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Asus striptease an 815 chiptease

HW Roundup As wor Lucy Sherriff is still tucking into turkey, we've decided to guest-up the hardware roundup for a few days and see what's happening out there on the Wibblesome Wobblesome Web.
Mike Magee, 28 Dec 2000
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Smart kid saves firm from bankruptcy

A 17-year-old student on a two-week placement has saved a printing company from bankruptcy after his Internet prowess secured contracts worth up to $1 million.
Linda Harrison, 28 Dec 2000
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BOFH Takes the Wind out of Sales

Episode 42 BOFH 2000: Episode 42
Simon Travaglia, 28 Dec 2000
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EFF's Gilmore calls for CPRM hardware boycott

John Gilmore, co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, has urged users to boycott hardware containing CPRM copy-control mechanisms. Last week we broke a story of moves to build CPRM (Copyright Protection for Recordable Media) cryptography into the industry standard ATA hard disk specification. If implemented, the initiative could rapidly end the use of the PC and new emerging devices for freely exchanging audio, video and information.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Dec 2000