25th February 2002 Archive

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  • E-marketplaces get cold shoulder in Europe

    Don't trust them - how wise...

    Media 25 09:15

  • Commission calls for Euro push on IPv6

    But will the governments listen?

    Media 25 09:19

  • iAnywhere Sharp deal gives Linux PDAs boost

    Pushing enterprise apps

    Software 25 09:25

  • Cutting edge P2P, crypto comes to your PC

    Underground radio

    Security 25 09:55

  • Grateful Dead lyricist lambasts DMCA

    It can only be EFF co-founder Barlow...

    Software 25 11:47

  • No prisoners: Intel unwraps SMT Xeon

    Threads everywhere...

    Channel 25 11:56

  • Big Brother award nominees pile in

    Nothing to do with hideous TV game show, thankfully

    Media 25 13:45

  • Steve Gibson invents broken SYNcookies

    GRC SYN-flood cure is worse than the disease

    Security 25 14:33

  • IBM unveils ‘fastest’ IC at 110GHz

    Blisteringly fast chips for telecoms kit

    Channel 25 14:47

  • HP touts advances in self-healing to trump IBM

    8-way rp7410 Unix server debuts

    Data Centre 25 18:11

  • HP puts clear blue water between McKinley, Itanic Mk1

    New chipset breaks cover

    Data Centre 25 21:51

  • HP tackles Yamhill questions

    Real, but not a real threat. Honest.

    Channel 25 21:54

  • The Register Comes to the US

    Please adjust your bookmarks

    Site News 25 22:36

  • Sun to charge for StarOffice (Linux and Windows)

    Solaris unaffected

    Software 25 22:58

  • Symantec intros 5-in-1 security appliance

    Better than best of breed?

    Security 25 23:06