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ZEPPELINS to replace Goodyear blimps in American skies

The first of the new, hi-tech German-made zeppelins which will replace the iconic Goodyear blimps in the skies above the USA has been unveiled at the Goodyear airship base in Ohio. The zeppelin in question is a "Neue Technologie" (NT) type produced by the modern-day German company descended from the Graf von Zeppelin's …
Lewis Page, 17 Mar 2014
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Goodyear introduces new concept of 'Blimpworthiness'

US tyre company and former airship builder Goodyear has come up with a new word as part of a marketing ploy. The firm, introducing online polls to determine which sporting events its iconic airships should attend, has framed the question: is a given event "blimpworthy"? Still actually a blimp. But not for long. US sports …
Lewis Page, 7 Nov 2011
Philips Fidelio DS9 specs

Philips Fidelio DS9

Review Philips' audio engineers must be feeling rather pleased with themselves these days. Their Fidelio series of iDevice-friendly speakers - now augmented with Android-oriented models - deliver the kind of sound quality you get from top-of-the-line rivals like B&W and Bose, are very stylishly kitted out and reasonably priced too. …
Tony Smith, 19 Oct 2011
Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Air

B&W connects iOS devices through collaborative playlist app

Bowers & Wilkins has shown its eye for social scenarios, after unveiling an iOS app for building playlists with content streamed from multiple devices. While several apps already exist that enable general music streaming, the Zeppelin Air App is apparently the first to let users share music in collaborative playlists between …
Caleb Cox, 27 Sep 2011
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MIRACULOUS new AIRSHIP set to fly by 2013

Intriguing news on the airship beat today, as it is reported that a mysterious, well-nigh miraculous new technology – one which could potentially lead to the appearance of enormous aerial vessels fit to dwarf even the zeppelin leviathans of the 1930s – is to get flight trials within two years. Concept for a heavy-lift military …
Lewis Page, 6 May 2011
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Goodyear blimps to be replaced by German Zeppelins

The long-running era of the Goodyear Blimp has finally ended: but it's good news for airship enthusiasts, not bad. Goodyear has decided to replace its famous fleet of inflatable blimps with more sophisticated semi-rigid "Neue Technologie" ships designed by the modern-day German successor to the original Zeppelin company. Using …
Lewis Page, 4 May 2011
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B&W refloats Zeppelin premium speaker

CES 2011 Bowers and Wilkins is to add Apple's AirPlay media streaming tech to its iconic Zeppelin iPod speaker. Revamped as the Zeppelin Air, the new dock is due to go on sale in March and then you'll not only be able to attach your iPod or iPhone directly to it, but also stream music wirelessly from any of these iDevices, and from …
Tony Smith, 5 Jan 2011
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Airship race round the world planned for 2011

A Texan businessman bidding to organise a year-long round the world race for airships says he is on track to start the inaugural event next year. Among those lending their names to the project is aerospace bigwig Norm Augustine, who headed President Obama's panel examining the US manned space programme last year. The …
Lewis Page, 17 Sep 2010
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'World's largest' airship inflated in colossal Alabama cowshed

The "world's largest airship" - according to its makers - was inflated for the first time yesterday and is undergoing ground tests inside a mighty roofed exhibition hall in Alabama which in normal times offers "the space for 1500 cattle". The "Bullet 580" ship measures 235 feet long and 65 feet in diameter. It is intended …
Lewis Page, 20 May 2010
B&W Zeppelin Mini

B&W ships cut-down Zeppelin iPod speaker

CES 2010 Speaker specialist Bowers & Wilkins this week announced a smaller, less room-dominating version of its iconic Zeppelin iPod speaker. Lacking the older product's over-inflated rugby ball looks, the Zeppelin Mini still manages to deliver sound with some welly. And, thanks to its ability to pull music data off of the iPod in …
Tony Smith, 8 Jan 2010
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Homemade airship prang closes highway in Oklahoma

A homemade airship went out of control above Oklahoma last week and came down on an interstate motorway, causing startled highway patrolmen to hurriedly close several lanes to traffic. According to reports, the 79-year-old pilot and inventor of the craft was uninjured - but is now in trouble with the feds for not possessing …
Lewis Page, 23 Dec 2009
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German strato-sperm airship prototype flies

A 111-foot unmanned, sperm-like airship prototype - which uses long-forgotten tech from the 1930s golden age of the zeppelin - has completed initial flight testing, according to its makers. The STS-111 unmanned airship in test flight above Germany. Credit: Sanswire-TAO Cutting-edge German wriggleblimp technology in action …
Lewis Page, 22 Dec 2009
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Zeppelin-borne boffins in Bay Area alien 'extremophile' hunt

NASA says it is searching for aliens in the neighbourhood of San Francisco, using a Zeppelin. The Zeppelin Eureka above the Golden Gate bridge. Credit: Airship Ventures A target-rich environment for extremophile psychic aliens. The space agency announced the scheme last week, saying it has an agreement with Californian …
Lewis Page, 12 Oct 2009

B&W launches Zeppelin Mini

Some two years after audio firm Bowers & Wilkins launched its iconic Zeppelin iPod speaker system, the company has launched a smaller version – the Zeppelin Mini. Zeppelin_mini_01 B&W's Zeppelin Mini: half the size of the original The original model measured 640mm from end-to-end, yet the smaller model’s width is a more …
James Sherwood, 14 Sep 2009
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Germany tests tadpole airship

Vid A German-American company has successfully tested a prototype unmanned airship of weird and wonderful design. The so-called "Stratellite" craft is composed of gas-filled segments linked in a chain, so it can flex and bend with the wind. Here's a company flight-test vid (you need Flash and YouTube privileges to see it): …
Lewis Page, 12 Dec 2008
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NASA celebrates return of the Zeppelin

NASA got a great big balloon for the 75th anniversary of its iconic Moffett airfield in the heart of Silicon Valley. The space agency on Friday celebrated the landmark occasion with the dedication of the world's largest airship, a 246-foot Zeppelin owned by the private company Airship Ventures. The lighter-than-air craft …
Austin Modine, 21 Nov 2008

Palm's 'Skywriter' smartphone spied on web?

Palm's anticipated Treo 800w is thought to be what the company's calling 'Zeppelin' - a very unfortunate codename, given the originals' tendency to crash and burn. But what about its 'Skywriter' product? An email allegedly sent by Palm to software developers - and from one of them to blog TamsPPC - confirms both the Zeppelin …
Tony Smith, 7 May 2008

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