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French industry minister rejects patents, backs Linux

The French government has lined up against software patents. The minister in charge of patent policy, industry secretary Christian Pierret, last week stated that he opposed them, and that they "would kill innovation and promote judicial terrorism" by multinational companies against startups.
John Lettice, 29 Mar 2001

Scaldera born in flames

The Unix business has never been known for the simplicity of its business alliances, and in that tradition one of the most complicated deals of all was concluded this week. Finally.
Andrew Orlowski, 29 Mar 2001

Software poachers turn gamekeepers

A group of reformed software security breakers have developed technology to secure digital content and software applications.
John Leyden, 29 Mar 2001

Cabletron results a bright spot in the networking gloom

Bucking the trend of poor financial results from networking equipment suppliers, Cabletron Systems posted increased revenues for its last quarter when it reported its full year results.
John Leyden, 29 Mar 2001

Xbox gets ADSL Net channel

Microsoft has teamed up with Net services business NTT Communications to create a broadband Internet channel for the Xbox.
Robert Blincoe, 29 Mar 2001

Chimpzilla evolves into 800lb super primate

Lester Haines, 29 Mar 2001

Palm stock nosedives

Palm's financial problems, outlined at week's quarterly results announcement, sent panic among investors yesterday. The company's shares lost nearly half their previous value, after trading at ten times the stock's average volume.
Tony Smith, 29 Mar 2001

Toshiba chief sells ‘Cell’ CPU

The head of Toshiba's semiconductor operation, Yasuo Morimoto, has revealed a few further details of Cell - the multiprocessing-oriented CPU architecture for the broadband era currently being developed by Toshiba, Sony and IBM.
Tony Smith, 29 Mar 2001

Welsh hacker pleads guilty to deception and theft

A teenage computer cracker, who's efforts sparked a worldwide manhunt and brought FBI investigators to a sleepy Welsh village, faces a possible jail sentence after pleading guilty to deception and theft.
John Leyden, 29 Mar 2001

Ex-hacker to help Nintendo with viral marketing

A well-known former computer hacker has been hired to do viral marketing for games firm Nintendo and TV channel E4.
John Leyden, 29 Mar 2001

Net via radio for schools group has govt ear after all

UBC Media's chief executive Simon Cole tells us that contrary to what Department of Education flaks tell us, meetings have taken place with mandarins on providing schools with Internet access via Digital Radio.
Andrew Orlowski, 29 Mar 2001
Broken CD with wrench

BT ordered to offer wholesale leased lines to other operators

Winged watchdog Oftel is strutting its stuff again with an "order" against BT to offer wholesale leased lines to other operators.
Kieren McCarthy, 29 Mar 2001

Be getting ready to open source BeOS?

Is Be planning to release its BeOS operating system to the open source community? It's something it has discussed in the past but never come down on the issue one way or the other.
Tony Smith, 29 Mar 2001

‘Forgotten’ distros stealing Linux developers' mindshare

Money may pour in and out of commercial Linux vendors, but that does little to diminish the enthusiasm for the less well-known distros. Results from a survey of Linux developers seem to prove the diversity of the distro market.
Andrew Orlowski, 29 Mar 2001

How do you reckon mobile companies will pay for 3G?

You know how huge multi-billion pound companies have managed to ruin themselves by paying ridiculous sums of money for 3G licences? Well, unless you live in a Disney movie, you will also know that you (that's you and me - the consumers) will end up paying for it. (Talking of which, this email just came in from PA: "Walt Disney has teamed up with NTT DoCoMo to develop animated content for mobile phones".)
Kieren McCarthy, 29 Mar 2001

War driving – the latest hacker fad

The introduction of wireless networking has spawned a fresh sub-culture in the digital underground. It has brought script kiddies out of their bedrooms and onto the roads.
John Leyden, 29 Mar 2001

Sony gets into mobile in a big way

Sony has announced plans to fire itself up as a mobile phone and mobile computing company.
Linda Harrison, 29 Mar 2001

Cisco calls halt on Borg-like acquisition spree

Cisco Systems has placed a hold on further acquisitions until its financial outlook improves.
John Leyden, 29 Mar 2001

NASA's new supercomp sits on a desktop

Supercomputers are bigger than the average person's holiday cottage, draw enough juice to run a small factory, and require industrial refrigeration units to prevent them cooking themselves, right?
Thomas C Greene, 29 Mar 2001

NorthPoint moves to shut off DSL service ‘immediately’

NorthPoint has moved to shut down its DSL network, disconnecting up to 100,000 customers.
Linda Harrison, 29 Mar 2001

Pink slips coming at WSJ.com

Online newshound WSJ.com is to lay off staff as part of parent company Dow Jones' cost cutting campaign.
Linda Harrison, 29 Mar 2001

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