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IT freely, a true tale: One night a project saved my life

Everyone knows that IT is a byword for burnout. Admins, coders and hardware jocks frequently keep unsociable hours. Putting in 60-hour weeks is something of a norm. Such punishing workloads can and do push people over the edge. Everyone deals with stress in different ways. Some people snap and end up taking it to the extreme, …

Confessions of a porn site boss: How the net porn industry flopped

NSFW It was the year 2000, and porn on VHS cassettes was so last decade. Now anyone could get any type of porn without the embarrassment of having to go into a seedy sex shop, thanks to the internet. I had realised there was cash to be made on the web. It was good money for little work, especially if you weren't too bothered by how …
Anonymous, 2 Dec 2013
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Confessions of a porn site boss: How I got it up on the 'net

NSFW Going to a sex shop in itself can be embarrassing at the best of times, but when I knew that I was going to ask about dodgy video tapes from dubious sources, it got a whole lot worse. "I'm looking for some more interesting kinky stuff, know where I can get any?" This was the early '90s and VHS cassettes were the norm. DVD …
Anonymous, 29 Nov 2013

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