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HP reclaims benchmark lead with Unix

There are times when a vacant moan makes its way through the streets of Palo Alto, haunting innocent children and sending tremors up the spines of adults. This is the cry of HP's tireless server engineers after they have managed to wring another benchmark record out of Superdome.
Ashlee Vance, 31 Jul 2003

Panel probes the half-life of bugs

Software security holes never die, they fade from the Internet at a rate of 50% every thirty days after a patch is released, according to the results of a study released at the Black Hat Briefings security conference here Wednesday.
Kevin Poulsen, 31 Jul 2003

Sony wins Aussie mod- chip sales ban

Australia is now officially under the thumb of the mod-chip banners, after the Court of Appeal, accepted its argument that mod-chips should be made illegal.
Drew Cullen, 31 Jul 2003

Yaha usurps Klez

Yaha-E displaced Klez as the most common viral menace on the Internet over the last month, according to Messagelabs.
John Leyden, 31 Jul 2003

Ingram profits up, sales down

Ingram Micro, the world's biggest IT distie, posted better than expected Q2 earnings, thanks to cost-cutting.
Drew Cullen, 31 Jul 2003

Intel Celeron price cuts revealed

Intel is expected to cut the prices of its Celeron desktop processors on 24 August, but until now the extent to which those prices will be reduced has not leaked out of the chip giant.
Tony Smith, 31 Jul 2003

UK e-voting pilots deeply flawed

A leading British academic has warned of the shortcomings of electronic voting schemes tried at this year's local elections.
John Leyden, 31 Jul 2003

BT profits up, revs flat

BT rung up a 56 per cent increase in pre-tax profits during Q1 even though turnover remained flat at the UK's dominant telco.
Tim Richardson, 31 Jul 2003

Inland Revenue site ‘failing to perform’

The Inland Revenue's Web site which enables tax returned to be filed online is "failing to perform".
Tim Richardson, 31 Jul 2003

Dell misses PDA patch posting deadline – again

Dell failed to make its Axim x5 PDA firmware fix widely available for the second time yesterday after an eleventh hour glitch forced the PC maker to pull the patch from its servers.
Tony Smith, 31 Jul 2003

SiS to ship 800MHz FSB notebook chipset

SiS will next month bring the Pentium 4's 800MHz effective bit rate frontside bus to notebook PCs when its SiSM661FX chipset goes into mass production, the company said today.
Tony Smith, 31 Jul 2003

Data Protection : Subject Access Requests – any complaints?

A Government Consultation Paper, published in October 2002 by the Lord Chancellor's Department, asked for opinions on whether the arrangements for 'subject access requests', under the current Data Protection legislation, were satisfactory or not, writes John MacGowan of Bloor Research.
IT-Analysis, 31 Jul 2003

Govt BB aggregation plans take step forward

The Government is pressing ahead with plans to aggregate public sector demand for broadband with the announcement that nine regional bodies will be set up in October.
Tim Richardson, 31 Jul 2003

UK ‘bans’ iPod radio add-on

Griffin Technologies' iTrip iPod add-on is illegal in the UK, British distributor A M Micro has said.
Tony Smith, 31 Jul 2003
server room

Peregrine ready to emerge from Chapter 11

One of the most widely recognised IT brands should next month emerge from the clutches of "Chapter 11", writes Tony Lock of Bloor Research.
IT-Analysis, 31 Jul 2003

Labels to delve deeper into ringtones

Record companies may buy up mobile phone ringtone providers and are likely to go a step further by setting ringtone studios, a new report says.
ElectricNews.net, 31 Jul 2003

IR35 ‘causes significant damage’ – MPs

The Government has been urged to immediately review the controversial IR35 tax or face the wrath of the nation’s freelancers when it came to election time.
Startups.co.uk, 31 Jul 2003

UK e-mentoring service for Small.biz

A “unique” e-mentoring programme designed exclusively for small and medium-sized businesses is to be introduced in the UK over the next six months.
Startups.co.uk, 31 Jul 2003

Spam dumpster diving

Anti spam activists struck gold this week when they found a website, which contains thousands of zipfiles, left behind by or nicked from a spammer. Nearly a gigabyte of email addresses, unzipped.
Jan Libbenga, 31 Jul 2003

Blair shoots down UK ID card scheme

UK Prime Minister Tony Blair yesterday knocked the wheels off Home Secretary David Blunkett's ID card bandwagon, citing "huge logistical and cost issues that need to be resolved" before the cards can be implemented. If words such as "privacy" and "freedom" also figured in his reasoning he neglected to share this with us, but he pointed out that the last government (by which he presumably means Tory government, rather than the one he himself baked earlier) had examined the issue "over a period of years" and had come to similar conclusions.
John Lettice, 31 Jul 2003

OS war over, OS dead, Sun won, Redmond lost

The OS war is over, as indeed is the OS, and Sun won. This interesting and challenging thesis was one of numerous presented by Scott McNealy at a European Technology Forum event in London this morning. Say what you like about Scott, he's generally good copy, even at 8.30am gigs.
John Lettice, 31 Jul 2003

Yahoo! hunts! for! champion! amateur! yodeller!

Yahoo! has clearly kissed and made up with Wylie Gustafson after the cowboy singer's attempt last year to sue the Internet giant for $5 million.
Tim Richardson, 31 Jul 2003

UK.gov security is pants

IT security levels in UK central and local government are worryingly poor and need significant improvements if the UK is to meet its e-government targets, a survey out this week warns.
John Leyden, 31 Jul 2003
server room

Sun starts flashing Solaris 10 to chosen few

Sun Microsystems has decided to give key customers a sneak peak at future versions of the Solaris operating system, hoping to convince users to stick with the vendor over the long haul.
Ashlee Vance, 31 Jul 2003

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