Asus striptease an 815 chiptease

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HW Roundup As wor Lucy Sherriff is still tucking into turkey, we've decided to guest-up the hardware roundup for a few days and see what's happening out there on the Wibblesome Wobblesome Web.

Asus is getting a right good drubbing over at these threads. The guy who discovered the 815E lurking under a heatsink was told by the people who flogged him the mobo that he'd invalidated the warranty by so doing. Catch 22. He took time out to talk to both Asus and Intel, with intriguing results...

Is it just me, or is Anandtech not so much fun as it used to be? Time was when you'd dip into there and find some pretty good stuff about Anand talking about his homework, what was happening at college and the rest. Now it just seems to be full of undeniably good stuff about boring old CPUs and the like. Give us the human interest stuff again Anand! By the way, it was fun meeting your mum in Taipei!

And stone us, Hard OCP looks a bit different too. OK, they've got a heap of stuff on massive coolers and all that good stuff, but c'mon Kyle, go blow up another PC or two, or slag off everyone else in the industry including us or something. You know it makes sense! There is, however, a very nice piece about a new stepping of the Pentium III on this page.

At AMD Zone, co-editor Chris Tom is looking forward to another year, after a lightning bolt downed his cable modem. Chris has started an interesting log called Austin Tech News. He might be interested in a feature in our Sunday national The Observer, which had a piece on the amazing lengths Austin residents go to deck out their homes for Yuletide.

Unfortunately, we can't find the article on the Observer site, but maybe the boys and girls will stick it up there for the benefit of Austin readers. Hey Chris, lightning strikes, the police arresting you, Dell firing you? Maybe 2001 will be better, eh?

JC, over at JC's pages, seems to be operating his Web site from a mysterious location away from New York. Can't quite figure out where he's going to spend the New Millennium, or for that matter spent Yule... hope it's warmer than NY in winter... ®

Wanna wibble and wobble through previous issues of our Hardware Roundel? Get you then to this place to see what's been happening afore.


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