8th December 1998 Archive

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  • A year ago: Eckhard Pfeiffer named Man of the Year

    You've got to search for the Nero inside yourself

    Business 08 08:15

  • Gates moans to press in PR spectacle (Not)

    The Microsoft boss' charm offensive is sinking on the reef of his own intransigence

    Business 08 09:42

  • Star challenges MS Office with Linux, Windows freeware

    German outfit Star Division wants to have 10 million personal users in a year

    Business 08 10:27

  • Microsoft ‘compliant’ Java tempts Sun to sue some more

    With the launch of an 'upgrade,' Microsoft says it complies with the injunction. Hmmm...

    Business 08 11:22

  • UK lifts C2000 performance

    Back in the black

    Business 08 11:44

  • Plasmon doubles through Philips acquisition

    Optical and tape drive manufacturing capacity for first time

    Business 08 12:36

  • US body votes to continue Taiwan anti-dumping probe

    Imports worth $290 million between January and September

    Business 08 12:37

  • Apple and Palm alliance emerges

    Building machines, wireless Internet access services, all sorts of groovy stuff together

    Business 08 12:42

  • Semi recovery will be mixed blessing

    Less fabs mean less kit mean less revenue

    Business 08 13:26

  • PointCast to target telcos

    Push provider eyes portal opportunity with telcos' DSL services

    Business 08 13:41

  • Fayrewood looks to Europe for acquisitions

    Autonomy key to success

    Business 08 13:52

  • Intel invests in Clarent

    IP telephony name of this Satanic game

    Business 08 13:58

  • S Carolina defection fails to shake States v MS

    One state withdrawing from the antitrust action doesn't look like starting a flood

    Business 08 14:02

  • S3, UMC claim graphics breakthrough

    First .18 micron graphics chip in ze world?

    Business 08 14:11

  • Hull home for UK's first commercial ADSL service

    Wired access is ultra fast

    Business 08 14:33

  • GTS snaps up Esprit Telecom

    $665 million buys greater access to Euro telecoms market

    Business 08 14:36

  • Sony to re-sign artists in bid for full online rights

    Label to take control of artists' rights to online distribution and marketing

    Business 08 14:58

  • Net is ‘rude’ complain kids

    Rest are all surfing behind the bike sheds...

    Business 08 15:02

  • Acal looks forward to ‘satisfactory year’

    Strength of PC parts business sees it through

    Business 08 16:20

  • Sun releases Java 2 under Open Source-style licence

    Java source available for commercial use -- just make sure you stay compatible

    Business 08 16:28

  • AT&T buys Big Blue's Globule Newtwork

    How much..?

    Business 08 16:52