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Serverless Computing: Building it, managing it, developing it

Our earlybird ticket offer for Serverless Computing expires in just a few weeks, so if you want to get on top of the next generation of cloud, and keep a few hundred quid in your pocket to boot, the time to act is now. We have pioneers from the world of Serverless joining us at 30 Euston Square in November to present …
Team Register, 23 Jul 2018
Bearded Man drinking beer

What if tech moguls brewed real ale?

Competition The fine people at CAMRA are also fans of The Register, and are giving away both free and half-price tickets for possibly one of the greatest show on Earth: the incredible Great British Beer Festival at Olympia next month. To get in free, you must enter the competition below. To get a handsome discount, you must keep reading …
Team Register, 20 Jul 2018
logo for mcubed conference

What does AI and machine learning mean for finance, security, energy?

Events If you’re looking for practical advice on what machine learning and AI can do for businesses like yours, you should secure your place at MCubed, our three-day exploration of all of the above, in October. And you should act now, because our earlybird ticket offer is due to expire at the end of this month. We’ve got almost 40 …
Team Register, 20 Jul 2018
serverless computing london logo

Want to save more on Serverless Computing? You’ve gotta be FaaS

If you like simplifying your infrastructure, saving money, and beating deadlines, you’ll want to know that you’ve got just one month to save hundreds of pounds on tickets for Serverless Computing London. We’ve got almost 40 speakers joining us in London in November, including keynote speakers Chad Arimura and Charity Majors, …
Team Register, 19 Jul 2018
CLL19 Logo

Continuous Lifecycle 2019 call for papers is open NOW

Events Continuous Lifecycle London returns in May 2019, and we want to hear your proposals for conference sessions and all-day workshops, spanning the full range of agile, DevOps, application lifecycle management, CD, and container technologies and methodologies. We will be staging almost 40 conference sessions over two days in May …
Team Register, 18 Jul 2018
Happy business people celebrate. Photo by Shutterstock

TalkTalk shrugs off moaning customers to claim 80,000 more

UK comms provider TalkTalk grew its customer base by a net 80,000 in the first quarter of FY19, the company said in a trading update today. 2.1 million subscribers are now on fixed-price plans. Guess who's still most moaned about UK ISP... Rhymes with BorkBork READ MORE "We saw excellent growth in wholesale, offsetting a …
Team Register, 17 Jul 2018
Woman holding keys

Who is the weakest link in software security?

Study In the early years of software development, you would often design it, build it, and only then think about how to secure it. This was arguably fine in the in the days of monolithic applications and closed networks, when good perimeter-based protection and effective identity and access management would get you a long way …
Team Register, 16 Jul 2018
logo for mcubed conference

Machine learning in business? How does that work again?

If you want to put machine learning to work in your organisation, you should really consider securing a place at one of the four all-day workshops we’re running as part of MCubed before our early bird ticket offer expires in two weeks time. Oliver Zeigermann returns to take you through the basics of machine learning, before …
Team Register, 16 Jul 2018
M3 Logo

Get ready for a golden autumn of AI, machine learning... learning

If you’re heading to the beach this summer, make sure you grab an early bird ticket for MCubed now - they might not be around when you get back. MCubed hits London between October 15 and 17, with almost 40 conference sessions and four optional deep dive workshops taking you through the fundamentals of machine learning, …
Team Register, 12 Jul 2018

Beat the heat – sleep on the streets for Byte Night 2018

It might be high summer now, but if you fancy chilling out with the great and the good of both tech and entertainment, sign up for October’s Byte Night now. Byte Night, as you must know by now, is the annual tech-heavy sleepout fundraiser for Action for Children, the UK charity which has been caring and sticking up for …
Team Register, 6 Jul 2018

Do you work in life sciences IT?

Study Dealing with regulated data and applying strict controls to comply with GxP (e.g. Good Laboratory Practice, Good Clinical Practice, etc) and privacy in an R&D context is nothing new to the pharmaceutical industry and broader life sciences sector. Over the past few years, though, those involved in designing, executing and …
Team Register, 4 Jul 2018
Serverless Computing London Logo

Serverless Computing London: Agenda is live

We’ve hit the button and announced the first tranche of speakers for Serverless Computing London, our three day conference on all things, well, serverless, next November. Our two keynote speakers and 32 conference speakers will take you from the basic concepts behind Serverless Computing and Function as a Service, through the …
Team Register, 26 Jun 2018
what has been seen? pic by SHutterstock

The suits helped biz PC makers feed their kids in bumper Q2

Less than six months ago forecasters were predicting continued gloom for the European PC market. Sales had been hit hard in 2017 by price hikes amid component shortages and as US vendors sought to maintain margins by offsetting the rise in value of the US dollar versus both the Euro and the Brit pound. However, businesses …
Team Register, 26 Jun 2018
Jenny Agutter at Byte Night launch

El Reg works with Byte Night to put techies out on the streets

The Register is partnering with Byte Night, the annual tech-heavy sleepout fundraiser for Action for Children, the UK charity which has been caring and sticking up for vulnerable young people for 150 years. So, why don’t you sign up now if you want to do something for vulnerable young people, think you can rough it with the …
Team Register, 22 Jun 2018
The audience at Continuous Lifecycle London, 2018

Missed our Continuous Lifecycle conference? Relive it in video

If you didn’t get along to Continuous Lifecycle London last month, we’ve got the next best thing: most of the conference sessions are now available to view at your leisure. Whether you’re looking to amp up your efforts around testing, deploying Kubernetes or monitoring, or are simply working out how to begin your journey into …
Team Register, 4 Jun 2018

Open justice FTW! El Reg fought the law – and El Reg won

The Register has won a legal battle against Midlands-based reseller Aria Technology that will help open up tribunals across England and Wales to greater public scrutiny. Following one Reg hack's boneheaded ignorance of the law determined struggle for justice, anyone who wants to see legal documents used in tribunal cases can …
Team Register, 18 May 2018

Wanna work for El Reg? Developers needed for headline-writing AI bots

April Fool The Register seeks full-time developers and data scientists to build software tools to generate El Reg-style headlines and other text. This technology will draw upon the work of top UK academic Professor Warren Rice, who has assembled a database of more than one million news stories, including the entire Register archive, and …
Team Register, 1 Apr 2018
Arthur the vulture. Pic: Birds of Prey Displays

Reg writer wins quite prestigious journalism prism

Register columnist and futurist Mark Pesce has been named Australia’s best IT columnist. Pesce was named the winner of the “Lizzie” last Friday after submitting three columns to the judges. Can you ethically suggest a woman pursue a career in tech? said that while “the number of women going studying engineering at the …
Team Register, 26 Mar 2018
A tractor beam from NASA space documentary: Star Trek, The Next Generation

The Register Lecture: How to build your own tractor beam

Levitation and tractor beams are the stuff of science fiction legend. Think Marty McFly’s hoverboard from Steven Spielberg’s Back to the Future II in 1989, or any number of Star Trek episodes. The real-world application of such technology, however, has been limited by the size of the object you can control. Until now, as you' …
Team Register, 22 Mar 2018
Drinks party at M3 day one

Yes, Alexa is all very well... but we want YOU to talk machine learning and AI

MCubed returns to London in October, and we want to hear how your organisation is using artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms, deep learning, and predictive analytics to solve real world business and technology problems. We’re looking to put together a conference schedule that shows how business and academia are …
Team Register, 8 Mar 2018
Register Lecture tackles Existential Risk

The Register Lecture: AI turning on us? Let's talk existential risk

A sneaking fear that the machines might turn on us is just not good enough - we need to be able to quantify that risk if we want to avoid it, or at least manage it. Or we could just push on regardless and see how things work out. Whatever your take, we’re thrilled to have Dr Adrian Currie of Cambridge’s Centre for the Study of …
Team Register, 12 Feb 2018
serverless computing london logo

The Register, Heise launch Serverless Computing London Conference

Events Situation Publishing and Heise Medien are launching Serverless Computing London 2018, a three day conference that will bring together together experts and practitioners in one of the tech world’s hottest new areas. This new conference, which will run from November 12 to 14 at Euston Square, London, will cut through the hype to …
Team Register, 24 Jan 2018

The Register Lecture: The Secret Spitfires

When Britain’s future hung in the balance in 1940, a covert army of men, women and children set to work in network of sheds, garages and bus depots across Britain building desperately needed Supermarine Spitfires for the RAF’s war effort. The Spitfire was on the frontline against Adolf Hitler’s Luftwaffe during the Battle of …
Team Register, 18 Jan 2018

The Register Lecture: Detecting deception

Billions of pounds are lost annually to lies. As we become more digital and more connected through web, devices and social the reach of liars and the consequences of their actions assume bigger and more personal proportions - compromised bank accounts, stolen personal data and lost intellectual property. Liars are a physical …
Team Register, 18 Jan 2018

The Register Lecture: What will drive our cars when the combustion engine dies

Whether you’ve always wondered whether hydrogen is the motor fuel of the future, or what happens to the inside of Lithium Ion battery when you drive a nail through, you’d have gotten your answers at our January Register Lecture. The National Physical Laboratory’s Dr Gareth Hinds took attendees on a journey into an electrically …
Team Register, 18 Jan 2018

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