU

    Details of IBM/Sony/Tosh 'supercomputer-on-a-chip' emerge

    Channel 29 12:51

  • Welsh hacker pleads guilty to deception and theft

    Credit card cracker Curador faces chokey

    Security 29 13:54

  • Ex-hacker to help Nintendo with viral marketing

    Kuji: from almost starting WWIII to Zelda

    Games Industry 29 15:01

  • Net via radio for schools group has govt ear after all

    Talking, but not negotiating

    Media 29 15:09

  • BT ordered to offer wholesale leased lines to other operators

    Oftel comes over all macho

    Data Networking 29 15:14

  • Be getting ready to open source BeOS?

    It's got the domain names ready

    Software 29 15:44

  • ‘Forgotten’ distros stealing Linux developers' mindshare

    Although Red Hat leads beauty contest

    Software 29 15:52

  • How do you reckon mobile companies will pay for 3G?

    Here's how

    Data Networking 29 16:08

  • War driving – the latest hacker fad

    Crackers get out of their bedrooms... and into their dad's car

    Security 29 17:22

  • Sony gets into mobile in a big way

    A 'personal broadband network solutions company'

    Business 29 17:30

  • Cisco calls halt on Borg-like acquisition spree

    It doesn't make sense when its canning its own workers

    Business 29 17:31

  • NASA's new supercomp sits on a desktop

    Sayonara Moore?

    Business 29 18:12

  • NorthPoint moves to shut off DSL service ‘immediately’

    Customer service, we've heard of it...

    Broadband 29 20:43

  • Pink slips coming at WSJ.com

    Slowing ad spend claims more victims

    Business 29 20:44