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U.S. House approves $30 billion security blanket

The U.S House of Representatives has cast its vote in favor of sending $29.4 billion to the Homeland Security Department, and some Democrats don't think this is enough.
Ashlee Vance, 26 Jun 2003

Flat-rate Internet comes to Ireland

UTV Internet is the first telecoms firm in Ireland to officially launch its flat-rate Internet product, as the race to scoop up customers gets underway.
ElectricNews.net, 26 Jun 2003

AT&T lets phone fraud victims off the hook

AT&T said Wednesday that it would forgive all of the outstanding long distance charges that the company had been trying to collect from victims of the notorious "Yes-Yes" voicemail subversion fraud.
Kevin Poulsen, 26 Jun 2003

SuSE wins HP server gig

HP is to start offering Intel Proliant servers pre-installed with SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 8. It will also offer the operating system with Itanium 2 servers and it has named SuSE as a preferred supplier.
Drew Cullen, 26 Jun 2003

Yahoo! variant! of! Microsoft! support! worm! spreading! rapidly!

UpdateStop us if you've heard this before, but there's another prolific email worm loose on the Internet today.
John Leyden, 26 Jun 2003

‘PCI Express for embedded’ spec. nears completion

Advanced Switching, an extension of the PCI Express interconnection standard for communications systems, has come out of the shadows, prompting a raft of support from hardware, software and silicon vendors.
Tony Smith, 26 Jun 2003

SanDisk to sue Infineon over patent infringement allegations

SanDisk has launched legal action against Infineon after the German chipmaker alleged its Flash memory technology infringes an Infineon patent.
Tony Smith, 26 Jun 2003

Peeping Tom uses hi-tech camera to look up skirts

A Californian man has been arrested after allegedly building a miniature camera into his shoe so that he could peer up women's dresses.
John Leyden, 26 Jun 2003

Legal costs widen RIM Q2 loss

Lawsuits in Motion - sorry, Research in Motion - saw the cost of its litigation boost its first quarter loss from a mere $700,000 to $8.2 million, the company reported yesterday.
Tony Smith, 26 Jun 2003

Intel to move Centrino to 802.11a/b next month

Intel will upgrade the WLAN component of its Centrino mobile platform to support dual-band connections next month.
Tony Smith, 26 Jun 2003

The RIAA boycott is on

LettersRe: Line'em up! RIAA to sue thousands
Ashlee Vance, 26 Jun 2003

Aussies back Open Source attack

Australian open source advocates are gearing up a two-pronged attack against proprietary software, and their actions have caught Microsoft's attention.
Ashlee Vance, 26 Jun 2003

Judges deny Sun's must-carry Java bid

A three judge panel has ruled that Microsoft is not required to ship Java with its PC operating system, but the decision hardly seems to matter anymore.
Ashlee Vance, 26 Jun 2003

Sun hopes to cash in on wireless with Pixo

Sun Microsystems backed up some of its J2ME hype on Thursday, announcing plans to acquire software maker Pixo.
Ashlee Vance, 26 Jun 2003

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