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Put your tin-foil hats on! Wi-Fi can be used to guesstimate number of people hidden in a room

Video Wireless network gear can be used to estimate the number of people hidden behind walls, according to fresh research out of America. Saandeep Depatla, a PhD student, and Yasamin Mostofi, a professor of electrical and computer engineering, both at the University of California, Santa Barbara, were able to figure out more or less …
Katyanna Quach, 19 Sep 2018

SAP claims to be first Euro biz to get seriously ethical about AI code

SAP has created an AI ethics panel to guide its use of machine-learning technology. If only it had a similar committee for fraud allegations: it might have avoided the corruption scandal engulfing it in South Africa. The German ERP giant – which is accused of kicking back $2m to secure state contracts – claimed it is the first …
Rebecca Hill, 19 Sep 2018
Image by Daniel Wiedemann http://www.shutterstock.com/gallery-89719p1.html

NUUO, do not want! CCTV webcams can be hacked to spy on you

Researchers have uncovered two flaws that leave more than 100,000 NUUO-powered internet-connected surveillance cameras open to remote takeover. Tenable Research on Monday laid claim to discovering two bugs in NUUO's Network Video Recorder firmware that can be exploited to covertly access a camera's video feed or simply take …
Shaun Nichols, 17 Sep 2018
Fingers measuring a tiny distance

Boffins ask for £338m to fund quantum research. UK.gov: Here's £80m

The UK Treasury has decided that £80m is perfectly sufficient to support quantum research – a quarter of a billion less than what was asked for. Norman Lamb MP, chair of the House of Commons' Science and Technology Committee, bemoaned some impressive underfunding by the Treasury in a letter (PDF) sent to the Chancellor of the …
Richard Speed, 17 Sep 2018

Hack Google's AI for cash, DeepMind gets cancerous, new Lobe for Redmond – and more

Roundup Hello, here's a roundup tying up all the bits of AI news together for this week. Google has a new competition to challenge developers to defend or attack image classification systems with adversarial examples. DeepMind are planning to test its algorithms for head and neck radiotherapy algorithms on humans. And Microsoft have …
Katyanna Quach, 15 Sep 2018
Faux pop art illustration: sweating man thinking "Oh no, no"

How an augmented reality tourist guide tried to break my balls

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Tech-enhanced tourism can be tough on your testicles. An hour ago I was striding along hallowed corridors once paced by 14th century popes. Now I am hobbling across the halls like a medieval court chimpanzee. And it's all because a tourist guide decided to get a little too interactive with my nuts. More on that later. This …
Alistair Dabbs, 14 Sep 2018
Internet of Things

Don't put the 'd' and second 'i' in IoT: How to secure devices in your biz – belt and braces

Comment The enterprise is filling up with devices. Gone are the days when the only IT kit our staff used was phones, printers, scanners, desktop PCs, and servers that were bought, configured, installed, and maintained by our IT team. Now we have more different types of device than you can comfortably shake a stick at – which, of …
Dave Cartwright, 14 Sep 2018

Berkeley bio-boffins' butt-blasting belly-bothering batt-teria generates electricity

Scientists have discovered that a type of stomach bug contracted from unpasteurized dairy or raw meat can produce electricity. Listeria monocytogenes is a pathogenic bacteria that causes listeriosis, a particularly nasty infection that can be fatal. Milder symptoms include diarrhea, but it can also lead to more serious …
Katyanna Quach, 14 Sep 2018
Robot repairing another

Facebook can't root out fake news and hate talk, but – oh look – it has software to catch bugs

Facebook may have to hire people to police the content coursing through its social network, but software looks to be sufficient to hunt down bugs in its mobile app code. On Thursday, the information-harvesting biz revealed but did not release SapFix, a debugging tool that relies on artificial intelligence to suggest fixes for …
Thomas Claburn, 13 Sep 2018
M3 Logo

Machine learning and AI are changing the world – here's how to do it better

Events Even if news coverage of machine learning and AI leaves you wondering whether to laugh or cry, you know these technologies are going to profoundly change your organisation as either you adopt them or your partners and rivals do. That's why the agenda at our MCubed conference next month will show you how to get to grips with …
Team Register, 13 Sep 2018
Three hungry baby Robins in a nest

More millions poured into maws of Sysdig, Burleywood, HyperGrid

Container software startup Sysdig has followed up its new CEO hire with a $68.5m D-round of funding, taking total cash raised to $121.5m - it is one of a trio of emerging tech outfits to this week agree cash injections. Sysdig was founded in 2013 with $2.3m seed funding, and received additional investments of $10.7m in 2015, $ …
Chris Mellor, 13 Sep 2018

GDPR v2 – Gradually Diminishing Psychotic Robots: Brussels kills Terminator apocalypse

Say what you like about Brussels bureaucrats, they are fearless when it comes to preventing the extinction of the human race by killer robots. The European Union took a formal stance against the annihilation of our race by death-dealing machines on Wednesday when it passed a resolution that called for an international ban on …
Kieren McCarthy, 13 Sep 2018

Wow, great invention: Now AI eggheads teach machines how to be sarcastic using Reddit

Dealing with chatbots and virtual assistants can be so frustrating that it’s normal for humans to start getting snarky. Such run-ins would be a little more entertaining if the machines could give some of that sass back. Unfortunately, it’ll be awhile before that can happen since computers don’t really understand sarcasm at all …
Katyanna Quach, 12 Sep 2018
Man stroking his chin deep in thought

Gartner: Governments want to be digital, but just can't scale it up

Government digital initiatives are limping behind other industries – and the public sector is more likely to outsource for help, according to analyst firm Gartner. Although government bods in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, India and Singapore polled by the firm claimed that digital was high on their agendas, their ability …
Rebecca Hill, 12 Sep 2018

Oracle tells students: You're not going to solve the world's problems – but AI and ML might

Not content with foisting buzzwords on customers, Oracle is now pushing artificial intelligence and machine learning at students. The data science technologies are two of the latest additions to the curriculum of its Oracle Academy, which is ostensibly to boost training in academic institutions. The scheme is a free …
Rebecca Hill, 12 Sep 2018
Robot solving Rubik's Cube

Unity tweaks AI training tools, makes bid for academic respect

Unity Technologies on Monday released version 0.5 of its ML-Agents toolkit to make its Unity 3D game development platform better suited for developing and training autonomous agent code via machine learning. Initially rolled out a year ago in beta, version 0.5 comes with a few improvements. There's a wrapper for Gym (a toolkit …
Thomas Claburn, 12 Sep 2018

The eyes don't have it! AI's 'deep-fake' vids surge ahead in realism

Videos Using AI to make fake videos look as realistic as possible is all the rage at the moment. Developers aren't deterred by the controversy surrounding deepfakes – videos in which people's faces are digitally pasted onto the bodies of smut stars and other performers using machine-learning software. OK, sure, adding Nicholas Cage’ …
Katyanna Quach, 11 Sep 2018

All aboard the Hype Cycle! What's DataOps? Well, it has no standards or frameworks. Got it?

Gartner has turned its annual Hype Cycling gaze upon data management and found that – shock – expectations of Blockchain remain hopelessly inflated. The Hype Cycle chart is an illustration of the analysts' theory that tech follows a depressingly familiar path every time a new shiny appears. It is first lauded by some press, is …
Richard Speed, 11 Sep 2018

AI beats astroboffins at sniffing out fast radio bursts amid the universe's clutter

AI is helping astronomers spot fast radio bursts, a mysterious class of signal emitted from a new type of object very rarely found in space that boffins are still trying to classify. Fast radio bursts (FRBs) are difficult to study. They don’t crop up too often - there have only been around 30 confirmed events since their …
Katyanna Quach, 11 Sep 2018

It's a mug's game: Watch AI robot grab a cuppa it hasn't seen before

Video A trio of researchers have trained a robot that can pick up new objects it hasn’t seen before. It’s a trivial task for humans yet an incredibly complex one for machines. When people reach out to grab a mug, it’s common sense to hold it by its handle - it doesn’t matter if the mug is upright, upside down, or tipped on its side …
Katyanna Quach, 11 Sep 2018
Statue of girl confronting Wall Street bull

Boffins bash Google Translate for sexism

Google Translate is used by over 200 million people daily and, according to boffins from Brazil, its AI-powered tongue twisting tends to deliver sexist results. In a research paper distributed through pre-printer service ArXiv, "Assessing Gender Bias in Machine Translation – A Case Study with Google Translate," Marcelo Prates …
Thomas Claburn, 10 Sep 2018
Robot thinking.

Cisco shoves more GPUs in AI server for deep learning, still doesn't play Crysis

Cisco has beefed up its C480 AI/machine learning server, adding a faster GPU interconnect and more GPU slots while losing two CPU sockets. If you've got $1m+ to blow on AI, meet Pure, Nvidia's AIRI fairy: A hyperconverged beast READ MORE The C480 M5 is a 4U rackmount 4-socket Xeon modular server with up to 6TB of memory, six …
Chris Mellor, 10 Sep 2018
military staffer looks at monitor (drones)

US military chucks $2bn at AI, Google touts machine-learning data search, and more

Roundup Here's a quick roundup of AI announcements this week beyond what we've already covered. US Defense research unit funding billions for AI Next campaign: DARPA is dumping a whopping $2 billion to kickstart the “third wave” of AI focused on making systems more adaptable. It’s all part of the US military's ‘AI Next’ campaign, …
Katyanna Quach, 08 Sep 2018
Elon Musk smoking a spliff on Joe Rogan's podcast

Tesla's chief accounting officer drives off after just a month on the job

Updated Tesla's chief accounting officer (CAO), Dave Morton, has run for the hills after a matter of weeks at Elon Musk's electric car company. In a filing (PDF) to the US Securities and Exchange Comission (SEC), Tesla announced that Morton was to leave the building. For his part, Morton said: "Since I joined Tesla on August 6th, the …
Richard Speed, 07 Sep 2018
Ground crew de-icing aircraft

What's AI good for? Industrial or consumer tech? Meh. Airliners? AHA, says UK.gov

UK.gov and Canadian airliner manufacturer Bombardier want you – yes, you – to come up with ideas for using artificial intelligence to stop ice building up on aeroplane wings. In-flight icing is a problem for airliners. At certain combinations of height, pressure and humidity, ice tends to form on the wings of aeroplanes. If …
Gareth Corfield, 07 Sep 2018

Post-silly season blues leave me bereft of autonomous robot limbs

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Oh, the things I could do with a third hand! It could hold things steady while my other two hands are occupied. Hang on, I have a better idea: I could use my two existing hands to hold the things steady while my third hand gets down to work. Come on, now, you must have found yourself in circumstances that might have been …
Alistair Dabbs, 07 Sep 2018
China v USA

China will overtake America as leading AI superpower, warns ex-Google Beijing bigwig

While America today is ahead of the world in artificial intelligence, China will take the lead in five years, Google China's former president Kai-Fu Lee said today. Lee – now founder and CEO of Sinovation Ventures, which invests in AI startups in both nations – argued the US and the Middle Kingdom each has its own strengths …
Katyanna Quach, 06 Sep 2018

I've seen the future of consumer AI, and it doesn't have one

IFA I didn't see a blockchain toothbrush at IFA in Berlin last week, but I'm sure there was one lurking about somewhere. With 30 vast halls to cover, I didn't look too hard for it. But I did see many things almost as tragic that no one could miss – AI being squeezed into almost every conceivable bit of consumer electronics. But …
Andrew Orlowski, 05 Sep 2018

Heart-stopping predictions from AI doctors could save lives

AI can predict when you’ll keel over and die clutching at your chest from a heart attack better than doctors can, apparently. A group of researchers scraped together dataset from over 80,000 patients from CALIBER, a large clinical research project studying mortality in England, and used machine learning methods to find common …
Katyanna Quach, 05 Sep 2018

Lights, camera, AI-ction! Robo-drones turned into spies, er, filmmakers

Video Cameras on drones have helped make aerial photography more accessible – and with machine-learning software, they may be able to assist budding filmmakers in the future, too. A team of researchers from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in the US, and Yamaha Motors in Japan, have published a paper showing how drones can be used …
Katyanna Quach, 04 Sep 2018

Google goes bilingual, Facebook fleshes out translation and TensorFlow is dope

Roundup Hello, here's a quick roundup of what's been happening in the world of AI. Google has a new framework to help researchers develop reinforcement learning algorithms, and Google Assistant is now bilingual. Also watch how Microsoft's Azure Machine Learning Studio is helping Japanese fish farmers. Unsupervised machine translation …
Katyanna Quach, 01 Sep 2018
Huawei AI Cube

Huawei's Alexa-powered AI Cube wants to squat in your living room too

IFA Alexa is built into so many appliances being demonstrated at IFA this week, you need a map* to them all. Basically it's everywhere, and on a global scale appears to be decisively winning the platform battle with Google. So it's no surprise that Huawei's first attempt at cracking the European consumer electronics business …
Andrew Orlowski, 31 Aug 2018

Huawei first to preview its 7nm phone SoC – the HiSilicon Kirin 980

IFA Four major companies design the key chips for smartphones, and Huawei's HiSilicon became the first to announce its 7nm designs today at the giant IFA show in Berlin. The HiSilicon Kirin 980 series is the first to disclose details of chips based on the new production techniques – although you can expect Apple to follow in a few …
Andrew Orlowski, 31 Aug 2018

AI sucks at stopping online trolls spewing toxic comments

New research has shown just how bad AI is at dealing with online trolls. Such systems struggle to automatically flag nudity and violence, don’t understand text well enough to shoot down fake news and aren’t effective at detecting abusive comments from trolls hiding behind their keyboards. A group of researchers from Aalto …
Katyanna Quach, 31 Aug 2018
Moogsoft CEO Phil Tee

Data apocalypse is coming unless you buy AI, declares AI biz

On Thursday, Moogsoft, maker of an AI platform for IT automation, invited a few corporate customers and like-thinking vendors to testify to the saving grace of AI-driven IT automation. CEO Phil Tee opened the second annual AIOps Symposium by questioning the pursuit of data. Enterprises gather 44TB of data daily, he said, and …
Thomas Claburn, 31 Aug 2018
Tim Cook, photo2 by JStone via Shutterstock

Apple sees the (augmented) light, buys holo-glass tech startup

Apple has reportedly snaffled holographic glassware biz Akonia Holographics for an undisclosed fee, presumably to use its tech in augmented reality gadgets. Akonia is a six-year-old company with roots that extend back to InPhase and its holographic optical disks. It moved on from holographic storage to displays, and has …
Chris Mellor, 30 Aug 2018

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