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A bunch of young-ish people

IBM fired me because I'm not a millennial, says axed cloud sales star in age discrim court row

A laid-off IBM cloud sales ace is suing the IT giant for age discrimination, alleging he was forced out for being too old. Jonathan Langley joined Big Blue in 1993, and worked his way up the ranks over the next 24 years. Then, in 2017, as worldwide program director and sales lead of the Bluemix software-as-a-service, he was …
Chris Williams, 03 Jul 2018
Man stroking his chin deep in thought

We just love small firms, screams after palming AWS UK £4.1m has trumpeted the addition of almost 650 new small businesses to its G-Cloud marketplace – but SMEs might want to put the Champagne on ice as sales figures reveal that AWS UK is classed in that group. The cloudy supplier framework is part of the government's continued battle to spend less with corporate giants; this is …
Rebecca Hill, 03 Jul 2018

Thrice, in a trice, IBM cloud cuts prices

IBM has cut the price of cloud services three times in a week. It's far from unusual for clouds to cut prices: AWS and Azure often trade price cuts and say they're duty bound to pass them on as their economies of scale improve. IBM, however, enjoys a lowly position on Gartner's most recent Magic Quadrant for infrastructure as …
Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, "ghost" from Ghostbusters movie, at a promo in Waterloo station, London, 2016. Pic : Anton_Ivanov /

When Google's robots give your business the death sentence – who you gonna call?

A sysadmin given just three days to respond to the threatened deletion of a mission-critical system has prompted a vigorous debate about the quality of cloud support. Writing on Medium, the user describes how the Google Cloud-hosted asset monitoring system for his firm's wind and solar energy plants was suspended on the …
Andrew Orlowski, 02 Jul 2018
Google Cloud logo

Go forth and break it: Google pushes NASty Cloud Filestore to beta

Google has opened a beta programme offering managed file storage for apps running in its cloud platform. Instead of users provisioning their own storage and providing/obtaining file interface software for their apps, they can now directly mount Cloud Filestore volumes on GCP Compute Engine VMs. The Filestore is also integrated …
Chris Mellor, 28 Jun 2018

Hipster horror! Slack has gone TITSUP: Total inability to support user procrastination

Updated Hipster darling and reskinned IRC client Slack went dark today, with users having to resort to actually speaking to each other instead. The topple began at 10:25 UK time, with Slack's status drone tweeting that the service was having some problems. Things appeared to get back to normal 10 minutes later (the time it takes a …
Richard Speed, 27 Jun 2018
Kubernetes Logo

Press 1 for automagic K8s cluster. Press 2 or 3 for complex Kubernetes

VMware’s announced a new container play called “VMware Kubernetes Engine” (VKE) that will be offered as SaaS on AWS and soon on Azure too. The product offers vanilla Kubernetes, but automates provisioning, management and maintenance. It does that because VMware’s concluded that many developers want to adopt Kubernetes, but …
Simon Sharwood, 27 Jun 2018
Amazon Web Services

Amazon adds cloudy Linux desktops to encourage developers to code for EC2

Amazon Web Services has added a Linux option to its “WorkSpaces” desktop-as-a-service and pitched the offering as a fine way to develop apps for its own EC2 infrastructure-as-a-service. The new desktops run Amazon Linux 2 and includes Firefox, the Evolution email and calendar app, Pidgin for chat and Libre Office for getting …
Simon Sharwood, 27 Jun 2018
Sysadmin clutching his head

Who wants to cram some BOFH skills into their brains? How about from, er, Google?

Google is bringing its IT Support Professional Certificate program to more than two dozen US community colleges this fall in an effort to prime the sysadmin supply pump. The Chocolate Factory introduced the online course in partnership with web educator Coursera in January. Since then, we're told, almost 40,000 people have …
Thomas Claburn, 26 Jun 2018
Shutterstock Rope Bridge Mist Man Walking

GitLab's move off Azure to Google cloud totally unrelated to Microsoft's GitHub acquisition. Yep

From the department of "yeah, right" comes news that GitLab is shifting its platform from Azure to Google in order to take advantage of the ad giant's Kubernetes technology. It is, of course, absolutely nothing to do with cosying up to developers still anguished following Microsoft's purchase of GitHub. Nope, absolutely not. …
Richard Speed, 26 Jun 2018
heat wave

Azure North Europe downed by the curse of the Irish – sunshine

Amid forecasts of heat and fears of water shortage in Ireland on Monday, Microsoft was about to confront a drought of a different kind: an Azure service outage. The disruption, which lasted from 1744 UTC on Tuesday, June 19 to 0430 UTC on Wednesday, June 20, downed a slew of services, as we previously reported. What was not …
Thomas Claburn, 22 Jun 2018

Amazon staffers protest giant's 'support of the surveillance state'

Amazon workers have reportedly called on their bosses to stop selling facial recognition kit to cops and spies, and slammed its links to data analytics biz Palantir. Amid the tech industry's intense efforts to prove to the public that they are not corporate monsters, Washington DC publication The Hill has reported that Amazon …
Rebecca Hill, 22 Jun 2018

Amazon tweaks its word processor for easier online Office edits

Earlier this week we reported that Amazon Web Services appears to be planning the launch of a new end-user computing service that we speculated could be a competitor for Office 365. And today Amazon has given a hint we might just have been right with news of an update to its US$5/month-with-a-terabyte-of-storage WorkDocs …
Simon Sharwood, 22 Jun 2018
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Microsoft CEO wades into ICE outcry: Cool it, we only do legacy mail

Updated Microsoft's continued efforts to distance itself from a clumsily worded blog post continued today with the publishing of an email from CEO Satya Nadella. Microsoft shoves US govt IT contract where ICE throws kids: Out of sight in a chain-link cage READ MORE The email follows an open letter published in The New York Times and …
Richard Speed, 20 Jun 2018

Azure admins free to sync their teeth into database-spreader tool

Microsoft announced general availability of its Azure Data Sync tool this week, which allows data to be synchronised between cloudy Azure SQL databases and on-premises servers. Just in time for Azure to go for a good long lie down, in Northern Europe at least. Microsoft Azure Europe embraced the other GDPR: Generally Down, …
Richard Speed, 20 Jun 2018

Public, private, hybrid cloud? Take a dip in our GreenLake HPE urges

At its Discover conference on Tuesday Hewlett Packard Enterprise rolled out a managed service for private, public and hybrid clouds starting with AWS, Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack. The GreenLake Hybrid Cloud includes a set of tools and operational services that are supposed to make workloads across multiple clouds easier to …
Paul Kunert, 19 Jun 2018
Microsoft Azure on show at Ignite in Orlando

Microsoft Azure Europe embraced the other GDPR: Generally Down, Possibly Recovering

Updated Microsoft Azure tumbled over in northern Europe – and services have effectively stayed down for unlucky customers for around five hours. The disruption was caused by problems within the cloud platform's storage and networking systems, we're told. Today, from 1744 UTC to now, at time of writing 2115 UTC, according to the …
Chris Williams, 19 Jun 2018
Cloudy fork in the road

Adobe’s e-signature service to go bi-cloud: Adds Azure to AWS

Adobe is taking its “Sign” electronic signature service into Microsoft’s Azure cloud, in addition to its current arrangement that sees the service run in Amazon’s cloud. Sign is an electronic signature service that allows users to sign documents by scrawling their sign on a screen or with a mouse, then using that signature in …
Simon Sharwood, 19 Jun 2018
Finland flag

♬ Finland, Finland, Finland, the country for new cloud DCs ♬

Suomeen sovellusten kehittämistä ... sorry, let's have that in English: Google has opened its sixteenth cloud region, taking the Google Cloud Platform to the Nordic region via a data centre in Finland. The company first promised the Finnish region in January 2018. From a connectivity point of view, the Land of the Thousand …
Someone checking the time

HPE: Only 5% of our kit is sold as-a-service. So now we're really getting our aaS in gear

Just a single digit percentage of Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s annual sales come from stuff sold as-a-service – that is, products you pay for depending on how much you use them. So, in a bid to get in step with the industry, the IT goliath on Monday launched on-premises infrastructure bundles charged based on consumption. …
Paul Kunert, 19 Jun 2018
US govt photo of children detained

Microsoft shoves US govt IT contract where ICE throws kids: Out of sight in a chain-link cage

Microsoft removed and then replaced a reference to its work for the US government's immigration authorities in the wake of a national outcry over a new policy of separating children from their asylum-seeking parents at the border. Back in January, Microsoft published a blog post that covered new contracts it had signed with …
Kieren McCarthy, 18 Jun 2018
Javascript photo via Shutterstock

'No, we are not rewriting Office in JavaScript' and other Microsoft tales

E3 aside, the team at Redmond were busy last week with a smattering of the good, the bad and the frankly odd. Windows ups and downs Dishwasher comparison pros Which? weighed in on user grief over Windows 10 while Microsoft killed off a bunch of support forums for old versions of the OS. Microsoft also insisted that everything …
Richard Speed, 18 Jun 2018
Cloud desktop

AWS seeks ‘startup launch’ experience for end-user services

AWS looks to be up to something in the end-user computing market. The company’s already made waves with its Workspaces desktop-as-a-service offering and its AppStream application publishing tools. Now it looks to have something else up its sleeve, an assertion we based on a tip from a reader with a background in end-user …
Simon Sharwood, 18 Jun 2018
Skull and Crossbones in the cloud

Google cloud VMs given same IP addresses ... and down they went

Google gave some of its cloud customers a rotten weekend by breaking a bunch of virtual machines. Detailed in this incident report, the company first noticed problems at nearly beer o’clock on Friday afternoon, June 15th, Pacific Time – just after midnight on Saturday for European users and early Saturday morning in Asia. The …
Simon Sharwood, 17 Jun 2018
Blue arrow Shutterstock

CIOs planning to snub Oracle for other cloudy vendors – analyst

Oracle stock has been downgraded by JP Morgan based on its CIO survey that didn't paint a rosy picture for Big Red's cloud services business. According to analyst JP analyst Mark Murphy, CIOs are planning to cut their spending with Big Red, which has led the investment bank to lower its ratings of the firm's shares from …
Rebecca Hill, 15 Jun 2018

Would you rather health data or finance data in the cloud?

Healthcare providers are the top users of public clouds, says analyst firm IDC. The outfit’s new “Worldwide Semiannual Industry Cloud Tracker” reports that growth in cloud spend across four industry sectors – finance, healthcare, manufacturing and the public sector – is ratting along at US$22.5bn a year with expected growth of …
Simon Sharwood, 15 Jun 2018

Cloud-in-a-box? Bo-ring! How about cloud-in-a-tank?

Microsoft’s Azure Stack cloud-in-a-box has been adapted for in-field use by the world’s militaries. Defence contractor Thales and Microsoft have teamed to build a version of Azure Stack that’s been physically and digitally hardened. The result is a portable Azure Stack that can operate when offline, a change from the cloud-in …
Simon Sharwood, 14 Jun 2018
CenturyLink data centre

Rackspace starts renting its rack space

Rackspace has entered the colocation business and invited world+dog to put its kit in the company’s data centres. The company’s pitching its service as a fine way for organisations to get used to cloud-style operations and says it’s a fine place to make such a foray because its data centres were built to host actual clouds and …
Simon Sharwood, 13 Jun 2018

UK comms firm Gradwell quits cloud land after 'strategic review'

Gradwell Communications yesterday emailed clients - mostly fellow small businesses - to let them know that it has offloaded the cloud services "assets". The Bath-based company, set up in 1998 to sell web development and hosting, said the decision was taken following a "strategic review". "We are writing to inform you that …
Paul Kunert, 12 Jun 2018
IBM cloud logo

IBM’s cloud adds availability zones

IBM’s added availability zones to its cloud. Big Blue’s definition of an availability zone will be familiar to cloud-using readers: the company says they’re a “logically and physically isolated location within an IBM Cloud Region with independent power, cooling and network infrastructures isolated from other zones to …
Simon Sharwood, 12 Jun 2018
Door to the cloud.... (stairs leading up to it)

Google plays cloud catch-up and moves into a place of its own

Google has signalled it is getting more serious about this whole cloud thing with the beta availability of sole-tenant nodes in Google Compute Engine. The move allows users to create virtual machines on Compute Engine servers allocated for their dedicated use, effectively reserving their own hardware (at least while they pay …
Richard Speed, 08 Jun 2018

SAP: It’s all about cloud. Oh and blockchain, let's do that too

SAP has used its annual conference to announce plans to release a private cloud deployment with IBM Cloud, offer up blockchain-as-a-service and bolster its Leonardo tool kit. The gabfest, held in Florida, US, this week, has seen the German ERP giant shift its focus to creating what it terms the "intelligent enterprise", while …
Rebecca Hill, 08 Jun 2018
Dipping a toe to test the water

Most clouds are free to test. VMware's cut its price to $4k/month

VMware’s recognised that running its stuff on Amazon Web Services costs a bomb, so has reduced prices for your initial forays. Running VMware on AWS requires you to spin up a four-host cluster at an on-demand cost of US$8.37/host/hour, or more than $24,000 a month. At a time when numerous cloud providers let have servers to …
Simon Sharwood, 08 Jun 2018
sad kids

Cloudera, MongoD: Still digitally transforming biz. Still losing money

Open source data software slinger Cloudera drastically slashed net losses in the first quarter of its fiscal new year but only after hacking away at a string of company expenses from R&D to staff costs. Financials for the three-month period ended 30 April 2018 showed a 29 per cent upward swing in sales to $102.7m with both …
Paul Kunert, 07 Jun 2018
Ellison with watch photo by drserg via Shutterstock

Oracle says migrating on-prem ERP to cloud now easier than upgrade

Oracle’s launched a cloud migration service it says can “reduce the time and cost of cloud migration by up to 30 percent” and “enables customers with applications running on premises to upgrade to Oracle Cloud Applications in as little as 20 weeks.” CTO and chair Larry Ellison said the “Soar” service makes it easier to migrate …
Simon Sharwood, 07 Jun 2018

Microsoft doubles Azure Stack's footprint, embiggens Azure VMs

Microsoft has doubled the number of countries in which its Azure Stack hybrid cloud kit will operate, effectively extending Azure's reach with minimal capital expenditure . Azure Stack is an in-a-box-and-on-premises Azure subset and was previewed in January 2016 and formally launched in July 2017. As of November 2017 Microsoft …

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