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IBM CEO 'Ginni' Rometty

IBM storage revenues grew? Hahaha, good one. Oh, you're serious

Analysis Despite falling server sales, IBM has reversed 22 quarters of decline in storage hardware revenue, offset by a leap in flash storage array sales. It's also, we think, number 3 in overall storage sales. Let's drill down through the first quarter 2017 results numbers. According to IBM's quarterly earnings charts, the main …
Chris Mellor, 19 Apr 2017

IBM. Sigh. Revenues. Sigh. Down. Sigh. For the 20th quarter in a row

IBM says it is right on track for the coming fiscal year: everything is going to plan and its sales are falling just as expected. Hurrah for Big Blue! For its first quarter of 2017, which ended on March 31, Indian Business Machines' "strategic imperatives" core of divisions were up 12 per cent, even as other areas of the …
Shaun Nichols, 19 Apr 2017

Ah, breathe that fresh alpine air. And look over there, a majestic HPC Advisory Council

HPC Blog Looking to find out about the latest cutting-edge research and the best way to utilise HPC gear? Or would you just like to hang out with your HPC homies on the Piazza della Riforma in the brisk night air? Either way, you'll want to be in Lugano, Switzerland, next week because the HPC Advisory Council is coming to town. The HPC …

It's 30 years ago: IBM's final battle with reality

Special Report Thirty years ago this month, IBM declared war on reality – and lost. For the 30 years prior to that April day in 1987, nobody had dared to challenge IBM’s dominance of the computer industry. It would take almost a decade for the defeat to be complete, but when it came, it was emphatic. In April of '87, IBM announced both a new …
Bubblecar Scooter Collection

Friday storage congeries, convocation, collection, compilation, cumulation

Did you enjoy the synonyms? Friday’s alphabetically-ordered-by-supplier-name collection of sub-prime storage news starts here: BridgeSTOR has announced Native Object Support for Cloud Storage using NAS protocols, with no vendor lock-in, objects in non-proprietary format. It supports a Windows F: Drive to objects/files, uses …
Chris Mellor, 31 Mar 2017
Flag of India

Indian Business Machines? One-third of Big Blue staff based there and Bangladesh

Just shy of one-third of IBM's global workforce is now based in India and Bangladesh, a leaked internal blog has indicated. World+dog was aware that Big Blue has spent years offshoring roles. El Reg previously revealed the firm planned to employ eight in ten services personnel in lower-cost locations by the end of 2017. IBM …
Paul Kunert, 31 Mar 2017

Stop us if you've heard this one before: IBM sheds more workers – this time, tech sales

IBM is once again laying off folks – this time swinging its axing mostly through sales teams in the US. This latest round of headcount slashing – coldly categorized internally as a "resource action" – started on Thursday, according to multiple sources. This reduction is taking place throughout North America, with some offices …
Shaun Nichols, 31 Mar 2017
Man in suit performs double facepalm, presumably after witnessing incident of great stupidity. Photo by shutterstock

IBM: Those 2 redundancy schemes? We need to 'improve margins' and right quick

Exclusive IBM UK has tried to justify running two redundancy schemes concurrently in the Infrastructure Services Delivery team, telling staff that financial pressures forced its hand and it may take similar action again. Some 30 roles are to be chopped under Project Baccarat, launched in February, and a newer, overlapping programme …
Paul Kunert, 29 Mar 2017

I've Been Moved: IBMers in same division slapped with 2nd redundo scheme in 2 months

IBM UK appears to have fired the starting gun on a 2.0 redundancy programme for the Infrastructure Services Delivery division – before the first one has even concluded. Employees were given around an hour’s notice yesterday to join a mandatory call hosted by Deathly Debbie Hallows, veep of ISD for the UK and Ireland in which …
Paul Kunert, 24 Mar 2017

Calling your redundancy programme Baccarat? Immense Bummer, Management

Word reaches us of Project Baccarat*, IBM’s latest redundancy programme for staffers in the Infrastructure Services Delivery division. In mid-February, Big Blue asked for volunteers among the UK ISD workforce to leave the business with a statutory minimum pay-off, but after a 30-day consultation, the requisite 30 heads had not …
Paul Kunert, 22 Mar 2017

IBM wipes away tiers to join cloud storage price wars

IBM's decided to play the “our cloud storage is even cheaper than your cloud storage” game, but by a different set of rules. Big Blue's decided that tiered cloud storage assumes users make decisions based on unusually-potent-and-accurate insights into their long-term data use patterns, and therefore commit themselves to a tier …
Simon Sharwood, 22 Mar 2017
Chinese revolutionary panda

IBM finds Wanda-ful new way to add China to its cloudy Bluemix

IBM”s found a new way to get its cloud into China – a new deal with the Wanda Internet Technology Group. Wanda what? Wanda Internet Technology Group is a limb of Wanda Group, aka Dalian Wanda, a Chinese conglomerate that brings in about US$40bn a year with property development, luxury hotels, cinemas and other businesses. The …
Simon Sharwood, 20 Mar 2017

IBM could have made almost all the voluntary redundancies it needed

IBM UK could have almost filled its quota for voluntary redundancies in the Technical Services Support division given the number of folk that had put their hands up to leave, but will make some compulsory cuts instead. An Employee Consultation Committee was created for TSS staff last month, with 47 positions or roughly 10 per …
Paul Kunert, 15 Mar 2017
A large hand flicks an icon of a little red man. Image via shutterstock (Lasse Kristensen)

Lloyds to outsource 2,000 staff in IBM deal

Lloyds Banking Group is to offshore nearly 2,000 IT jobs as part of its shift to IBM, according to the Lloyds Trade Union. In a recent presentation, Morteza Mahjour, the group's Chief Information Officer, confirmed that Lloyds will outsource large parts of its IT estate to IBM in a deal worth £1.3bn over seven years, the union …
Kat Hall, 13 Mar 2017
Water fountain at rear of the Pennsylvania State Capitol building in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Photo by shutterstock

Pennsylvania sues IBM for fraud over $170m IT upgrade shambles

IBM has been accused of fraud for under-delivering an over-budget IT upgrade to Pennsylvania's unemployment compensation systems. The US state's governor Tom Wolf (D) has sued IBM over the upgrade, which saw Big Blue collect millions of dollars in cost overruns on the $110m contract. The contract was issued in June 2006 but …

The future of storage is ATOMIC: IBM boffins stash 1 bit on 1 atom

Molecules are so yesterday – IBM boffins at Almaden have cracked atomic storage, magnetising a single atom and storing a bit of data on it. The atom in question was a Holmium atom, a silvery-white metal and a rare earth, lanthanide element. It also has the highest magnetic moment of any naturally occurring material. A Holmium …
Chris Mellor, 9 Mar 2017
Robot talks unto robot photo via Shutterstock

If Salesforce is jumping on the AI bandwagon, IBM's Watson is giving it the final shove onboard

A partnership between IBM and Salesforce involving the namesakes of business and science heroes: Watson and Einstein. It must have sounded like a genius move in the PR brainstorming session. IBM’s data-processing system Watson is named after Thomas J Watson, the chairman and chief executive of Big Blue back in the day. …
Gavin Clarke, 7 Mar 2017

IBM and Cisco have another crack at converged infrastructure

UPDATED IBM and Cisco are having another crack at converged infrastructure, by releasing a few new configurations for their joint VersaStack rigs. VersaStack emerged in late 2014 and offers racks full of Cisco switching and UCS servers, plus IBM's StorWize arrays. At launch, the concept was awfully similar to those used by the Cisco/ …

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