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GnuPG patched to thwart 'fake filename'

If you're a developer relying on GnuPG, check upstream for an update that plugs an input sanitisation bug. The short version, given in CVE-2018-12020, is that mainproc.c mishandles the filename, and as a result, an attacker can spoof the output it sends to other programs. “For example, the OpenPGP data might represent an …
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For now, GNU GPL is an enforceable contract, says US federal judge

A question mark over whether the GNU GPL – the widely used free-software license – is enforceable as a contract may have been resolved by a US federal judge. In a California district court, Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley refused [PDF] to accept what has been an uncomfortable legal precedent for the past decade. She ruled that …
Kieren McCarthy, 13 May 2017
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Google man drags Emacs into the 1990s

Software developer and Google employee Daniel Colascione has cooked up what he calls “Buttery smooth Emacs” by adding rendering code to the venerable text editor that does away with long-standing flickering and resizing issues. Colascione took to Facebook to promise that his mod for Emacs adds “support for double-buffered …
Simon Sharwood, 31 Oct 2016
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A perfect marriage: YOU and Ubuntu 16.04

Before I dive into what's new in Ubuntu 16.04, it's worth pausing to reflect on what's missing: Scopes online search, now off by default. That means no more potentially socially awkward search results when all you really wanted was to open Brasero (speaking of which, Brasero is gone too). Scopes, introduced four years ago, …
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GNU want (another) free AI package release? Yes. But we should train this puppy

The GNU free software project has launched version 0.0.1 of its Gneural Network package in response to the “outstanding and truly inspiring” results achieved of late in proprietary artificial intelligence. The Free Software Foundation (FSF) describes Gneural Network as a GNU package for a programmable neural network, which as …
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Emacs gets new maintainer as Richard Stallman signs off

Long-time contributor to Emacs and author of Emacs Muse John Wiegley has assumed the role of maintainer of the project. Promising an official announcement "soon", Wiegley said he'd accepted the role after a meeting with Richard Stallman: "Richard and I met at MIT yesterday, where I officially accepted the role as maintainer …
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Web geeks grant immortality to Sir Terry Pratchett – using smuggled web code

The death of Sir Terry Pratchett last week left many fans bereft, but some canny geeks have devised a system to ensure his name lives on in everyday web traffic. In Pratchett's 2004 book Going Postal, the deceased inventor of the "clacks," a form of communications system for sending data over large distances, is immortalized …
Iain Thomson, 18 Mar 2015
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Richard Stallman decides Emacs should go WYSIWYG

GNU daddy Richard Stallman seems to have found an old To-Do list behind the sofa, because he's posted a message on the GNU forums reviving an old ambition for the venerable EMacs text editor. Here's what he's after: 25 years ago I hoped we would extend Emacs to do [sic] WYSIWG word processing. That is why we added text …
Simon Sharwood, 22 Nov 2013
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openSUSE 12.2 release delayed, team calls for a rethink

The OpenSUSE community is engaged in an intense debate about the future of the project after the team announced that the 12.2 build won’t be ready for release on July 11 as scheduled. "Pretty much every milestone of openSUSE 12.2 has been delayed or even canceled," said openSUSE community manager Jos Poortvliet in a blog post …
Iain Thomson, 14 Jun 2012
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The Meeks shall inherit the Office ...

FOSDEM 2011 Oracle. Hmm. Maybe not the favourite word in F/OSS right now ... Unlike Java/OpenJDK/etc – where Oracle has not (yet) dropped the ball – in the LibreOffice camp the cats have left the bags, coops have been vacated, and the code has forked right off ... Key Libre Office developer Michael Meeks' talk at Fosdem 2011 about prying …
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Google Chrome OS mauled by Richard Stallman

Free Software Foundation founder Richard Stallman has attacked Google's still-gestating Chrome OS, arguing it's designed "to push people into careless computing." Stallman – who created the free Unix-style GNU operating system – has never been a fan of so-called cloud computing. At one point, he called it "worse than stupidity …
Cade Metz, 15 Dec 2010
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Free software repository brought down in hack attack

The main source-code repository for the Free Software Foundation has been taken down following an attack that compromised some of the website's account passwords and may have gained unfettered administrative access. The SQL-injection attacks on GNU Savannah exploited holes in Savane, the open-source software hosting application …
Dan Goodin, 1 Dec 2010
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Apple picks death not compliance for open source iPhone game

Apple has removed an application from the iPhone App Store after the Free Software Foundation complained that the store's terms of service undermined the application's open source license. To the countless "inappropriate" apps Apple has ejected from its App Store, you can add GNU Go, a chess-like game that's open sourced under …
Gavin Clarke, 27 May 2010
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GPLv2 - copyright code or contract?

Two prominent IP lawyers have warned that the all-pervasive General Public License version 2 (GPLv2) contains legally ambiguous wording that may be problematic for licensees. They claim GPLv3 and AGPLv3 are much better suited for the realities of modern open source software. "If you go back in time to when GPLv2 was written, …
Austin Modine, 15 Oct 2009
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Debian components breach terms of GPLv2

A top Debian contributor has been left "pretty disappointed" by elements of the Debian community for failing to comply with the conditions of the GNU GPLv2 license. Daniel Baumann, who maintains the Debian Syslinux bootloader package, has said Debian components were being released only in binary form without source code - …
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GNU turns 25

No longer will the Free Software Foundation be the target of advertisements for novelty condoms, Ibiza package holidays and extreme sports gear. It's leaving the 16-24 yoof demographic behind. Today the GNU project celebrates its quarter-century. It was on 27 September 1983 that MIT slacker Richard M Stallman made his …
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Dubai mobe cracking demo barred by Heathrow boffin bust

A mobile phone security researcher has been left baffled by UK government airport authorities, who impounded basic equipment while claiming that he could be illegally exporting high-end code breaking technology. The action meant he had to cancel a demonstration of a groundbreaking exploit of GSM encryption in the Middle East …
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Ballmer: 'Linux is a cancer'

Microsoft CEO and incontinent over-stater of facts Steve Ballmer said that "Linux is a cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it touches," during a commercial spot masquerading as a interview with the Chicago Sun-Times on June 1, 2001. Ballmer was trying to articulate his concern, whether …

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