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Researcher found Homebrew GitHub token hidden in plain sight

The popular Homebrew macOS package installer has moved to plug a serious vulnerability – it accidentally left a GitHub token visible to the public. Luckily, a team member on paternity leave had a moment while their child napped to fix it. Homebrew does for macOS what apt-get does for Debian: it's a handy installer for stuff …

Pleasant programming playground paves popular Python path

To help aspiring programmers start writing code, researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology in the US have developed a free web-based platform called Code Shrew. The site – built with Django (Python 3), PostgreSQL, the Skulpt in-browser Python interpreter and the JavaScript-based CodeMirror editor widget – relies on …
Thomas Claburn, 07 Aug 2018
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Edge, Azure and Windows Phone receives a Telegram. Yup, it's the week at Microsoft

There was more to Microsoft last week than the launch of a little brother for the Surface Pro. Here are some of the stories you may have missed amid the fondleslab furore. Web Authentication in Edge Microsoft's attempts to get people to use its unloved Edge browser continued with support for the Candidate Recommendation (CR) …
Richard Speed, 06 Aug 2018
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Well, this makes scents: Kotlin code quality smells better than Java

Kotlin, which Google blessed last year as an alternative to Java for programming Android apps, has already made its way into almost 12 per cent of open source Android apps, and in so doing has elevated their code quality. So we're told by computer scientists Bruno Gois Mateus and Matias Martinez, affiliated with University of …
Thomas Claburn, 02 Aug 2018
Oracle acrobatics in the cloud

Amazon, ditch us? But they can't do without us – Oracle

Amazon is reportedly planning to stop relying on cloud rival Oracle’s database software entirely by early 2020. Rumours that Jeff Bezos’ firm is attempting to free itself from Big Red have been circling for some time, but according to reports in CNBC today, the end is almost in sight. The US outlet, citing inside sources, …
Rebecca Hill, 02 Aug 2018
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Apple takes an axe to its App Affiliate Program

Apple extended a corporate middle finger toward its army of fanbois as it announced the death of apps in the iTunes Affiliate Program yesterday. The programme, which allowed sites to link to an app in Apple’s App Store and earn a percentage of a subsequent sale, initially offered affiliates 7 per cent of the price. Last April …
Richard Speed, 02 Aug 2018

Peace pays dividend for OpenWRT as 'baseline' release lands on servers

The OpenWRT project has emitted version 18.06, and in doing so, puts to rest the damage done by the March 2016 fork that created the competing project LEDE (Linux Embedded Development Environment). When the two groups completed their merger earlier this year, they said their aim for the future was for OpenWRT to focus on …
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2TB or not 2TB: Microsoft fiddles with OneDrive as competition offers twice the storage

Microsoft is emitting a raft of tweaks to its OneDrive offering this month, but has yet to address the elephant in the room. Or rather, the lack of elephantine storage in the room. In its announcement Redmond cheerfully points to all the new toys incoming over August, with Android users being singled out for particular love. …
Richard Speed, 01 Aug 2018
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Microsoft: We've almost dug Your Phone out behind sofa. But will it make Insiders app-y?

Microsoft gave us a clue yesterday as to the whereabouts of its Your Phone app, demoed to much fanfare during Build 2018 and conspicuously absent ever since. In an announcement on 7 May, VP of Windows, Joe Belfiore, reckoned the technology would be hitting the Windows Insider program “soon”. Three months later, with the …
Richard Speed, 01 Aug 2018
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Linux kernel 4.18 delayed: Bug ate my rc7, says Linus Torvalds

Linux kernel supremo Linus Torvalds has taken the rare step of reverting a kernel release candidate – after it went sour. All looked sunny enough on Sunday evening, when he set Linux 4.18-rc7 free to roam: “Unless something odd happens, this should be the last rc for 4.18,” the chief penguinista wrote. Something odd did, …

Riddle me this: TypeScript's latest data type is literally unknown

Microsoft has rolled out version 3.0 of TypeScript, its open source extension of JavaScript that includes support for static types. For those who love TypeScript – a growing group to judge by language rankings – or hate JavaScript – which often has something to do with its lack of static typing – that's not a bad way to start …
Thomas Claburn, 31 Jul 2018
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Brit competition bods to probe Experian and ClearScore merger

Experian's bid to slurp up fellow credit-check biz ClearScore is to be assessed by the UK's competition watchdog. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) revealed its intention to launch an in-depth merger investigation today, saying Experian had failed to address concerns identified in an initial probe. Experian …
Rebecca Hill, 31 Jul 2018
Microsoft's Fluent Design System, announced at Build

Span hits F#, LinkedIn gets mumbly, and UWP (yes, it's still clinging on) furnished with new toys

In a week where Outlook went dark, prices crept up and Office Server 2019 emerged, blinking, into the light, here are some tales from Redmond you may have missed. F# version bump Microsoft continued its support for the F# programming language with a preview of version 4.5. The jump from 4.1 is aimed at getting the language …
Richard Speed, 31 Jul 2018
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Microsoft devises new way of making you feel old: Windows NT is 25

Windows NT has hit an important milestone. Its launch is now closer to the first Moon landing than it is to today. With its debut in July 1993, Windows NT ushered in a gloriously pure 32-bit future, free of the 16-bit shackles of the past. While the majority of PCs at the time were running MS-DOS, often with Microsoft's …
Richard Speed, 30 Jul 2018
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Early experiment in mass email ends with mad dash across office to unplug mail gateway

Who, me? It's Monday morning and we've all been buried under the avalanche of emails we abandoned at pub o'clock last week. Take solace in the latest instalment of Who, Me?, where Reg readers confess their past blunders. And email is the name of the game this week. Reader "Steve" tells us about the time he was a sysadmin at a small …
Rebecca Hill, 30 Jul 2018
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Microsoft celebrates a bumper financial year ... by making stuff pricier

Microsoft has announced tweaks to its Volume Licensing programmes from 1 October, under which existing plans will be renamed, discounts removed and prices "changed". For "changed", read "increased". In a blog post published by Microsoft during the excitement over previews of its on-premises server applications, the money- …
Richard Speed, 27 Jul 2018

This is the contract you've been looking for: Pentagon releases JEDI bids

The Pentagon has finally opened the bidding for its major cloud contract, which could be worth some $10bn – and is to be awarded to one vendor. Winning the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) programme – which will cover all branches of the military and run for a maximum of 10 years – will be a major coup for any …
Rebecca Hill, 27 Jul 2018
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Some of you really don't want Windows 10's April 2018 update on your rigs

The charge of the Windows 10 April 2018 Update continued into July with 84 per cent of lucky, lucky users seeing their desktops upgraded, according to AdDuplex. The rate at which the code was flung at PCs slowed a little, which was inevitable considering June's impressive (or alarming, depending on your point of view) 78 per …
Richard Speed, 27 Jul 2018
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Another German state plans switch back from Linux to Windows

The German state of Lower Saxony plans to follow Munich's example, and migrate a reported 13,000 users from Linux back to Windows. Apparently undaunted by the cost of the Munich switch (which we reported in January could be as much as €100m), Lower Saxony is considering making the change in its tax office. The state seems to …

Yakety-yak app HipChat whacked in Slack chat chaps' tech snatch pact

Oz enterprise software biz Atlassian is discontinuing its chat apps Stride and Hipchat – and handing the tech blueprints over to Slack. If you're using those two Atlassian messaging platform then you'll need to migrate away to some other service as the plug is being pulled. “We have always had a spirited yet friendly …
Katyanna Quach, 27 Jul 2018
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Oracle puts release of new freebie mini-database on ice to work out kinks

Oracle has pushed back the express edition of its 18c database until October. The latest version of Oracle Database XE was due to come out with the next quarterly release update of Big Red's new 18c database this summer. However, product manager Gerald Venzl said this week that Oracle Database 18c XE will be delayed until …
Rebecca Hill, 26 Jul 2018

Windows 10 Insiders see double as new builds hit the deck – with promises to end Update Rage

Microsoft gave Windows Insiders a double treat last night and threw a bone to the dedicated crowd of Windows Mixed Reality users. The announcement sees build 17723 lobbed onto the branch targeting release this Autumn and build 18204 giving a first taster of the delights to come to Windows 10 next spring. Both builds (also …
Richard Speed, 26 Jul 2018

Oracle Database 18: Now in downloadable Linux flavour

Oracle Database 18 is now available for on-prem download on Linux, according to a talkative senior Oracle chap. Oracle: Think our DB sales are great now? Wait until we actually get the new product out... READ MORE Mike Dietrich, Big Red's master product manager for upgrades and migrations, said users can download 18.3 from …
Gareth Corfield, 25 Jul 2018
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Enterprise Windows 10 users, Microsoft has some 'quality' patches coming your way

Running Windows 10 in the enterprise? Took the advice of Microsoft when it said the April 2018 Update was ready for the big leagues? You probably want to install last night's "quality improvements". In what is starting to feel a little more frequent than it should, Microsoft pushed out a raft of fixes for the 1803 incarnation …
Richard Speed, 25 Jul 2018

ReactOS 0.4.9 release metes out stability and self-hosting, still looks like a '90s fever dream

Open-source Windows wannabe ReactOS took another tentative step towards usability with a 0.4.9 release aimed at stability and self-hosting. Tweaks in this version fix the FastFAT driver to stem resource leakages, which might hit IO performance, but makes up for it in improvements to stability. Self-hosting – the ability to …
Richard Speed, 24 Jul 2018
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Quantum, Linux and Dynamics: That's the week at Microsoft, not a '70s prog rock band

Roundup It has been a good week for Microsoft. While beancounters counted their cloudy cash, the rest of the Redmond kept itself busy. A Quantum of coders Though uptake of Windows 10 continues to hover around the 700 million mark (quite some way behind the billion promised at the operating system's launch back in 2015), the Microsoft …
Richard Speed, 24 Jul 2018
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If Brussels wants Android forks, phone makers aren't helping

The European Commission made the phrase "Android forks" a household word last week. But developers who wish to create and popularise their Android forks have just found the job got harder. The world's No.3 phone seller, Huawei, which also sells tens of millions of Honor-brand phones each year, offered bootloader codes allowing …
Andrew Orlowski, 23 Jul 2018
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Microsoft Visual Studio Code replumbed for better Python taming

Microsoft's Visual Studio Code, the company's Electron-based source code editor for Linux, macOS and Windows, has been bestowed with the company's Python Language Server, making it more fluent in the popular programming language. The language server, Microsoft explains, powers the company's IntelliSense autocomplete system, …
Thomas Claburn, 20 Jul 2018
Microsoft Bob

Microsoft still longs to be a 'lifestyle' brand, but the cupboard looks bare

Comment Two contradictory ideas run through statements by Microsoft executives this week. One is that if the company focuses on growth areas in enterprise, without expensive distractions, then revenue and profits shoot through the roof. That much is evident in the fiscal '18 earnings. Microsoft made the cloud another platform, and as …
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Jul 2018
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Why Google won't break a sweat about EU ruling

Comment The European Commission wants to see a thousand Android forks bloom as the result of its decision yesterday to demand remedies from Google for its anti-competitive conduct on mobile. Or if not thousands, then at least a good few. Alternative Androids like FireOS or Lineage OS (formerly CyanogenMod) would become a much more …
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Jul 2018

Get rich with Firefox or *(int *)NULL = 0 trying: Automated bug-bounty hunter build touted

Do you love Firefox, Linux, and the internet? Are you interested in earning money from the comfort of your own home? Are you OK with a special flavor of Firefox quietly gobbling up memory in a hunt for exploitable security bugs? If so, Mozilla has a deal for you. The open internet organization (and search licensing revenue …
Thomas Claburn, 20 Jul 2018

British Airways' latest Total Inability To Support Upwardness of Planes* caused by Amadeus system outage

Exclusive The British Airways IT system failure that caused the grounding of flights around the world yesterday was caused by an outage at third-party travel tech supplier Amadeus. Amadeus, a travel tech outsourcer best known for supplying flight booking software to low-cost airlines such as Easyjet, suffered an outage which meant BA's …
Gareth Corfield, 19 Jul 2018
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Oldest swinger in town, Slackware, notches up a quarter of a century

Slackware, the oldest Linux distribution still being maintained, has turned 25 this week, making many an enthusiast wonder where all those years went. Mention Slackware, and the odds are that the FOSS fan before you will go a bit misty-eyed and mumble something about dependency resolution as they recall their first entry into …
Richard Speed, 19 Jul 2018

Windows Server 2019 tweaked to stop it getting clock-blocked

Microsoft Windows Server 2019, coming later this year, will include UTC-compliant leap second support, both for added and subtracted time. But there will be no smearing. Since 1972, leap seconds have been added to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) to compensate for divergence with mean solar time (UT1) – which slows with the …
Thomas Claburn, 19 Jul 2018
Xeon E3-1500 v5

ME! ME! ME! – Intel's management tech gets a quartet of security fixes

In case you missed it, Chipzilla has gone public with more security updates for the Intel Management Engine. The advisories, here and here, address four exploitable bugs. Positive Technologies, which discussed the bugs in detail here, identified CVE-2018-3628, a “Buffer overflow in HTTP handler” as the most serious. That's …
Containers in the fridge

IBM attempts to graft virtual machine security onto container flexibility

IBM researchers have developed a new flavor of software container in an effort to create code that's more secure than Docker and similar shared kernel container systems. Docker and its ilk are considered less secure than VMs because the compromise of a shared kernel puts all associated containers at risk. With VMs, the kernel …
Thomas Claburn, 17 Jul 2018

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