15th October 2007 Archive

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  • Issue-tracking systems for Agile development

    On the right Trac

    Software 15 Oct 09:02

  • Sony talks up PS3 update

    Bid to boost Blu-ray firmware interactivity

    Games 15 Oct 09:11

  • SWIFT to stop processing EU banking data in the US

    But not until 2009

    Government 15 Oct 09:44

  • Intel shows off working quad-core mobile CPU

    'Penryn' part, due this time next year

    Hardware 15 Oct 09:54

  • Arnie terminates phthalates in kids' toys

    California ban on suspect chemicals

    Law 15 Oct 10:02

  • Mobiles give you brain cancer?

    Take a message, I'm on the other line

    Mobile 15 Oct 10:06

  • Hitachi halves hard drive head size

    Paves way for 4TB desktop drives, apparently

    Hardware 15 Oct 10:21

  • Google updates desktop for Linux

    Beta-tastic launch

    Applications 15 Oct 10:36

  • Ian McKellen keen to reprise Gandalf

    Likely to don beard and silly hat for The Hobbit

    Bootnotes 15 Oct 10:39

  • Airbus delivers first A380

    Singapore Airlines takes the controls

    Science 15 Oct 10:41

  • Japanese diggers unearth dino skull

    First of its kind

    Science 15 Oct 10:45

  • US smut spam duo jailed for five years apiece

    Take them down

    Security 15 Oct 11:01

  • Nokia releases 8GB N95 smartphone

    Apple who?

    Phones 15 Oct 11:09

  • LucasArts to wield Wii Light Sabre in UK next week

    Gaming festival to feature peripheral

    Games 15 Oct 11:17

  • How can I widen my wireless network?


    Hardware 15 Oct 11:30

  • UK biz groups bemoan CGT reform

    Oh Darling, how could you?

    Small Biz 15 Oct 11:31

  • Red Arrows Olympic 'ban' causes online furore

    'Too British' to grace London's skies

    Bootnotes 15 Oct 11:46

  • Microsoft claims more pirate scalps

    Resellers and market traders nabbed

    The Channel 15 Oct 12:09

  • Rock Xtreme X770-T7800 notebook

    Could it be a contender?

    Hardware 15 Oct 12:17

  • Led Zeppelin catalogue goes digital

    Available for download next month

    Media 15 Oct 13:43

  • AI egghead: Human-robot humping, marriage by 2050

    No different from same-sex, or inter-racial nuptials

    Science 15 Oct 13:55

  • Oscar Wilde voted top Brit wit

    'Either those curtains go or I do'

    Bootnotes 15 Oct 14:00

  • MIT boffins plan for asteroidal doom

    One in 45k is still a chance...

    Science 15 Oct 14:20

  • Intel demos notebook chiller

    Company dips toe into laptop cooling

    Hardware 15 Oct 14:40

  • MS keeps mum on 'Go Play' Xbox 360 Arcade edition

    Core on its way out?

    Games 15 Oct 14:55

  • Bell Micro issues security training alert to channel

    Urges resellers to climb on board

    The Channel 15 Oct 15:00

  • D-Link to bring DivX onto your HD TV

    Hardware 15 Oct 15:06

  • Anti-fraud site turfed offline after Joe Job attack

    Fasthosts falls for phisherman's ruse

    Security 15 Oct 15:27

  • HPA outlines plans to measure Wi-Fi exposure

    No children will be harmed in this experiment

    Data Networking 15 Oct 15:29

  • Road pricing 'back-burnered' by Brown gov't

    As Mayor Ken eyes GPS governor kit

    Government 15 Oct 15:31

  • Convert LPs to CDs... without a USB turntable?


    Hardware 15 Oct 15:55

  • EU watchdogs aim for broadband equality

    Life in the slow lane

    Broadband 15 Oct 16:23

  • Moto buys into UIQ

    At last

    Mobile 15 Oct 16:25

  • 3's Skype phone to hit the pre-Christmas rush

    Mobile internet push (again)

    Mobile 15 Oct 16:43

  • Security flap as Finnish password hashes posted online

    Login looting not unlikely

    Security 15 Oct 16:51

  • Eclipse releases RAP 1.0 Ajax toolkit

    It's a RAP

    Developer 15 Oct 17:16

  • EMC NetWorker adds de-dupe and CDP management

    Avamar and RecoverPoint find a daddy

    Storage 15 Oct 18:47

  • AOL axes another 2,000 jobs

    That's 20 per cent of the company

    Financial News 15 Oct 19:23

  • Calling the PHP cowboys in from the range

    Agile is 'perfect for PHP programmers'

    Developer 15 Oct 19:54

  • The balkanization of Storm Worm botnets

    New hope in blocking prolific pest

    Security 15 Oct 20:04

  • International manhunt tracks pedophile suspect to Thailand

    Unscrambled pics yield more than 350 tips

    Security 15 Oct 22:55

  • Supremes ignore appeal from Microsoft and Best Buy in gangsta case

    Arm 'thermonuclear device'

    The Channel 15 Oct 23:28

  • Brocade ships 8 Gbit/s blades to OEMs

    Adds McDataness to 48000 Director

    Storage 15 Oct 23:43