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Windows Vista teaser

Windows XP repair disk kills automatic updates

CommentA commonly used method for repairing Windows computers can disable the automatic installation of Microsoft updates, or patches, it was revealed this week.
Dan Goodin, 29 Sep 2007

ElReg40™: Get ready for Guttergroove

Competition resultsWe've been astonished in the last week by the respone to our call for Reg readers' web 2.0 ideas. The amount of creativity you launched in our general direction has been touching.
Christopher Williams, 29 Sep 2007

Ninjas battle invisible frogs in Hitler's San Diego bunker

CommentsNinjas have invaded Pennsylvania, and are holding up petrol ('gas' to their American victims) stations at swordpoint. Two female ninjas, that staple of the videogame industry, stole "cash, cigarettes and lottery tickets" from a terrified clerk. While the latter two items don't really fit the ninja mystique, that didn't matter to you. They are girls and they ninj:
Robin Lettice, 29 Sep 2007

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