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How do I submit a news tip?

Reg Newsroom

Alternatively, all the writers have feedback forms on the top of their articles. Feel free to contact them directly.

The ads are crap / the site is slooowww / call that html! / there's a bug in my browser

If you spot a bug, please tell us which page it's on, and which operating system, browser and version you are using. A screen shot would be handy too.

Report the issue on our Reg Problem Page

You can't spell! / Typo alert! / Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

Let us know.

How do I comment on a story?

In the first instance, email the author. Don't cc everyone, even if you're complaining. Remember, we love our journalists. So demands to fire staff will be ignored. If your email is not for publication, say so.

What about Right of Reply?

The Register observes the Independent Press Standards Organisation Code of Practice. If you want an opportunity for reply to inaccuracies, please contact Joe Fay

Do you accept press releases?

Of course we do! We like press releases, and receive dozens, sometimes hundreds a day. Send by email to, as well as to your pet hack. We don't do fax, so don't ask for our number; we don't do features lists.

By all means send us your press release by post, but be warned that we won't read it. Yes we accept editorial submissions from companies, so long as they are pithy, well-written, not selling, news/issue-based opinion pieces. Case studies? No. Please don't make your office junior call us up a couple of weeks after the press release was mailed out. It's not fair to her or him, and it's irritating to us. If we didn't use it, we weren't interested. Or we missed it and it's much too late. Also, no attachments. We don't read them.

Why don't you answer your phone?

No, we haven't gone titsup. OK, so we're not the easiest people in the world to contact - scattered across three continents, often working from home, never in the office, haven't got round to fixing up voicemail. Yes, it's pathetic, but that's the way it's gonna stay, for now. If no-one's in the office, we're somewhere else. Email is by far the easiest way to contact us (forget what we said about skim-reading).

How do I write for The Register?

If you want paying, the answer is almost certainly we're not interested. Our freelance budget is pitifully small and reserved for existing contributors.

How do I unsubscribe from the daily newsletter

There's an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each newsletter.

Try this first. If this doesn't work (you've forgotten the email addy you registered with, maybe?) contact us here.

How do I link to The Register?

Read this.

How do I advertise, get a media pack etc?

Email UK Sales if you're based in EMEA, or US Sales if you're in North America or Asia Pac.

And what about contacting The Reg about anything else?

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