3rd December 2004 Archive

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  • Abuses of the English language, ID cards...

    And all is not well in Philly...

    Letters 03 08:44

  • ICANN selects its wardens

    But are they sufficient to keep net body in check?

    Media 03 08:52

  • Orange readies a 3G Christmas

    Quiet launch predicted...

    Mobile 03 10:05

  • Berkeley hack sparks legislative backlash

    New bill 'could cripple research'

    Security 03 10:06

  • M&S site falls over

    Christmas Spectacular

    Financial News 03 10:11

  • Ireland: auto-diallers under control

    Exceptional steps may now be lifted

    Broadband 03 10:26

  • Lycos antispam site taken offline

    Stay tuned

    Security 03 10:28

  • Walsall signs Fujitsu in £650m deal

    Big deal

    Management 03 10:30

  • Shawn Fanning's Snocap touts vision of P2P heaven

    Won't reach it without industry and download-service support

    Media 03 10:49

  • Offshoring inevitable, so get over it

    Governments cannot prevent inexorable job migration

    Management 03 11:11

  • IBM said to be in PC divison sell-off talks

    JV with Lenovo seems more likely than a sale

    Financial News 03 11:12

  • BOFH: Et tu, PFY-us?

    Infamy, infamy, they've all got it...

    BOFH 03 11:15

  • Olympus unrobes m:robe

    iPod-challenging music player

    Peripherals 03 11:24

  • Pierre Danon and BT: speculation abounds

    Pundits having a field day on exec's exit

    Broadband 03 11:48

  • World chip sales to fall next year - analyst

    Inventory correction to continue through H1 2005

    The Channel 03 11:49

  • Argentina gripped by telecoms strike

    'Exploited' workers demand more dosh

    Broadband 03 11:51

  • Enterprise routing market as flat as a pancake

    Albeit a $3.8bn pancake

    Data Networking 03 11:57

  • Libera shifts from 28GHz to WiMAX

    A new UK 'network in the sky'

    Broadband 03 12:01

  • Intel pushes own-brand mobos with Nvidia bundle

    ATI last summer, now it's rival's turn

    System Builder 03 12:02

  • India to enjoy cut-price Windows

    As will Indonesia, Malaysia and Russia

    Operating Systems 03 12:08

  • ID cards will hit business, watchdog warns

    More red tape and 'regulatory creep'

    Business 03 12:17

  • Nokia aims to dominate mobile email

    Foundation of mobile enterprise drive

    Mobile 03 12:19

  • Gateway brand comes back to Japan

    eMachines subsidiary never went away

    The Channel 03 13:17

  • Transmeta licenses LongRun 2 to Fujitsu

    Foundry partner gears up for second-generation 90nm Efficeons

    Financial News 03 13:43

  • Southampton uni honours Berners-Lee with professorship

    Chair for web pioneer

    Science 03 13:44

  • BT confirms Italian job

    Goes large with Albacom

    Broadband 03 13:46

  • Sony Vaio U70P Wi-Fi micro PC

    Smaller than a laptop, bigger than a PDA - the perfect PC size?

    Reviews 03 14:13

  • Phishing losses overestimated - survey

    Small fry

    Security 03 14:15

  • Last Xmas order date for the Antipodes

    Get 'em in by Sunday

    Site News 03 14:57

  • Intel cans Pentium II

    No more orders taken after 1 December 2005

    System Builder 03 15:05

  • UK govt takes iTunes gripe to Europe

    Union trade regulators asked to probe 'one country, single store' policy

    Media 03 15:31

  • Need a job? Get a card - arresting ID pitch to business

    Redefining voluntary again...

    Media 03 16:11

  • Samsung phones outsell Motorola's

    But Nokia still ruled in Q3, says researcher

    Mobile 03 17:09

  • HP must open source Tru64 goodies - users

    DEC/Compaq hands in pain

    Letters 03 18:57