26th June 2000 Archive

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  • How the hell… do I countersue Rambus?

    Even though I rip up the document later...

    Channel 26 08:42

  • Palm preps summer launch for Euro Palm.net

    European version to be subscription-free service

    Data Networking 26 10:26

  • SCO straightens its Linux message

    And thinks it's found a use for Itanic

    Software 26 11:05

  • Freeserve fisted by dotcom jitters

    When you're successful, everyone wants to be your friend

    Media 26 11:19

  • Celeron stuck in a 66MHz timewarp

    Chipzilla marketing heads firmly in the sand

    Channel 26 11:29

  • Amazon investors react to the obvious

    And other e-tailing tales

    Business 26 11:53

  • Sony to launch digital VCR

    Taking TiVo to Japan - or is it?

    Business 26 11:53

  • Compaq pours bucket over Wildfire

    What's in a name?

    Bootnotes 26 11:54

  • Sony leaks Palm-based device details

    Gives Wall Street Journal an early, pre-PC Expo play

    Business 26 12:07

  • 64MB Herc vid card – nice but high price

    We go board stupid with this RoundUp

    Business 26 13:18

  • Siemens stained by CWAP stunt

    Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb

    Media 26 13:20

  • Rambus too expensive – Intel

    Shock horror announcement by top bod

    Channel 26 13:23

  • Amazon pulls a fast one over latest Harry Potter

    Cunning plot to get drop on rest of the book trade

    Media 26 13:46

  • Demon slapped by ADSL climb down

    People power rules, KO

    Media 26 14:12

  • Analysts talk up Apple's MacWorld product intros

    Expect 'great things' or something good but not 'compelling'...

    Business 26 14:44

  • Web access from the skies

    Check out porn and join the virtual mile high club

    Media 26 15:06

  • Got a cold? Come this way

    A fellow sufferer falls in love with the Web all over again

    Media 26 15:11

  • RedHotAnt hit by heavy users

    C'mon guys, now let's play fair

    Media 26 15:29

  • Win2K and ME users up creek without a floppy

    Headlong rush to ease of use will prevent BIOS updates

    Software 26 15:53

  • We know what HP and Dell's future plans are

    And we just can't wait for the offical launches

    Business 26 16:36

  • Register scotches Esther Dyson armed robbery rumours

    And she's not a KGB agent either...

    Bootnotes 26 17:10

  • SCO, Compaq ServerNet-less clusters

    An Oracle cluster for under $8k

    Software 26 18:24

  • IBM memory trick makes servers run like the clappers

    And saves vast sums for ISPs

    Channel 26 22:31

  • BOFH: Bad Hair Day

    Everyone has a breaking point..

    BOFH 26 22:44