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Sweden leaked every car owners' details last year, then tried to hush it up

In a slowly-unfolding scandal in Sweden, it's emerged that the country's transport agency bungled an outsourcing deal with IBM, putting both individuals and national security at risk. Pirate Party founder and now head of privacy at VPN provider Private Internet Access Rik Falkvinge has been working to bring details of the …

IBM signs up for EU Cloud Code of Conduct, opens four data centres

IBM has signed up to an EU Cloud Provider Code of Conduct initiative and is announcing four new data centres in the UK, Australia and Silicon Valley for the IBM Cloud. There are two in London, one in Sydney and the fourth in San Jose and they are open now. They take the IBM Cloud global data centre total to almost 60 in 19 …
Chris Mellor, 19 Jul 2017
Watson Power7 cluster. Pic: IBM

Watson AI panned, 5¼ years of sales decline ... Does IBM now stand for Inferior Biz Model?

Analysis If there's one thing you can give IBM credit for, it's Big Blue's ability to put on a brave face. Not only has its Watson offering been skewered by Wall Street analysts, it's also just reported its 21st straight quarter of revenue decline. Its CEO Ginni Rometty, whose annual pay package is a whopping $33m (£25m), hasn't …
Shaun Nichols, 19 Jul 2017

Presto crypto: IBM releases gruntier, faster Z14 mainframe

IBM has launched its latest, newest, biggest, baddest mainframe, the z14 system. It features the next generation of IBM's CMOS mainframe chip technology, with 10-core processors using 14nm silicon-on-insulator technology, and running at 5.2GHz, claimed to be the fastest processor in the industry. Each core has hardware …
Chris Mellor, 17 Jul 2017

Largest advertising company in the world still wincing after NotPetya punch

The huge cyber attack that swept from Ukraine last week is still affecting companies, and several have been hit pretty hard, including the world's largest advertising business, UK-based WPP. The malware attack, dubbed NotPetya because it masquerades as the Petya ransomware, affected several multinationals running Microsoft …
Kat Hall, 7 Jul 2017

Big Blue lures big biz object storage teams with VersaStack, COS

IBM has found a new route for its channel into enterprise data-intensive workloads, courtesy of its Cisco VersaStack deal. VersaStack is a reference architecture for converged infrastructure systems, built from Cisco servers and networking and IBM storage. This is a FlexPod-type system, with the channel selling pre-tested, …
Chris Mellor, 27 Jun 2017

IBM's contractor crackdown continues: Survivors refusing pay cut have hours reduced

IBM's efforts to crimp the cost of its contract workforce are continuing, The Register has learned. Big Blue recently stopped hiring new contractors and asked those who remained to take a 10 per cent pay cut. Now it's trying to cut contractors' hours, in three ways. We were told today that some contractors have been told they …
Simon Sharwood, 20 Jun 2017

IBM appears to have excess cloud servers to shift at low, low, prices

Cloud computing prices come down regularly, but IBM's just offered a price cut of a sort The Register hasn't seen before – a temporary discount on bare metal servers running just one CPU family. That CPU family is the Xeon E5-26XX v3 range, which Intel introduced from Q3 2014 through to mid-2015. In other words, old-ish, slow- …
Simon Sharwood, 20 Jun 2017

Hortonworks feathers nest with IBM deal

IBM has slipped a ring on Hortonworks' finger – offering the Hadoop distributor access to a potentially lucrative market. The corporate love-in between the founders of the Open Data Platform Initiative will see Big Blue adopt HDP for its Hadoop distribution, with existing users of its data analytics software platform …
Rebecca Hill, 15 Jun 2017
IBM Headquarters, Armonk, NY

BMW climbs into IBM Watson's cloudy connected charabanc

IBM's partnership with German carmaker BMW has resulted in a contract to supply cloud-based data management services. The deal, as reported by The Wall Street Journal, is a victory for IBM Watson, the American tech firm's Internet of Things (IoT) product line. Connected cars is one of the areas where IBM, along with the world …
Gareth Corfield, 14 Jun 2017

IBM will soon become sole gatekeepers to the realm of tape – report

Spectra Logic's Digital Data Storage Outlook 2017 report predicts IBM will emerge as the sole tape drive manufacturer. The 24-page report is available for download (PDF) with no registration. This is Spectra Logic's second such annual report. It reviews the rise of flash and its effect on disk, tape and optical storage media …
Chris Mellor, 14 Jun 2017
Dead photo via Shutterstock

IBM deep-sixes DeepFlash 150

IBM has withdrawn its Spectrum Scale-based DeepFlash 150 product from sale. The product was launched in August 2016 and has Spectrum Scale running on all-flash array InfiniFlash hardware OEM'd from WDC-owned SanDisk. It was launched as a fast access parallel file system array. InfiniFlash is a flash equivalent of a JBOD, just …
Chris Mellor, 14 Jun 2017
God of Cloud

Hyperconverged hybrid cloud is the new blue

Hybrid hyperconvergence is the new blue: first NetApp launched its hyperconverged appliances by emphasising hybrid credentials and now IBM and IBM and Cisco have given their shared hyperconverged VersaStacks the hybrid cloud treatment. Like NetApp, Big Blue is emphasising the ability to put data wherever it makes most sense …
Simon Sharwood, 13 Jun 2017

IBM warns itself of possible outages in lab shift screw-up

A cost-cutting measure at IBM to shift a hybrid cloud lab to a new location has itself been scuppered by a cost-cutting measure, insiders have told The Reg. Big Blue's moneymen in the accounts department have given a last-minute reprieve to a facility in Austin, Texas, which houses engineers that run workloads internally for …
Paul Kunert, 12 Jun 2017
Meg Whitman

Axed from IBM for remote working? Don't go crying to HPE

HPE Discover Chalk up Hewlett Packard Enterprise as being among the crop of tech giants demanding workers clock in at an office every day. CEO Meg Whitman told El Reg on Wednesday that in order to right the ship at her newly severed enterprise company, employees need to be on premises and able to get together in meatspace. "When you're in …
Shaun Nichols, 7 Jun 2017
Boss leans back comfortably in desk. Pic via Shutterstock

Lloyds finally inks mega 10-year cloudy outsourcing deal with IBM

Exclusive Lloyds Bank has today inked a mega 10-year cloudy outsourcing deal with IBM, with 1,500 staff and contractors to be shipped over to Big Blue - according to internal memo seen by The Register. The bank has been negotiating with IBM to outsource the management of its bit barns to IBM for many months, as we exclusively revealed …
Kat Hall, 6 Jun 2017
Stamped word 'nope'

IBM: ALL travel must be approved now, and shut up about the copter

IBM UK and Ireland has told the Global Technology Services team that all travel to customer sites must be approved by divisional general manager Tosca Colangeli irrespective of "value or business justification". This is a more extreme version of the previous directive issued by IBM for its calendar Q2 that all employee trips …
Paul Kunert, 5 Jun 2017
screenshot form youtube vid by l1fechooser

The Big Blue Chopper video that IBM might want to keep quiet

Here is the short video that IBM didn’t want the world see - it shows CEO, president and chairman Ginni Rometty mounting a Big Blue chopper following a trip to the Hursley R&D labs in the UK. Youtube Video El Reg first reported last month the company overlord had boldly ignored the £75 travel restriction earlier imposed on …
Paul Kunert, 2 Jun 2017

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