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Peek-A-Booty – The First Screenshots

CodeCon Judging from our mail, we know quite a few of you were tuned into the unveiling of the Peek-A-Booty app on Sunday via the DNA Lounge webcast.
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Dial-up dominates UK Net access

Just three percent of UK Net users use broadband, according to the latest Government statistics.

Motorola selects AOL for embedded mobile IM

Mobile handset manufacturer Motorola Inc has teamed up with global media and Internet company AOL Time Warner Inc in an alliance for mobile instant messaging. The two companies are working together to integrate the AOL Instant Messaging (AIM) client into future Motorola phones. They will imbed the software on Motorola's …
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Liberty does German u-turn

Liberty Media Corp has made a surprise U-turn in order to get regulatory approval for its 5.5bn euro ($4.8bn) acquisition of six cable TV networks from Deutsche Telekom AG. The Englewood, California-based operator had originally refused regulators'insistences that it invest heavily on bringing the cable TV networks up to …

MS, Intel, TI and HP pitch PDA-phone combo blueprints

Yes, it's war. Today at the GSM World Congress in Cannes Microsoft made its latest pitch for control of the mobile phone market, via alliances with Intel, Texas Instruments, HP and a stack of service providers; a small stack of these, granted, but it includes all the major UK players, and France Telecom in the shape of Orange.
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Another.com calls time on free email

Another.com has started charging existing members to use its Web-based email service.
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Mobile user charged penalty for ‘being an arrogant bastard’

A New Zealand Telecom customer had a rude awakening when he opened his phone bill last week to discover he'd been charged a "penalty for being an arrogant bastard".
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A bunch of fives from IT-Minds

Reader offer This week's discounted bunch of fives from Reg associate IT-minds bookstore features Understanding Open Source Software Development by Joseph Feller and Brian Fitzgerald.
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AvantGo weeds out custom channel ‘abuse’

Avantgo, the PDA content provider, is to start charging for custom channels with more than eight subscribers, in a move to stamp out business use.
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Next-gen DVD standard agreed

Updated Manufacturers have agreed a standard for the next generation of DVDs, which will be capable of holding more information than existing discs.
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Telewest ups prices from 01/04

Telewest is to increase charges for its 1.7 million punters from April 1, although the price hike does not apply to all of the cableco’s services.
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Nvidia touts for workstation biz with Quadro4

Nvidia today launched the Quadro4, a graphics chip family designed to improve its standing in the low to mid-end workstation business.
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WD flogs external 120GB FireWire HDD

Western Digital is coming to market with a 120GB external Firewire hard drive (HDD) for PC and Mac.
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Web wife jilted on the auction block

It is with great sadness that El Reg informs its readers that Kay Hammond - the 24-year-old blonde internet entrepreneuress from Birmingham, England, who tried to find a husband by auctioning herself online – will not be getting married. Well not in the short term, anyhow.
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Computacenter and BT fall foul of TUPE?

BT recently announced it was talking over an outsourcing contract with the UK's leading reseller, Computacenter. If the deal concludes, Computacenter will provide desktop support for 90,000 BT users. The deal will run for five years with nearly 400 BT staff transferring to Computacenter.
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Danish local govt. rebels against MS license terms

Danish local government is evaluating open sources alternatives to Microsoft desktop software, in response to a proposed 30 per cent price hike for Windows 2000 and Office 2000 licenses.
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German worm makes PCs kaputt

A computer virus which poses as a message from a newsletter from Trojaner Info, a popular German antivirus portal, has made its debut on the Net.
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Kiwi judge avoids porn slap

The New Zealand Government has decided not to take any action against a senior high court judge who admitted viewing adult movies online using a computer at work.