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Staying anonymous in the internet jungle

The opening passage to True Names, a novella written by noted science fiction author Vernor Vinge nearly 25 years ago, delivers an eerily prescient summary of modern Internet usage. "In the once upon a time days of the First Age of Magic, the prudent sorcerer regarded his own true name as his most valued possession but also the …
Matthew Tanase, 22 Sep 2005
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Where's the threat?

Comment Goldilocks was very tired by this time, so she went upstairs to the bedroom. She lay down in the first bed, but it was too hard. Then she lay in the second bed, but it was too soft. Then she lay down in the third bed and it was just right. Goldilocks fell asleep. I'm sure everyone remembers the story of Goldilocks and the three …
Matthew Tanase, 28 Jun 2005

Database misuse: who watches the watchers?

Misuse of database information by insiders happens everyday, and there's little we can do about it. Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodies? Two groups of people will understand the meaning of this phrase. Those classically trained with a few years of Latin at some point during their education will be one group - and then there's …
Matthew Tanase, 21 Apr 2005
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Big company, crap security

I'll tell you a secret. If you're looking for a security consultant during the day and he's not in the office, you might find him in a neighborhood coffee shop consuming large doses of caffeine, and using a laptop with wireless net access. It's nice to people watch, catch up on the news, review technical articles and yes, even …

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