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Step right up: AWS Cloud Transformation Day Comes to London

Promo Whether you're already taking your first steps toward the cloud, or just exploring the idea, AWS Transformation Day 2018 taking place in London on 30 October is a good place to start your journey. The one-day event near the Barbican in the UK capital will offer business and technology leaders an opportunity to learn about how …
David Gordon, 04 Oct 2018
Packing too much into a box

AI engines, Arm brains, DSP brawn... Versal is Xilinx's Kitchen Sink Edition FPGA

XDF Xilinx has packed everything but the kitchen sink into its new Versal family of FPGAs (field programmable gate arrays). These are chips that have electronic circuitry you can change on-the-fly as needed, so you can morph their internal logic to suit whatever needs doing. You usually describe how you want your chip to work …
Chris Williams, 04 Oct 2018
WiFi propaganda for the workers

Wi-Fi Alliance ditches 802.11 spec codes for consumer-friendly naming scheme

Wi-Fi, known for about two decades by its wonky Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers designation, IEEE 802.11, has adopted a new consumer-oriented naming scheme. The latest version of the specification, 802.11ax, has been renamed Wi-Fi 6 by the Wi-Fi Alliance, the Austin, Texas-based trade association responsible …
Thomas Claburn, 04 Oct 2018
Magic cloud castle

Clouds gather as Cloudera and Hortonworks settle on uneven merger

The big data market became a little less competitive on Wednesday when two of the biggest players, Cloudera and Hortonworks, agreed to merge. “Our businesses are highly complementary and strategic,” said Tom Reilly, chief executive officer at Cloudera. “By bringing together Hortonworks’ investments in end-to-end data …
Iain Thomson, 04 Oct 2018
Server, photo via Shutterstock

Linux, HCI and more, all from the new release of Windows Server 2019

After a lengthy gestation period, Windows Server 2019 has arrived loaded with goodies to ease the journey to a cloudier world. Windows Server 2019 is the next iteration of the platform in Microsoft's Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC). It contains some new toys as well as features already enjoyed by those admins brave to surf …
Richard Speed, 03 Oct 2018

Cisco Webex meltdown caused by script that nuked its host VMs

Cisco has confessed that the cause of the mega Webex outage last week – which it is still trying to clean up – was an automated script "which deleted the virtual machines hosting the service". A chunk of Webex was KO'd last week, including Teams, Calling, Meetings, Control Hub, Hybrid Services and more, as we reported at the …
Gareth Corfield, 03 Oct 2018

UK's Openreach sends full fibre to Coventry

Full-fibre broadband has reached Coventry, Openreach has declared – while adding that it had made 600k new FTTP connections. The fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) deployment is now available to "tens of thousands" of domestic and commercial buildings across the city, with the Radford area being the first to receive a working …
Gareth Corfield, 03 Oct 2018

What's in the container, Cisco? A nice, plump SAP Data Hub

Cisco's Container Platform, launched in January, is now certified to run SAP's year-old Data Hub management platform. It's a decent scalp for SAP, which built the Data Hub last year to handle data governance, data refining and sharing. The tie-up wants to integrate data across public clouds (including AWS, Hadoop, Microsoft …

Cloud file services outfit CTERA rakes in $30m to boost SE Asia presence

Secure edge and cloud file services supplier CTERA Networks has trousered $30m in D-round funding to build out its infrastructure in South East Asia. Total funding is now at $100m and the round was led by Red Dot Capital Partners, part of the Singapore Temasek Group, with the support of new investor Singtel Innov8 and all …
Chris Mellor, 02 Oct 2018
Ofcom has great power over mobiles

UK comms watchdog Ofcom pokes probe into Vodafone and EE over network coverage numbers

UK communications regulator Ofcom has opened an investigation into Vodafone and EE for allegedly giving inaccurate data about mobile coverage areas. The two investigations were opened on 1 October and both will examine "whether there are reasonable grounds for believing" that each operator "has failed to comply with its …
Gareth Corfield, 02 Oct 2018

Reanimated Violin returns to scene with flashy XVS 8 array, and, er, AR app

Violin Systems is making the most of being rescued by private equity, with new hardware and software, and a focus on tossing its hat into the all-flash array performance ring. The company crashed into bankruptcy following a poor IPO. It was bought out of Chapter 11 by a George Soros-controlled private equity fund and …
Chris Mellor, 02 Oct 2018
CenturyLink data centre

Shrinking shipments, hidden money: IDC studies the martial art of EMEA server market

Stats from analyst house IDC show that the Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) server revenues are growing even as fewer units are shipped. HPE led in Europe by market share and revenue, though Dell EMC's 54 per cent year-on-year growth is closing the gap. ODM direct sales were third by revenue and market share, …
Gareth Corfield, 02 Oct 2018

HPE squirts cold data at on/off-prem object stores, adds capacity to StoreOnce for ever-increasing data firehose

HPE has beefed up its data protection product set, adding extra capacity and performance grunt, better Nimble array support and a fresh integration deal with Commvault. The backdrop is ever-increasing amounts of data to back up, the need for faster recovery and better copy data management, and the continued use of on-premises …
Chris Mellor, 02 Oct 2018
Tim Berners-Lee

A web where the user has complete control of their data? Sounds Solid, Tim Berners-Lee

WWW creator Tim Berners-Lee has taken aim at the internet giants with his new decentralised web project Solid, which pushes for individuals, not firms, to control their data. The inventor is no stranger to public proclamations about the future of his creation, which he has long fought to keep open to all. But in recent months …
Rebecca Hill, 01 Oct 2018

IT management software crowd Kaseya buys cloudy data protection crew Spanning

Kaseya has bought in-cloud backup supplier Spanning as Insight Venture Partners, which owns the latter and has a controlling stake in the former, shuffles its holdings pack. This is just four months after Kaseya was merged with another Insight-owned business, data protection vendor Unitrends. Kaseya was founded in Silicon …
Chris Mellor, 01 Oct 2018

Volkswagen links arms with Microsoft for data-slurping cloud on Azure

Volkswagen is plugging its cars – and your data – into a cloud built on Microsoft Azure. "The Volkswagen Automotive cloud will be built from the ground up on top of Microsoft's Azure cloud and IoT Edge platform as its technology foundation," beamed Microsoft in a statement. We are told that VW will be forking out for access …
Gareth Corfield, 01 Oct 2018
Man has panic attack in front of computer

Rookie almost wipes customer's entire inventory – unbeknownst to sysadmin

Who, Me? Welcome once again to El Reg’s weekly instalment of Who, Me?, where readers get monumental cock-ups and heart-stopping near-misses off their chests. This week, Reginald tells us a personal horror story from the ‘80s, when he worked for what was then a top five minicomputer biz. At the time, he was on site at a customer – a …
Rebecca Hill, 01 Oct 2018
Catching ball photo via Shutterstock

Netadmins, catch: Here's your weekly dose of networking intel

Microsoft's Ignite conference attracted some attention in the networking biz this week, with Fortinet and Riverbed putting up the jazz hands to get attention. From Fortinet comes an expansion of its Azure security offerings. FortiCASB – its Cloud Security Access Broker – is a subscription services providing “visibility, …

Oracle cloud supremo Thomas Kurian extends temp leave to the heat death of the universe

It's Friday afternoon on the US West Coast, and everyone's playing pingpong in the office. The East Coast is ordering the next round of martinis. The Europeans are stumbling home from the pub. The Australians are hitting the beach. Anyone by their computer or phone is glued to rolling headlines of Facebook's gigantic security …
Chris Williams, 29 Sep 2018
silicon wafer

Intel boss admits chips in short supply, lobs cash into the quagmire

Intel on Friday published a letter from CFO and interim CEO Robert Swan reassuring customers that the chip biz will be able to make enough processors to satisfy its customers. Currently, Intel chips are in short supply. The company's inability to deliver 10nm processors is well known; it played a role in the resignation of …
Thomas Claburn, 28 Sep 2018
People fight in cartoon cloud. photo by Shutterstock

AWS elbows Google Cloud aside in fight for SAP HANA customers

AWS has wheeled out a fresh version of EC2 with high amounts of memory available – up to 12TB today, the firm says, with promises of 24TB by next year. The intent is to make AWS attractive to users of large in-memory databases such as SAP HANA. "Combining the largest memory sizes available in the cloud with the agility and …
Gareth Corfield, 28 Sep 2018

Perfect timing for a two-bank TITSUP: Totally Inexcusable They've Stuffed Up Payday

Updated It's Friday, it's payday, and UK online banking has once again come under fire, though if you're with TSB or HSBC you'll already know this. Reports of yet another British banking meltdown have been rolling in this morning. Of course the TSB app isn’t working on PAYDAY of all days fkn hell just let me see how much money I can …
Rebecca Hill, 28 Sep 2018
Electric spark jump between silver wire isolated

Attempt to clean up tech area has shocking effect on kit

On Call Hello, Friday, El Reg’s old friend. We’ve come to talk with you again… because the vision that has softly crept in must be the latest instalment of On-Call. This week, our reader’s tale of tech support conundrums solved is a real shocker – so without further ado, let's meet “Gerald”. He takes us back a couple of decades to …
Rebecca Hill, 28 Sep 2018

Top Euro court gives Infineon the benefit of the doubt, wags finger at Philips over pricing

It is possible that Infineon was not as deeply involved in a price-fixing cartel as previously assumed, the European Court of Justice has ruled. But Philips can suck it. Infineon appealed its €83m ($97m, £74m) fine, claiming that a lower court had not given it a fair hearing because it only investigated five out of 11 …
Kieren McCarthy, 28 Sep 2018
Cut cable

Australia, US and Japan want Huawei local submarine cable project

Australia is once again trying to get Huawei removed from a submarine cable contract in the Asia-Pacific. The cable in question is planned to link Papua New Guinea communities of Port Moresby, Alotau, Popondetta, Lae and Madang. At Port Moresby, it would connect to the Coral Sea Cable System which at the end of 2019 will land …
Business suited man with clipboard

Want to vent about how data-centre plans aren't being done right?

Promo In this rapidly changing, data-centric world, relentlessly driven by new technologies and applications, IT decision makers are increasingly having to anticipate developments and implement solutions that harness the power of data to drive productivity. What actions are you planning to take over the next three years to modernise …
David Gordon, 27 Sep 2018
Trying to catch money in a net

Big fish still dominate as hyper-converged systems come into the mainstream

Nutanix, Dell and VMware are walking away with the hyper-converged infrastructure market as converged systems and reference architecture setups continue to suffer from shrinkage. IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Converged Systems Tracker for the second quarter of the year show that the total converged systems market grew 9.9 per cent …
Chris Mellor, 27 Sep 2018
Characters from Phantom Menace

US JEDI military cloud network is so high-tech, bidders will have to submit their proposals by hand, on DVD

The Pentagon's JEDI system, a cutting-edge cloud platform designed to take the US Department of Defense well into the next decade of technology, will require companies to utilize a delivery system straight out of the era of dial-up modems and pagers. An updated request for proposals (RFP) guideline issued this week demands …
Shaun Nichols, 27 Sep 2018

Hitachi Vantara brain dump: IoT, servers, containers and self-regulating data centres

Hitachi's data subsidiary Vantara has dumped a load of announcements on attendees of its NEXT 2018 user conference in San Diego. Servers and stuff Its first all-NVMe hyperconverged system is the V124N, a development of the all-flash V123F announced in June. Like that model, the new kit is a 1U dual-socket server, but where the …
Chris Mellor, 26 Sep 2018
Money falling from the sky

Sick of bandwidth gouging? Cloudflare, Google, Microsoft, IBM have some good news

Updated The Cloudflare content delivery network (CDN) has teamed up with Microsoft, Google, IBM Cloud, and others to form the Bandwidth Alliance, a group of companies committed to trimming fees for data passing through the CDN. The initiative follows from Cloudflare's experience with Google's CDN Interconnect program, which has led to …
Thomas Claburn, 26 Sep 2018
bart simpson

Eat my shorts, watchdog tells every city mayor in the US – FCC approves $2bn 5G telco windfall

If you were to pick a moment in which America's telecoms regulator disappeared down the rabbit hole at its monthly meeting, it would probably be when the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Ajit Pai provided a full "up is down" statement. "I salute Commissioner Carr for his leadership in developing this …
Kieren McCarthy, 26 Sep 2018
Cat peeks outside cardboard box. Photo by shuttertsock

Microsoft wants to cart your data away in a box and punt it onto Azure

Ignite Microsoft has released the Azure Data Box, another hardware appliance for booting business data into the cloud. The box, which was previewed around a year ago, is now available in a multitude of flavours depending on how many bits and bytes you want to store on other people's computers – that is, Microsoft Azure cloud. The …
Gareth Corfield, 26 Sep 2018

Amazon Alexa outage: Voice-activated devices are down in UK and beyond

Amazon Alexa devices stopped working in the UK and reportedly in parts of continental Europe this morning, with some users still complaining of intermittent outages at the time of writing. The digital blackout began at around 0800 UK time and though it appeared to be recovering by 09.30, some folk – including Reg staffers – …
Gareth Corfield, 26 Sep 2018

Salesforce dogged by protests, leaked emails, and guerrilla blimps on first day of Dreamforce

It’s that time of year again: CRM loyalists flood San Francisco for the annual Dreamforce conference hosted by Salesforce – but day one hasn’t exactly gone to plan. For a start, on Tuesday, protestors wheeled a huge wooden cage down the street outside the busy conference center to rally against Salesforce signing a multi- …
Iain Thomson, 26 Sep 2018

Internet be nimble, internet be QUIC, Cloudflare shows off new networking shtick

CloudFlare has puts its weight behind a new internet protocol that should make mobile browsing faster and more secure. The content delivery network has launched a new test site for Quick UDP Internet Connections (QUIC), complete with a variety of blog posts outlining the protocol's promise in both general and technical terms …
Kieren McCarthy, 25 Sep 2018

XtremIO nixes noisy neighbours, adds cloud-based array analytics

XtremIO's X2 v6.2 release has filled the Nimble and SolidFire-shaped holes in its software – even though it has taken several years to do so. NetApp-acquired SolidFire majored in "noisy neighbour" control – when apps or virtual machines hog resources and cause performance issues for others on the network – while HPE-snaffled …
Chris Mellor, 25 Sep 2018

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